Dutch White Privilege within the Curacao Court of Justice

An unexpected new political order for the establishment brings friction. Always.

Character assasination schemes in order to put old and new rusty leaders aside, verbal hostile climates, absence of journalistic poise, ethnic polemics, political slander-fests are inevitable if you have not explored the history of slavery and colonialism throughout the Caribbean.

Ever since the abolition of slavery the elite status holding hierarchy’s imput has been scarce to structurally built a harmonious wealth distributing society. Hence what we experience had to happen mandated by the socio-economic laws of nature.

A figurehead of the disposed ruling class like the president of the Bar association Mr. Karel Frielink criticizing prime minister Gerrit Schotte and Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels for the glory high of political machismo won’t change this so-called tense labeled situation we are in.

Even if he has some valid points his argumented fallacies outweigh the speech given last week during the installment of new judges for the court of justice by courting a collective neo-colonial mindset unabled to assimilate Curacao reality.

A Dutch European lawyer indiscriminately lambasting a prime minister and a party leader in front of four innocent new judges (one local, three Dutch Europeans) indoctrinating them from day one how to judicially digest post-colonial power struggles from a sole Dutch white privileged position is borderline dangerous.

New colonial paternalistic Dutch media coverage on the island only willingfully feeding a cultural feud is ‘peligroso’ too.

Mr. Frielink correctly emphasized in his introduction that our society still carries the marks of slavery but by being the president of the Bar you are not allowing any of the local lawyers a chance to aspire that leadership role position consequently the image stays carved in by maintaining the old colonial social constructs purposely.

By not willing to speak our language Papiamentu therefore incapable to debate and defend his views and critique in Papiamentu media he commits social censureship and this automatically frames himself again into a neo-colonial sphere.

The outrage expressed by the public and local progressive minded lawyers could have been less if he had just taken Papiamentu classes years ago. His speech would be entirely different and enriched with real life unifying pleas if he had consulted sociologists, cultural anthropologists, historians to deepen out and profoundly understand this historic transcending moment we all are witnessing.

Until this constant deep rooted Dutch European naivety blended with superiority feelings is adressed on a public platform corrected and replaced with a new historically mature understanding state of mind this ‘Krioyo’ race and class warfare will not stop to exist.




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