Spanta PARa – ‘#Curacao Culture Week’

Pic from
Artist: Gala Lewis-Martinus

I take the
last sip from
my tamarind
wine filled gobi,
put grandma’s
maishi chiki,
blessed makutu
symetrically at
My tilted sombre
di kabana matches
the Skalo lensu
di gera wrapped
around the heads
of all my wisdom
welfare mothers,
breathing the
freedom flokore
and stomping out
all the misery
with our pilon
on the gratifying
Shon Grandi Seu rythms.

8 years Helmin Wiels the Political Conscience of Curacao

Photo: Han de Bruijne

Suddenly there he was the unknown left wing radical soon to be politician of his Pueblo Soberano party Mr. Helmin Magno Wiels appearing on television screens and radio waves simultaneously across the island during prime time evening hours on Hit FM/Channel 24 after he broke his political contract with NPA (Niun Paso Atras -No Step Backwards) leader Nelson Pierre.
Mid September 2003 he and his comrades founded MAS (Movimiento Aliansa Sivil- Civic Alliance Movement) and 23 September undeniably will be marked as the uprising of our collective continuous socio-political cultural awareness.

Helmin Wiels a social worker who assisted the people in the neighbourhoods of the underprivileged and working class understood that for a change to erupt to better their impoverished situation you would need political historical, cultural social economical schooling.

His common folk orating style combined with academic vocab attracted people to sit down to look and listen to his Konsenshi Sivil (Civil Conscious) programs.
For those that witnessed the years before the revolution of 30th of May 1969 they would say Wiels reinvented the Vito magazine period led by Stanley Brown who informed, inspired the disenfranchised the laborers to stand up against injustice.
Others would compare him to the People National Party statesman Doctor Dacosta Gomez advocate of elevating his constituents to a higher political consciousness in the 40’s late 50’s and the main negotiator of the Kingdom Charters of 1954.

The historically and culturally ignorant compare him to the Dutch Geert Wilders. Some like to embrace him as the Hugo Chavez from Curacao which he himself in the beginning had a great affinity for.

From 2003 to 2005 his media dominance would grow by exposing creole politburo’s,
elite networks, the political patronage system, shady entrepreneurs. Many eyes (re)opened as he broke down how the financial sector, banks and insurances make their profits. Explaining the mismanagement of education, sports, health sector and public companies.
Making people aware how certain people own industries and economies and the illicit history behind it. How popular neighbourhoods came into existence, the history of Dutch Royal Shell and catolicism. The tragedy of slavery and its consequences for Curacaoan citizens.

He was basically covering all the newsworthy facts that the media was afraid to unleash and often while lambasting his opponents and perpetrators media barons and journalists would feel his critical fury too.

One of the political issues that made him gain fame and great notoriety was the incessantly attention given to new Dutch colonial attempts of constitutional re shuffling of all the Netherlands Antilles islands.

While union, political, civic society, religious leadership was in a state of total paralysis Wiels and his team grinded from day to day the airwaves to awaken his audience, create a public debate and prepare the masses for the coming constitutional referendum of 2005.

Political opportunism made it obvious that nobody was interested by the proposal of MAS to include the referendum with a Free Associated State option.
April 8 2005 via media manipulation and political constitutional ignorance option A won: a self governing country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 67,83%

Due to differences unknown at that time Wiels had to stop his program at 100.3 FM/Channel 24. Eventually a new radio station Top FM 93.3 welcomed him but after a while the government seated PAR party affiliated lottery patron named Robby Dos Santos blackmailed the owner to stop his program. If I’m not mistaken this was after the Final Declaration political feud.

In 2006 after the supposedly negotiated Final Declaration of 2nd of November a small protest group led by Wiels pressured a majority of the island counsel to vote against the Final Declaration the neo-colonial constitutional blueprint molded by the Dutch government which made the island government in Curacao collapse on 28th of November.

While looking for yet another radio station he continued his program on the internet at making him the first to do so ever.
Negotiations with the christian radio New Song didn’t result in anything concrete and finally through an elaborate off shore hook up with a radio station in Bonaire, thanks to Mr. Feliciano Piloto owner of Voz di Bonaire he is still going strong celebrating his 8 years existence via fm and internet despite all the boycotts and media coup attempts from political enemies.

