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Chavez, Carago Curaçao Secretly Loves You

10 Mar

What you give to the poor you lend it to God. Blessed is the man that pounced the rich, the olicharchy, throwing a 21st century socialism consciousness coup on bloodsuckers of the poor embalmed in a universe by these impoverished hearts forever inspired and empowered with tools and a manual to construct a much better world for them to live in.

- Mission coup power elite
- Mission open the peoples eyes

The ritual experience of death, mourning and celebratory frenzy of immortality in the person of Hugo Chavez. Venezuela hailed him redeemer of the poor, black and indigenous and that hasn’t passed by Curaçao unnoticed. The magnitude of his influence is undeniable. Just like for many Venezuelans, down here he was considered by many a brother, a father, a friend, pastor, historian, sociologist, poet a political offspring of the late militant singer composer Ali Primera who sang: “La patria es el hombre muchacho, la patria es el hombre muchacho”. A phenomenon who with his Bolivarian revolution charisma soothed the agonizing pain of life for those within a Dutch colonized kingdom.

- Mission make the people politically assertative
- Mission create a new constitution by the people for the people.

In the past some prominent public figures have supported the ideology of Chavez. A former teacher union leader like Sidney ‘Bicho’ Justiana marching during rallies with a signature red baret. Countless were the times that Jasmin Pinedo co-owner of radio Direct and journalist Gonzalo Cuales praised the politics of Chavez. However closeted or unashamedly Chavistas analyzing and applauding him 40 miles away and not attempting to implement his policies in Curaçao has always been a disappointment to the people. University and schools are still under a camouflaged educactional apartheid regime. Media outlets are a cesspool of savage capitalism feeding the public fiction for facts crippling any hope to copy or build regulatory mechanisms as in Venezuela with its law guaranteeing media responsibility.
- Mission laptops in primary schools
- Mission community radio, tv, newspaper.

Some years ago gestures of left wing coalition parties trying to rekindle the relationship with Venezuela resulted in withdrawl of parliamentary support making a neoliberal government collapse. Last year attempts to initiate the succesful Mission Milagros that provided free eye operations was received with politically brouhaha framing it as Chavez swinging geo-political moves.

The racist Dutch multimillionaire Jacob Gelt Dekker obsessed by Chavez must have predicted an imminent invasion from Venezuelan armed forces a dozen times in the past. His death is rejoiced by the Dutch conclave on the island. For them a period of relief and uncertainty begins as the ambassador in Venezuela warned Dutch citizens to stay home and start stocking food and water for the upcoming April 14 elections.

Politically idolized secretly by all parties and shamelessy cloned by NPA leader Nelson Pierre and afterwards by Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels who in the beginning of his social alliance movement even placed a picture of Chavez next to his on their website to emphasize and pay respect to the man that influenced his inner social being.

- Mission social transformative hearts
- Mission pay love with love
- Mission community cooperatives

Solemnity of Dutch kingdom loyalty makes it difficult to link up with partners in the region without approval from the foreign policy ministery in The Hague 9000 miles away. It took prime minister Hodge a few hours to negotiate with the Dutch before he could send a telegram/email of condolences to Venezuela. As a sly geo-political strategist Chavez could have straightened this colonial relationship out easily and extend his social transformative hand to Curacao, create conditions to spark a revolt of the mind from day one. He chose not too.

- Mission teach the people to read and write
- Mission free access to universities
- Mission respect Afrovenezuelans and indigenous
- Mission politically empowered community councils

The presence of Curacao at the funeral is a positive continuation of the networking activity in the region that ex prime minister Gerrit Schotte started. Schotte a young pseudo social-neoliberal didnt hesitate and strategically showed up. Wiels who owes his prominence to Chavez aura and always preached the liberative socialism gospel and highly prioritized connecting with our neighbour Venezuela decided to not pay homage to his hero. Him staying away at the moment of truth under the guise of taking care of very important business with his Dutch colonizing counterparts in the Netherlands leaves whiffs of sell outisms. Destiny is a weird akward thing.

- Mission from deplorable to dignified housing
- Mission plant trees
- Mission urban gardening
- Mission agroculture, feed our own
- Mission subsidized supermarkets
- Mission organize politically

14 years Hugo Chavez was up in our face. We had the opportunity to learn and advance from his victories and moments of failure perfectioning a new kind of socialism on an island scale with all its challenges. Staying hardheaded as ever and obedient to Dutch/U.S. foreign policy dictatorship is insanity. Not benefitting from the harvest he singlehandedly planted in the region would be stonecold stupid as hell. May his benevolent spirited legacy loving up the marginalized and exploited live on forever damn it.

