A Song for Oxum

Got that Sergio Koko ‘Libertat’ vigor,
sugar-apple leaves to sweeten out
the burdugu bitter
walking the genesis
2 yrs same old kicks. Farewell to
the averice.
Swinging Candomble Oxum amulets
from struggling necks might erase
moisty nights aurarized with unprotected sex.
Brenda got a baby that got a baby too.
#Curacao Catwalking with welfare checks.
Low wages wizardry an everyday occurring deja-vu.

The homeless don’t give a F about Chumaceiro,
Papi kar’i appel or Doktor Da Costa Gomez.
Sontje got a 3 year sentence
he don’t wanna hear about Independence or
‘Basta ku Bulgaridat’ posters.

Baking Soda trickery financing
neglected primary schoolkids
with Ipads untangling them
from the poverty line of misery.
And the Jamaican housekeepers in
makamba mansions cleaning &
babysitting without getting pregnant
is the golden green anthem.

Noella got sent home after 2 months.
I still see supermarket workers
catching wreck from 17th century
Portugese slave driving cunts.
And she got three kids
that’s like doing three bids.
How she going to climb that
slippery social ladder?

She don’t care about
a Peter Stuyvesant statue
nor Jandi Paula or Post-Colonialism
Piracy Accountability while
‘Tur Santu Dia’
things getting fouler than
US Foreign policy
crushing #Haiti since 1915.
Vaincre ou Mourir battle cries,
spiritual Macaay
‘Funchi ku Funchi’ food programs.

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