Eviction Notes

Salmo 104 rocking that splendor
celestic majestic galore.
What you paying taxes for?
Kemetic metaphors
Got the Ankh etheral
tatted right between my eyes.
You got that love stank
incarnated right amidst
your thighs.
Fire flies flaring up
the nights
Lack of food justice rights
is why we eat
pigeon-Sate ku Batata with fried rice.
Somewhere an Adventist pastor
for political spin radio sodemizing.
Must be a Deltha dumb it down movement.
The cherubs shake their heads
they know like L.Boogie the outcome
of those living by the Lusifer blue print.

Eviction notes
Eviction notes

Landlord gonna throw
us out on the streets
Not gonna miss
the rats and roaches.
Venezuelan tv novela soaps.
Cracks in the walls,
leaking roof or cracks in the floor.
Staying splendor celestic
majestic galore.
Remembering Salmo 104.

Eviction notes Eviction notes

Affordable housing now
before all igniting
the prelude to
social unrest inside
the power greed elite pantheon
Papa Leba Sarantoni opening
the 101 roads to the demise of Babylon.

Got people walking dead nervous
through body scanners.
Bolitas be the new
small bank loans wrapped up
in condoms
every 85 of them,
Bon Bini to the
low income labyrinth
the Caribbean side of
the racist Dutch Kingdom.
Strange fruit soldiers
with Billy Holliday boots on.
Chin Behilia announcing
the uppity Brakkeput folks
to lower their living standards.
Flashbacks to 1634 when
the West Indian Company
threw out their ankers.

Eviction notes Eviction notes

Afro-Curacaoan Jewish
banking reform culture scholars,
Black fetus left in a Golden carriage
Ogun’s hatchets swung at
Captains of Industries
after the ‘misterio’ them
Nansi soberbe negroids gonna
mount cross-breed with
y’all sons + daughters.

Eviction notes Eviction notes
Flesh and Bones
Flesh and Bones

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