Koronashon di Konsenshi Chavez

7 Mar

Loke bo duna na pober bo a fia na Dios. Bienaventura te hombu ku ta tira un golpi di konsenshi sosial i wordu balsema den universo di almanan empobresa angelando di por gara hermentnan pa empodera nan skina di lucha i konstrui un mundu muchu mas miho.

-Mishon golpi kontra richachones
-Mishon habri wowo di pueblo

Un karavana di kurasonnan kreyente den un bataya ku lagrimanan di dwele strobando nan di weta nan libertador Hugo Chavez bula dor dje kayanan di Caracas pa ultimo bes. Nan ta grita den moda dje gran troubador Ali Primera: “La patria es el hombre muchacho.” Damanan baliente krioyo, gainan chiki, hombunan senior, studiantenan ta yorando ku orguyo: “Ami ta Chavez! Chavez no a muri! Chavez ta bibu! Chavez e ta mi ruman, mi pai, mi maestro, e lucha ta sigui, ban hasi revolushon!”

-Mishon laga pueblo bira mondu
-Mishon konstitushon nobo

Barbulete pretu no ta hanja ala pa bula den espasionan di e sosialismo nobo di siglo 21. Korsou sin Chavez su influensia ta algu imaginabel. Gobiernu a yegi kai pasobra lidernan politiko a subi avion bai Venezuela. Intento pa trese Mishon Milagros aki ku ta duna operashon di wowo pornada a kousa werewere politiko.
Multimiyonario rasista neokolonial Jacob Gelt Dekker a fabula ku Miraflores tabata kla prepara na 2006 pa invadi Korsou. Lista Niun Paso Atras di Nelson Pierre i despues fugada di Helmin Wiels i lantamentu di Movimientu Aliansa Sivil ku despues a bira Pueblo Soberano lo no hanja un aksento di prominensia riba tarima politiko sin e oura di Hugo Chavez i su ideologia sosial transformativo.

-Mishon laptop den klas di skol di fundeshi
-Mishon radio, korant, televishon komunitario

No opstante Sidney ‘Bicho’ Justiana eks lider a kana kayanan ku su baret kora, analisando adorando Chavez. Apartheid den skolnan tei ketu bai. Universidat no ta aksesibel pe pueblo empobresa. Hendenan den media mane Jasmin Pinedo ku semper a mustra ku e tin un karinjo speshal pa Chavez no por kopia partinan dje lei sosial di responsabilidat di media pa radio i televishon. Ta stima e predikashi pero no ta sinti masha pa trese realidatnan Venezolano ku por yuda Korsou briya tambe aki pa nos krese komo un pueblo.

-Mishon kurason sosial
-Mishon paga amor ku amor
-Mishon koperativa
-Mishon lesa i skibi
-Mishon akseso gratis na universidat
-Mishon respeta Afrovenezolanidat
-Mishon konseho komunal

Ulanda bou di su vito Merka tin Korsou strangula ora ta toka momentunan historiko manera un entiero di un gran figura komo presidente Chavez. A tuma prome minister Hodge pari ora di negosashon prome ku e por un telegram/karta/email di kondelensia.
E relashon politiko ta mal bruha anto ni maske Chavez tambe tin falta ta nos komo isla chiki no ta probecha dje benefisionan ku e rebolishi sosial a kosecha durante 20 anja for di e prome momentu ku Chavez aparese riba nos pantaya.

-Mishon di kas deplorabel pa kai bloki/ apartamento digno
-Mishon planta palu
-Mishon plasa i supermerkadonan ku produktonan barata
-Mishon agrario, planta nos mes kos stop di importa
-Mishon lemai pobresa extremo
-Mishon organisa bo pueblo politikamente

Konsenshi sosial na poder pa 14 anja a laga atras un spiritu di boltu sosiedatnan den Latino Amerika i Karibe pa esnan ku semper a wordu eksploita, choka. E komehein kapitalismo a putri e region i ela purba na su manera pa kambia e koi i trese un malchi mas humanisa dilanti pa skohe for di dje. Leu for di ta perfekto pero e malchi humano ku tin ku bringa kontra un sistema kapitalista di mas ku 5 siglonan bjeew ta fafelu, pesei e merese wordu perfekshona. Korsou karago basta di resa na Dios so i kuminsa sinkretisa e forsa luchado, stoi filosofia i apsorba e spiritu aki sikiera pa 1%. Korsou karago. Duna e hombu’ki su respet.

|» Hopi dushi emisoranan Venezolano ta toka nan musik bunita di luto pa nan presidente Chavez. Hopi Ali Primera i otro kantikanan kalmu ku letranan hundu.

