Black Social Death = White Wealth in Curaçao

White wealth- Black death Curacao

White wealth accumulated after the era of Dutch enslavement in Curacao is being documented. The first series starts with analyzing the way wages have risen for 125 Dutch white and Creole white families (that occupied the land and controlled the economy and finances) from systemic plundering the black community while the new freedom meant new systems of enslaving a nation of black people.

Fair Hotels – Curaçao


Socially responsible union hotels: A forbidden business model in Curacao. Creole capitalism cannot allow people working in hotels to join a union or have a union represent them to the fullest safeguarding their labor rights. The bottom line is that the low income working class remain the minimum salary earning class to sustain the failed capitalist state model.

100 Aña MCB


Bo banku amigu no por selebra ku nan a duna bekanan na YDK pretu pa bai studia periodismo finansiero inbestigativo. Den un siglo di historia bankario MCB nunka a mira e balor pa krea pilarnan di prensa ku por kontrola, kuestiona i akshona riba e weganan di bankonan na Korsou. Kens nan ta anto, muchu okupa ku partimentu di karchi n’e muchanan pa LITO film festival ..[?]

Wiels & Reparations


Helmin Wiels on the Dutch white philanthropic racism of Jacob gelt Dekker and his eternal denial of the existence of reparatory justice for the Black Holocaust caused by Dutch enslavement of African people in Curacao.