Nowadays political parties like PAR and PNP eight years behind schedule copy his format but remain ineffective because the lack of real interest to create a civil movement which would inevitably result in the downfall of their political establishment.

Helmin Wiels presence in the media was felt in all corners of society. Friend and foe acknowledged him to be well documented. Labeled a troublemaker an instigator by the economic elite only made him more popular and its nonsensical that they never had the ability to create a political counterbalance.
Informing his audience on international issues and later on carefully launching his independence stance. Which many pro independence advocates in the beginning applauded.

If it wasn’t for Wiels and his peoples we still would have a tamed opiniated population.
He gave the voiceless a megaphone where as mainstream media ignored them. In the evening the uncensored version of life in Curacao could be heard through everyone’s speakers.

A real scientific research would point out more clearly how people responded to his programs but as years passed by you could notice
1 and a half to two hours a day six days a week had its rebelious effects on listeners.
If you had labor drama many times the employee would menace the employer with: “I’m going to Wiels if..”
He forced politics, union, corporate sectors to change through his program. Any false moves would be unveiled during these evening hours. Constitutional transitioning period would have probably been executed smoothly according to Dutch desire. But people should be grateful with Wiels up in the mix from the outside the outcome was altered.

Reminding his audience about the Black or Afro-Curacaoan experience and historic empowerment lectures also is noted and appreciated.

Looking back besides the sweet peoples victories there are negatives notes to this story:
His programs are suffering from a structurally absence of regional news. Especially if you wave the independence flag you should keep your peoples informed on developments in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos and the rest of the Caribbean.

Many times the political bickering tunes getting played over and over again which make you want to go back to the days before intellectual activist Mario Kleinmoedig didn’t cut his ties with Wiels. The voices of the youth, senior citizens, women and LBGT are not being heard. That makes him act exactly the same like his political opponents he accuses of ruining Curacao society. Being part of the government coalition also made him slack his passionate criticism on the nepotism structures within the political system. This is a threat to his credibility which rapidly is crumbling amongst the sharp observers.

Six days in a week Helmin Wiels is an overkill. To his peoples but also to himself. 3 times per week would fit better and gives an opportunity to him to make regional connections for his independence cause and for other opiniated persons the chance to uplift the airwaves with debates, real live debates and knowledge of our community and create new leadership new change agents which his party needs to continue his political awareness revolution which Curacao in her fullness will benefit from when its approached with visionary delicacy.

IMF and the flexibilization of slave wages in Curacao and St. Maarten

Yesterday an IMF delegation presented their 2011 Article IV Consultation Discussions: Preliminary Conclusions with the usual rhetoric, cut, reform, kill mantra.

Our people deserve to be informed but first these journalists need to get their financial investigative report hustle on. Very timid. Anti-government media been spinning a Florin devaluation story. Pro-government made no effort to break down the financial reality and solutions and journalistic defiance to inspire the average wo/man to think, analyze differently. Maybe this morning when we wake up we will realize that these programmed Washington DC economists are not gods.

7AM –
Monetary 3 piece
suited bandits on
oligarchic airwaves
plot to make
your broke ass
think you really
have to lower
your standard
of living.
You got a 2010
Porsche Cayenne
My sister friend
got to get up
at 4AM to bathe
her seeds,
make breakfast
take them
to school
by bus.
Banda Bou
But in Ogum
she trust.

They want a
labor market
We desire
the future
petite bourgeoisie
class suicide
Liberalize the
banking sector
That’s peace to
Amilcar Cabral.

the Nouveau’s Riche
IMF never
told you
policies kill?
Go ask
and ’em
My soldiers got
Frantz Fannon
fatiques on and
live by
Shon Cola
Tambu wisdom.
We all
Paulo Freire pugilists
making these
Florin devaluation
devils kiss the canvas.
Konjo bo mama’s spewed
Y’all CAN’T
The exploitation of
a working class nation
IMF -International
Monetary Fampires-
told them jackal
journalists to tell
Central Bank
president dr. Tromp :
Thou shall not dollarize.
A Mangusa filled with
Pedagogy of the
Oppressed peas
last meal antics
for house slaves
thought police
Stop that Dutch
government d*ck
sucking doctrine,
n*gga please…

Grimey Girl Talk

Stove not working,
Gas bottle empty
Water not running
The walls not plastered
Stepfather touching
My privates
Scared as f*ck
To tell grandma
He’s a bastard
I wanna runaway
I gotta runaway
The things that
disciplined me
Young girl corner
store chronicles,
grey haired men
want to pimp me.
Their walls Be
Plastered Too
These dirt
talkative men
be Bastards Too
They need to
jump into
caskets too.

