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Honrando 17 di ougustus 1795, un reto sobrehumano pa Korsou

17 Aug

No por tasina ku pa motibu di e instrukshon finansiero *neo-kolonial* di 13 di yuli di parti di reino Ulandes e gobiernu di MFK, MAN i PS ku tin e kartera di kultura no por a outorga supsidio na e organisashon plataforma di sklabitut pa e konmemorashon di e rebolishi di 1795 17 di ougustus lidera pa Tula. Un gobiernu ku a kampanja i ta purba di drei riba un vishon emansipatorio sigur mane un partido Pueblo Soberano a desapunta i mancha e momentu seremonial ku kada anja ta duna na e akto di rebeldia ku pa lei universal ta un manifestashon heroiko. Kruel tambe ta ku lidernan di opinion ku ta kontra e gobiernu ke forsa den mente di hende nan vershon meskla di odio pa nan desendensia of konekshon Afrikano ku Tula no mester wordu rekonose komo un heroe nashonal. Elekshon ta buta hopi hende saka nan unja pa ganashi politiko.

Barbulete ta bula ne pali lus te ora e ta kima su ala. 50 mil florin bon por lage nek, e koi mester tabata reserva for di 2 anja pasa reserva pa un gobiernu ku tin un kabes riba su skouru.

Mester dekreta un siman di liberashon pa e idea plama pega den mente di hende. Te gobiernu aki mes ku a adopta e lucha di 1795 pa keda viktorioso riba PAR mester tabata e aktor prinsipal determinante pa yuda gia e proseso di emansipa un pueblo aki, awo ku nan a faya e forsanan opositor ku no ta ni aster henter e asuntu di liberashon mental, spiritual ta use e momento pa kibre na werki. Ken tin ku gradisi p’esaki?

Un kondekorashon pa Helmin Wiels Beatrix mes personalmente? Lo no ta un mal idea mirando e barku di katibu ku Pueblo Soberano aki a pega den bahia di Santa Ana. Gran orguyo di PS por ta di berdat ku a nombra biblioteka nashonal na e gran baluarte eskritor Frank Martinus Arion pero e fayo ku a duna alimiento pa krea henter un anti-Tula ambiente si ta duru pa perdona.

Si bo yama PAR i otro partidonan i gruponan konekta ku nan style sosial-politiko katibunan di kas, esnan ku no ke tende mes di Tula, sklabitut i otro topikonan ku ta yuda alsa bo balor propio. Ta dikon no por a preveni e situashon? Hopi difisil pa no kalifika e koalishon di lidernan Schotte, Cooper i Helmin Wiels katibunan di kas pa motibu ku nan ta obedese mansu mansu e ordu di gobiernu Ulandes na Den Haag. Si a prepara manere debe ser nunka Ulanda por a bisa algu si a traha dam foi 10-10-10 warda awa ni maske ta tin 10 instrukshon finansiero. Esei ta konta pa un gobiernu emansipatorio ku ta papia di soberania, independensia i sigur pe organisashon tambe ku ta katibu na 50 mil pa drei un konmemorashon. Dia a kuminsa konmemora fin di anjanan 60 no ta tin miles di florin, ta hende uni den spiritu pa honra nos ansestronan tabata sufisiente. Palabra, deklamashon i kanto, kompanja ku kueru i heru pa invoka un homenahe spiritual.


•~ Di 6or pa 8or, dos ora pa konmemora e lucha di 1795, nos ta serio di berdat?

•~ Niun hende tin un generator, un koi toka disku, un mikrofono, dos speakers?

•~ Niun grupo di kultura por presenta pornada?

•~ Niun hende tin un kamera pa graba entrevista pase na Rif kon nan ta pensa di libertat?

•~ Niun hende sa mas kon ta organisa un debate riba Tula i e lucha di 1795 i su influensia na 2012?

•~ Niun hende a graba un kansion nobo anto pa tur e desaroyonan nobo anto?

•~ Ku 10 mil so bo ta organisa un bembem kultural edukativo di 6 te BAM…of no..?

•~ Niun hende por kuminsa un koperativa TULA pa krea nos mes fondo pa honra nos hende?

•~ 2013 nos lo hanja un luna di TULA den ougustus?

•~ Ba yegi tende un alma papia riba e pelikula….?

Disrespecting Liberty Battle Park

26 Mar

The statue of Tula, Bazjan Karpata and Sablika was inaugurated October 3, 1998. The organizational forces have done a good job at not maintaining the Lucha pa Libertat park.

Maybe after 14 years they will receive an ancestral enlightenment to plant 4/5 trees for the visitors. Would be nice to pay respect to our liberators and afterwards have a pick nick under the shades of palm trees whatever.

Or just maybe they would shine up the statue every 4 months, lick up the benches with paint. Put trashcans, clean up once a week?

Put some historical info placards for tourists and indigenous folks unfamiliar with the 1795 revolt. You know what I mean. Show respect. Honor. Make us feel you serious about your cultural consciousness business. Could you por fabor at least act like you mean it?

You can’t kill my heroes and heroines

3 Oct

3rd of October 1795 was the day the Dutch chose to have Tula and the rest of our liberation warriors executed after they revolted against the Dutch slavery system on the 17th of August.

I first learned about this some years ago from Joceline Clemencia during one of her interviews. I was a bit ashamed to not be aware of the physical dissappearance of our heroes. At times fogged by daily life I have forgotten to honour this day to the lives of our ancestors who valued sacrifice over submission but its process and step by step I’m learning to remember and commemorate.

One of the main reasons you forget about the killings of our freedom fighting warriors easily is because we have a cultural self-esteem deficient media. Sunday is the only time a few hours are dedicated to our rich culture. Elia Isenia is one of them and Glen Thomas once a while.

I would pay good money to hear a radio documentary about how exactly Tula and his thoroughbred warriors were confronted with death. I guess the intellectuals that organize 3rd of October as a day of solemn remembrance with a march starting from Fort Amsterdam the governors palace to Rif where the bodies were dumped in the sea never thought of this idea yet.

The new emancipation minded government also dissappointed by not giving this historic date any attention and they have the authority to do a national broadcast of one hour per day.

Eyebrows raised why during moments of vanglorious emancipatory the minister of education, culture, sports and science Mr. Lionel Janssen refuses to use this hour to spread the message about our heroes?
Could it be he lacking a cultural connection or is being doubtful of the educative value the root of this grave disrespect?

We accostumed the previous government grinding soullessly their cultural ignorance to uplift Dutch values like Queens Day but many of us expected a change to rename a school from Peter Stuyvesant to Dr. Alejandro Paula is not enough.

You need to incorporate that freedom fighting theory and practice into your school curriculum. It means breathe life into your political sweet talking words and verbs.

Same fact flavouring for our highly influential intellectuals who desire to rehabilitate Tula. If a group effort to fund one hour for tv/radio or two print pages in one/two of our newspapers remains unsuccessful there must be something so ridiculously wrong to remain in the realms of incapability of putting a little spotlight on the history of Tula on the 3rd of October.

Really if a Dutch European lady like Els Langefeld manages to publish one article a month about life of the enslaved in Curacao (which by the way if you agree or not with its content should be translated to Papiamentu) this clan of prominent cultural historic thinkers could smoothly arrange this every week without any problem.

Media owners don’t see the potential in history or culture. Last week we had culture week. The next one is next year, Tula, culture is not bringing any advertising money. Politics, breaking news broadcasts is.

Don’t you all think the younger and new generation hasn’t suffered enough of cultural education sabotage?


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