Kumbulandia 2013, un entrevista ku prome minister Hodge

3 Feb

Kumbu– Un spiritu di lus ku ta dwalu

Un entrevista ku prome minister Daniel Hodge tene pa Jermain Ostiana 2 di liberuari 2013.

J.O: Kapitan di un barku pa 6 luna riba laman brutu, e ta fasil, bo ta kreyente bo ta kere den un San Miguel manera e Saminero na Boka Sami ku por yudabu hasta salba e nabegado den kalamidat? Kon a bai e prome luna, satisfecho?

D.H.: Trabaonan ta hopi pero mi tin un tim ku ta yudami huntu nos tarea ta pa buta e fundeshi pa despues Kòrsou por prospera. Si mi ta kere den Dios, sigur ora mi mira kon yanuari no tabata fasil.

J.O.: Kon asina?

D.H.: Un luna di prueba di kandela.

J.O.: Manera San Juan, bula kandela purba di hanja un bendishon sin wordu kima?

D.H.: Si, si algu asina, e tabata e luna kaminda nos a pasa dos leinan di medida. Unu di seguro general i e otro di oumento OB 9% sperando ku Karnaval lo a laga pueblo kabisha i no wori muchu ku e konsekwensianan ferfelu dje medidanan.

J.O.: Malastusia grandinan lo a bisa, politika di burdugu. Ta parse ku bosnan a logra si. IMF sigur lo duna bosnan un prenchi. Bosnan no tin miedu ku ora Kuaresma dal aden pueblo ta bin bei i lo buska bosnan pa ‘mata’ ora dunado di trabao kuminsa retira trahado na boshi?

D.H.: Tog no, nos pueblo ta unu ku ta lubida lihe sigur ora bo dune pan i sirko pe lubida. Pero tur kasnan di minister ta bou di vigilansia si.

J.O.: Speedy Security?

D.H.: No (hariendo)

J.O: Pueblo kritiko aki’fo ta puntra su mes: Ta unda a sali ku partidonan politiko a asigna asina yama eksperto ku supuestamente no tin afiliashon politiko pa bira minister. Hendenan a-politiko ku ta wordu kalifika komo mana gobernamental ku a kai for dje shelu politiko i a bin pa salba e pais Kòrsou?

D.H.: Mi ta kere nos komo profeshonal den sektor priva por tuma mas distansia for di e tumamentu di desishon krusial sin muchu influensia di politika di partido. Tesei ta nos forsa.

J.O.: Pero bo ta nombra pa Pueblo Soberano anto den mesun rosea bo ta miembro di PAR, hasta par’i anja pasa riba lista elektoral di PAR e enemigu mortal di PS. Parsemi un enganjo gigante i sobadje e filosofia di PS ta kontrali di PAR e sinku luna ku a sobra lo bira un tutu di hasimentu pueblo chambon. Of no?

D.H.: Bo sa tin puntonan ku tur dos partido ta di akuerdo riba dje i e enkargo ku mi a hanja mi ta kere ta sluit bon aan riba mi vishon personal pa pone pais bek riba pia.

J.O.: E fundeshi kon e ta, e ta mane e laag di asfalt ku nan ta buta riba kaminda di 3 cm ora e mester ta 9 cm awendia? Kon e votado por tene Sr. Hodge responsabel si kos sali robes pa drechi? Ku kwa herment nos por midi si despues di seis luna e trabao ta bon of tur skuins malu?

D.H.: (ketu)… Elekshon semper te ultimo remedi, e partido ku ami a representa tambe tin su responsabilidat di karga ora mi no tei mas.

J.O.: Bon, malu malu pueblo por kita su sosten pa PSB bank, lagabu sufri mane bosnan a planea pa nos sufri. Mi orea a fangu un kos chistoso. Ta wordu bisa ku e tour di pobresa ku prome minister i parlamentario Wiels a duna den Wishi-Martina na minister di asuntunan di reino sr. Plasterk a gana e premio di ‘Politikonan Chikitous’.