Helengue Liberation Struggles

San Pablo rum junks
6am public housing
punch drunk
Helengue hearts
beef in the bario
i told u not to put
a hand on Celeste,
called the Police 2hrs ago
Jawbone bruised.
Her right eye is bleeding.
Sister in law is screaming.
Eeeeeeeppaaa Heyyy Iaaansaa/

Liberation struggles
San Pablo rum bottles
wetting up Tax reforms:
whoop 5% to a 6%
stone cold killer.
Plantation economies
honoring the fiscal
tax experts that
have a secret
‘shut the fuck up’ code.
If they break it they’ll
be banned to
the working class
slave wage hell
Ezili Danto keep
blessing UP
tent camps
feeding little
girls dreams
Let the educational
bi-lingual falsehood
fade out
When she grow up
with law books
under her arms
singing : Mommy
we gonna

Netherlands bans
Burkas and
Black #Curacao folks
Neo-Jew Stars on coats
If only only
Anna Frank could
rewrite her memoirs
Slavery paintings
on queen Beatrix
golden coach
Y’all a bunch
a lazy ass niggers
We took you out the jungle
Ci-vi-li-zed you
Thanks to us
you can eat
Clothes on your back
Nikes on your feet
Intellectuals up in the mix
Thesis, Essays, critique
I don’t care if
you have an
academic degree
All these fancy words
And verbs
can you get my
Peoples FREE?

She the baddest b*tch,
she ride or die
in her golden coach
She the baddest b*tch,
she ride or die
in her golden coach
She the baddest b*tch

‘Take the slavery image off the Golden Coach’


Take the slavery image off the Golden Coach:

That’s what activists say:
half-naked black people do not belong on the coach.

On the Golden Coach is a reference to our history of slavery and colonial times. Would Beatrix remove the wrong image? That is what Barryl Biekman (National Platform Slavery), Harry van Bommel (SP MP), Mariko Peters (Green MP) and Jeffrey Pondaag (Dutch Committee debt of honor) ask themselves today in the editorial pages of the print

Next week the golden coach will ride again through The Hague and thousands of day trippers will come to catch a glimpse of the queen. Budget Day this year will have a special character, as different political parties have made proposals to limit the power of the head of state. We want to put a critical note at the Golden Coach

The Golden Coach has become the symbol of the Dutch monarchy. The “Association of the Amsterdam People” wanted to give the coach to Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 for its inauguration. Wilhelmina felt little for it. Historians suspect that this reluctance stemmed from protests some years earlier in the Netherlands against the exaggerated pomp of the coronation, of Czar Nicholas the Second.

The Golden Coach is a typical Dutch product, developed by the brothers Spyker in the Dutch Renaissance style. That was the style of the Golden Age of colonial Netherlands that has brought so much wealth.

The images on the golden coach also refer to that age. They are written by Nicholas van der Waay in 1891 at the age of 36 when he was appointed professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts.

The side panels depict a “Tribute to the Netherlands and Orange” and “Tribute of the Colonies’. The sidebar “Tribute of the Colonies” activates great resistance from us. On that side are half-naked black men and women who offer their riches to the royal king. In the colonial era and the aftermath of slavery this seemed like a very ordinary picture. Now it reminds us of a horrible period in Dutch history.

The Netherlands are still struggling with the colonial past. Dutch families of the massacre in the Indonesian village Rawagede demand reparations from the Dutch state but they claim the case has expired. Descendants of the enslaved in the Antilles and Suriname asked an apology from the Dutch government, but see the only knowledge institute on Dutch slavery, NiNsee, threatened with closure. Apparently, the most shameful pages of history from the Dutch collective memory must be repressed.