Kwantu hende ta biba na Wishi-Marchena? Apenas 1000? Un prome minister of un eks prome minister Etienne Ys, of Caryl Monte hombunan prominente nunka por a drecha e bario kaminda nan lanta?
Bosnan den tur e anjanan no ta tin e inteligensia pa buska un areglo finansiero ku instituto, instansianan lokal of internashonal i duna tur hoben un tablet of un iPad?
Sikiera por buta trahado sosial, ofisina abogado ku preisnan redusi i dianan gratis, yudansa edukativo. Of no? Of bosnan a lubida bosnan rais?

Anto registra e bario komo un entidat huridiko asina bo tin derechi di outor i por eksigi plaka brutu di CBA TeleCuracao i otro media ora nan transmiti marcha di karnaval i seu.
Bosnan tin boshi amigu ku ta hurista, Ys mes ta un, Monte tambe. Abo a studia sosiologia, ta ki falta bo anto?
Si bosnan tres no por ni drecha laga bo mes bario briya ta kon bosnan ta pretende di ta angelnan salbado di un pais?

D.H.: Mi a yuda mi no por papia pa e dos otro nan si pero aki aya mi ta duna un man.

J.O.: Un man of un dede chiki? Berguensa si bo mira e estado di Wishi-Marchena. Ta e edukashon na Tilburg a hasibu asina? Ba yega Ulanda berde berde, mira gainan ku a studia ekonomia finansiero a sali bon, kas nechi, bon outo, salario pe saku hundu. Bo di hey legumai e estudio sosial ba kwe e rumbo ekonomiko. Tasina e diabel di kapitalismo ta komberti hende pa su ehersito?

D.H.: Diaboliko sigur e no ta.

J.O.: Ahwel un akto di Dios tampoko n’ta. Ora ba bin bek ba bai traha pa Kodela, Giro, MCB. Nunka ku bo maleta sosial, e koto yena ku konesementu sosial no a yega na un momento iluminoso di trata di konvense bo rumannan den sektor finansiero pa restruktura e manego bankario desastroso ku ta parasita masakra pueblo su alma? Nunka a pense?

D.H.: Mundu finansiero por general ta habri pa kalke bon idea einan no tin ningun duda. Lio Capriles tambe a bise hopi bja : “Lokwal ta bon pa mi pueblo ta bon pa banko”.

J.O.: Si e te awe Paps no a move ni un milimeter ku su konferensianan di pobresa. E tambe ta stima la reina mane abo ta stime, berdat? Bo deklarashonnan no ta laga niun espasio pa pensa ku den bo bida anterior bo tabata traha den palasio pa rei Wilmu I of II. Of ta strategia e ta pabo chupa, lembe hopi, ganja ku reina Beatrix a hasi un bon trabao i ku abo i Korsou ta orguyoso di dje i ku e ta un gran honor di ta presente ne koronashon di su yu Wilmu-Lè 30 di aprel? Asina sigurando ku e sektor di servisio finansiero por hanja mesun derechi di bira un paraiso finansiero pa kompanianan multi-nashonal bin establese akinan manera te kaso na Ulanda ganando miyardes di euro?

D.H.: Nos ta den reino i si tur partnernan ta wordu konsidera komo igual nos tin derechi di aplika e mesun areglonan fiskal pa atrae invershon.

J.O.: Ku otro palabra, bosnan a palabra den partido ku e gritu di independensia ta keda silensia pa duna sektor finansiero oportunidat di hendel e asuntu di areglo fiskal den reino. Helmin Wiels lo bai huntu kubo Ulanda 30 di april pe koronashon? Of e ta konsistente i lo hunga mansu pa no danja e bonansa finansiero ku lo ta e rekompensa pa bai skonde manera ela hasi dia reina Beatrix a bin na 2011?

D.H.: Esei lo bo tin ku puntre bo mes pero pa loke ta independensia esei no ta un prioridat awoki. Den reino ulandes nos futuro ta bon seya.

J.O.: Hende mester ta burda, plega ku esnan ba maldishona, chercha awo bo mes a bai brasa kapitalistanan, ta den nan mes bo ta. Kon e por krea un konfiansa bek serka e pueblo ku a bai lage ta un misterio. Berdat si ta para mane un baranka di Nortkant ku si Wiels sigi enganja, manipula awa lo pasa harinja. Un pueblo tin su limite i resistensia popular lo strobabu di finalisa bo mishon.

Ta masogista politiko bosnan tur ta anto pasobra trempan of lat mane e gran laboriana di rasa Shon Cola a kanta “Niki Pabo” boso tur lo hanja.

Sr. Hodge danki pa tuma tempu pa splika 2,3 kos pa e pueblo por klara i mira e maskarada kai prome ku Karnaval kaba, habriendo Kuaresma ku un fe vital pa kos por kana menos zagzeilu.

D.H.: Danki, un plaser pasa un felis dia.

J.O.: Angh anto otro bja ora nan puntrabu dikon bankonan no por kobra un ‘liscence fee’ di 1,2% no bira bira ganja ku esei no por, djis bisa ku bosnan no ke i stima burduga, chika e pueblo su saku. Felis dia mi ruman stima.

Zumbi [den tono F di Fela Kuti]

22 Jan
Elis Juliana

Elis Juliana

Zumbi, hey
Zumbi oh
Zumbi ah
Zumbi oh

Zumbi ta kana ront den parlamentu i forti. Hasi kos ku nan mande pa hasi.
Hasi pregunta ku nan bise pa puntra
Zumbi no ta pensa, otro ta hasie pe.
Zumbi no ta pensa te ora nan bise pa pensa.

Zumbi ta hanja ta bon ku polis ku loader ta basha palu abou paso hoben tabata kansa bario bou dje palu.

Kumpra keshi, pan serka chinu/portuges-ydk sin sa e fecha vensementu. Sigi kumpra sigeria falsu kima bo pulmon Zumbi.

Nan a bisa Zumbi ku gobiernu tin falta mayo. Nan a bisa Zumbi sera bo smoel i nunka bisa ku sektor priva tin ku sakrifika i stop di hasi korupshon ku kol blanku.

Zumbi a wak notisia di 7or i 8or i siegamente ta kere ku kos ta hodidu, gobiernu ta bankarota.
Zumbi no ta puntra pa sabinan bin splika na plaka chiki ku sifras unda e buraku finansiero a origina.
Zumbi no ke sa kwantu alternativa real tin pa skapa masakre finansiero.
Zumbi no por hanja niun ekonomista ku vishon hustisia sosial na linja pa su korant, tv, radio, website.

Zumbi no ta kwestiona ku Fatum pa lunanan largu kaba tin propaganda bisando edat di penshun ta subi na 65 sin Parlamentu mira e lei, te pe por a pasa e lei ku aprobashon.
Zumbi ta bisa tja si tin ku hisa edat, no tin modi hasi. Zumbi nunka a tende di tratado di Madrid, ESOCUL, IVESC.

Zumbi ta kreyente dje fe kapitalismo krioyo e no a tende nunka dje dicho: Bo no por korta karni for di un karpachi.

Zumbi sende radio
Skucha tume komo berdat
No kwestiona
Nan ta bende warawara pa galinja
Zumbi den berans
Zumbi ta kome tur kos
Zumbi oh
Zumbi ah

Zumbi no sa ken ta e crew ku ta soru pa Korsou no tin kresementu ekonomiko. Zumbi no sa ken ta e homber i muhenan ku tin e poder pa kambia remeskla e strukturanan di poder ekonomiko i finansiero pa duna pas trankilidat den pueblo su saku.

Pa Zumbi Orco, Caribe, MCB, RBC, First Caribbean, SFT, Postbank, PSB pa un pais chiki di 150 mil no ta niun problema.
Zumbi semper a sinja ku e tin ku keda ketu i no puntra dikon seguronan no ta wordu investiga riba malpraktika.

E versje di Zumbi ta:
No mishi ku e bankonan,
No mishi ku e 8 bankonan santu Zumbi.

Zumbi semper a tende ku e ta bobo i nan ta studia, bon diploma di NL i nan mester por sa kon ta drei un negoshi, un skol, un pais.

Zumbi ta sigi kana, lora hanchi ora nan bise. Wanta brek ora nan bise brek. Zumbi ta dobla rudia, sunchi pia di patron di plaka ku ta trape. Zumbi oh Zumbi.

Zumbi no a tende ku seguronan i fondonan di penshun tin 3 miyart huntu pa inberti den ekonomia pero nan lo usa e plaka ei ora tin supuesto stabilidat.