Netherlands could take an example from Australia and the United States of America. In 2008, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally apologized to the indigenous Aborigines who were systematically deprived and whose children were taken. Also in 2008 the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution in which apologies were made to black Americans for the period they were treated as slaves and the discriminatory laws under which they had to live deep into the twentieth century. In 2001 during a UN Conference in Durban the Netherlands, “expressed deep regret” over slavery and the colonial past, but never apologized.

The big difference between showing regret and apologize is the fact that the first one comes from one side, and apologies must be accepted by the other party. Netherlands has never apologized, because this could be seen as an admission of guilt and that couldbring forth claims.

We sincerly hope that the Dutch government can come to terms with its national history and just like the Australians and Americans offers a generous apology to the descendants of the Dutch colonial oppression and the violence that sometimes came forth out of it.

Maybe Queen Beatrix, might want to push the government into that direction by removing the panel of “Tribute to the Colonies” of the Golden Coach and place it where it belongs : the Rijksmuseum.

Eviction Notes

Salmo 104 rocking that splendor
celestic majestic galore.
What you paying taxes for?
Kemetic metaphors
Got the Ankh etheral
tatted right between my eyes.
You got that love stank
incarnated right amidst
your thighs.
Fire flies flaring up
the nights
Lack of food justice rights
is why we eat
pigeon-Sate ku Batata with fried rice.
Somewhere an Adventist pastor
for political spin radio sodemizing.
Must be a Deltha dumb it down movement.
The cherubs shake their heads
they know like L.Boogie the outcome
of those living by the Lusifer blue print.

Eviction notes
Eviction notes

Landlord gonna throw
us out on the streets
Not gonna miss
the rats and roaches.
Venezuelan tv novela soaps.
Cracks in the walls,
leaking roof or cracks in the floor.
Staying splendor celestic
majestic galore.
Remembering Salmo 104.

Eviction notes Eviction notes

Affordable housing now
before all igniting
the prelude to
social unrest inside
the power greed elite pantheon
Papa Leba Sarantoni opening
the 101 roads to the demise of Babylon.

Got people walking dead nervous
through body scanners.
Bolitas be the new
small bank loans wrapped up
in condoms
every 85 of them,
Bon Bini to the
low income labyrinth
the Caribbean side of
the racist Dutch Kingdom.
Strange fruit soldiers
with Billy Holliday boots on.
Chin Behilia announcing
the uppity Brakkeput folks
to lower their living standards.
Flashbacks to 1634 when
the West Indian Company
threw out their ankers.

Eviction notes Eviction notes

Afro-Curacaoan Jewish
banking reform culture scholars,
Black fetus left in a Golden carriage
Ogun’s hatchets swung at
Captains of Industries
after the ‘misterio’ them
Nansi soberbe negroids gonna
mount cross-breed with
y’all sons + daughters.

Eviction notes Eviction notes
Flesh and Bones
Flesh and Bones

A Song for Oxum

Got that Sergio Koko ‘Libertat’ vigor,
sugar-apple leaves to sweeten out
the burdugu bitter
walking the genesis
2 yrs same old kicks. Farewell to
the averice.
Swinging Candomble Oxum amulets
from struggling necks might erase
moisty nights aurarized with unprotected sex.
Brenda got a baby that got a baby too.
#Curacao Catwalking with welfare checks.
Low wages wizardry an everyday occurring deja-vu.

The homeless don’t give a F about Chumaceiro,
Papi kar’i appel or Doktor Da Costa Gomez.
Sontje got a 3 year sentence
he don’t wanna hear about Independence or
‘Basta ku Bulgaridat’ posters.

Baking Soda trickery financing
neglected primary schoolkids
with Ipads untangling them
from the poverty line of misery.
And the Jamaican housekeepers in
makamba mansions cleaning &
babysitting without getting pregnant
is the golden green anthem.

Noella got sent home after 2 months.
I still see supermarket workers
catching wreck from 17th century
Portugese slave driving cunts.
And she got three kids
that’s like doing three bids.
How she going to climb that
slippery social ladder?

She don’t care about
a Peter Stuyvesant statue
nor Jandi Paula or Post-Colonialism
Piracy Accountability while
‘Tur Santu Dia’
things getting fouler than
US Foreign policy
crushing #Haiti since 1915.
Vaincre ou Mourir battle cries,
spiritual Macaay
‘Funchi ku Funchi’ food programs.