Zumbi ta bisa ku un impuesto riba banko ta impugna ku liber sirkulashon di kapital.

Zumbi no ta interesa den un outoridat di merkadonan finansiero. Menos kontrol mas miho.

Zumbi a grita haleluja ora VBC bisa ku e medidanan, e dolo mester wordu riparti igual i hustu. Zumbi no ta wori ku e ganashi si lo keda distrubui inhustu.

Zumbi ta sigi stret
Zumbi bula kura
Zumba bai Suit
Zumbi bai Nort
Zumbi buk
Zumbi stop hala rosea
Zumbi guli pulchi marga
Zumbi bira Atventista
Zumbi boltu bira Rastafari
Zumbi independiente
Zumbi provinsia
Zumbi kiko ta
Zumbi zonza
Zumbi ah
Zumbi oh
Zumbi ah
Zumbi oh

Black Bourgeoisie Bullies

20 Jan
Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Sea— Tony Monsanto

Glamour boy fresh from Kolegio Alexander Paula|| book smart pseudo grimey hipster face, mouth odor San Pablo||serenading a Matancia belle|| sun down craving for a ‘foul hoe’|| moms degrading label naming logic for women that tore the family up|| possessed daddy after a wild Otrobanda carnival cementary cut||

He got mixed feelings lovin her||
She faking heart problems like Frits the governor||moms despised her ghetto ass, curses her Fallopian tubes||but moms at night living out her moist dreams with tatted up dreadlocked hood dudes||the ones she never would see standing in a room full of eskimo’s|| Now who’s the nasty ho?||golden striped miss hypocrite sash around her waist||
12 in a wooden shack days erased||
Grew up poor||now in very high circles turned their back||act like they never heard of Swan, Fleur de Marie before|| Stomping grounds dont get a salute||Too busy with Friday happy hours at the sushi bar, saturday early morn flights to Miami get booked||Private tutors for the kids so they can speak Dutch with a VVD accent||ethnic cultural cleansed vocabulary||the life of an investment bank secretary||

Son rebelling pours Sugarcane water in a cup with a leak of rum||dwell on thoughts of twin sisters stepmom teflon bond||
New moon in Jose Maria Capricorne|| blood pact to take back land from money hungry project developers in San Juan||

The middle class, elite disdainful echoes||Calling Black struggling women Black hoes||stop being lazy, making babies keep your legs closed||
A bourgeoisie embargo
No social economic survival analysis
for the impoverished.||
Only reports on space tourism law proposals and research on the extinction of our coral reefs.||
Treat and objectify them like animals||deny them business loans, decent housing||access to knowledge networks||start up capitals||

Papiamentu Sangrando

7 Jan

‘Eigenlijk’, ta un ‘feit’ ku pa e prome diesdos anjanan e esensia di un ‘beleid’ visibel origina riba un vishon ‘aangepast’ ne situashon finansiero. Nos tin ku duna minister Mochin di e gobiernu anterior rason ora e ta argumenta ku mester ‘voerre door’ e medidadan pa nos por ‘vergelijk’ of ‘lokke uit’ un sentensia dje pueblo riba e asuntu aki. E ‘inkomsten’ di ‘gewone dienst’ a wordu ‘begroot’ i esei ta nifika ku ensenjansa lo por ‘passe aan’. E ‘opbrengstenan’ por keda usa pa drecha skol si parlamentu kambia e ‘wetgevingstructuur’ pa ‘stuurre aan’ i ‘werkke door’ un ‘begroting’ nobo. Si ‘kapitaalmarkt draagge bij’ na un ‘toezicht’ kolektivo, e ‘raad van minister’ lo ‘stelle voor’ pa konsehero Panky.

Un ‘ekonomische opleving’ ta posibel si nos ‘zette op’ un logika di inberti den hende. Mester ‘heffe op’ e leinan antikwa ku ta forsa ‘begroot’ un sen pa ‘algemene middelen’. Hende ta ‘vraag’ su mes ‘af’ pakiko ta aplika ‘te pas i onpas’ sierto regla pa sierto kasonan. Parse ku muchu bja e ta un bewuste keuze ku detenidonan no por ‘lucht’ i esaki ta kuminsa na skol kaminda ‘vormingskeuze’ ta kumbini pa bira drop out. Ta papia di un ‘bedrag’ ku no a wordu ‘opgenomen’ pa soru ku alumno no ta bai perdi.
E parlamentario Rosinchi a bisa ku si no ta bin for di ‘lengte’ e ta bin for di ‘breedte’. Dilanti televishon minpres Rotte a pinta e futuro hopi ‘rooskleurig’ si.
Pa spar sen nos tin ku wak ta kiko ta hasi ku e ‘ligdagen’ di yatenan na haf? Nos tin ku ‘kere e tij’ garantisa e depchi keda paga na tempu. Pero e ‘hoofd van dienst’ tin ku para ‘verantwoordelijk’ si. ‘Voor de rest’ trahado tin ku move, e ta robes ku ta manda 200.000.000 kuub di awa laman. Ki dia ta ‘vange op’ e awa ‘in plaats van’ tire afo.

Te ainda ami komo minister no a ‘maakke mee’ ku pueblo ta dispuesto pa ‘pakke aan’ e probleman na un forma korekto. Pero tampoko gobiernu no a ‘doe mee’ pa pensa huntu un ‘plan van aanpak’. Realidat ta ku hopi di nos no ta ‘sta bij stil’ ku union di akshon lo mehora nos sirkumstansia. A la fin a la fan nos no por tuma kos ‘klakkeloos’ ofer, no mester ‘vinde uit het wiel’ di nobo.

[Nota: E nomber dje personanan a wordu kambia pa propio protekshon di nan bida kontra outoridatnan supversivo Papiamentista.]

Belorio pa Rudiliana

3 Jan
Rudiliana Perez Perez

Rudiliana Perez Perez

Faydra 3 yu, 2 hinka,
sanger na brasa i man.
Hodementu bispu di anja nobo
ta kuminsa mainta trempan.
Hombu no por lagabu los,
pia bou kore pa bo bida.
Hostina pa su fayonan e
ta laga e kuchu papia feros.
E ta grita, kwe diabel na
su kachu bise hombu
su berdat, no tin kunes
ku e tin yu pa kria.
“Skupi mi nomber i
bida feu bo boka bai
buska otro muhe pa horka.”
Rumannan ku sentimentu
tormenta, ke mira yobida di bala
Kara habraka na werki.
Omi ta yora i hura ku lo
tin vengansa pa mama
ku ta den poli.
Dia e degasiado sushi
a dera trot pa machete
nan mester a kap e na mochi. Hombernan ku kier sa
nan ta donjo di un muhe
su kurpa i destino.
Trai baranan di heru,
pensa kon bo ta hosel
bo bida di nobo, lolo.

Damita Dominikana
Strangula den Campo
Polis ta hala e sinta hel
Niun hende ta wori
Ta un simpel produkto
e tabata
Un pida karni
Un set di tete
Sanka ku tonto
18 anja ku pa sirkumstansia
di bida a wordu atrapa
pa bin Korsou
komo refugiado ekonomiko
hasiendo trabao di seks
forsa o manipula pa hende,
pe sistema ku no a lage mira
un otro salida.
Mala lenga lo bisa:
Te mes ta ke, kayenta e ta,
San Dom-nei tur ta putia
Awel, e mes a buska!

Un opheto di
un merkado seksual
Insignifikante pa
media dune mas atenshon
ku un kabritu ku a wordu
mata den kura’i hende
pa un kacho.
Un produkto inferior
pa sasia sed karnal
no ta hanja defensa di e organisashonnan di hendemuhe. Movimentu kontra abusu di hendemuhe no ta bringa
pa un Dominikana
pida koi chinga.
Femenista, femenista
djis paso e no tin sedula,
pasaporte su morto
lo ta unu silensio?
5 eks minister-president
hendemuhe no sinti
e nesesidat
pa lanta un sindikato
pa nan den Campo?

Oh Santu birgen di Ser’i Papaya
laga rayonan di lus
feu bo korona proteha
e migrante trahado di seks
kontra tur agreshon
i opreshon fini i brutu.
Santu birgen di Ser’i Papaya
laga bo lagrimanan ku
ta kore baha for di bo
kara fin fin kai purifika
e lucha i kibra
e strukturanan di
poder domina
pa hendehomber.

Oh Santisima birgen di Ser’i Papaya mi sa ku bo lo parti sla na ordu. Mortifika e donjo di Campo,
kastiga obispu Secco
su liderasgo lali-lali i
buta un
obispu hendemuhe
na 2015 31 di desember
Skritura ta bisa.


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