Afro-Curacaoan Comedy and Coonery Criticism in the Netherlands

The Curacaoan comedian Jandino Asporaat is on the island for five shows. Critical minds can’t take that Afro-Curacaoan mockery disguised as comedy.

The euro’s be coming in steady no doubt about that but the pay off also includes a systematic stereotype branding of the black Curacaoan living in the Netherlands inside the average Dutch white mind.

Two things caught my attention though: 1. His ‘Dino Show’ with sketches of Afro-Curacaoan, Afro-Surinamese, Indo-Surinamese and Ghanese characters is being prolonged on television by the same broadcasting company NTR that made the controversial Dutch Eurocentric slavery documentary ‘De Slavernij’.

2. The promo’s for his shows in Curacao is mostly to be heard on Dutch radio’s and Dutch newspapers excluding the Papiamentu media. Only Z86 the favourite radio listened by the ex-ruling elite as an exception.

Somewhere inside I die when I notice these commercialized rooted subliminals. Its like they saying: We only want ‘civilized’ Dutch speaking Afro-Curacaoans that won’t scare off our other target audience the Dutch Europeans residing on the island to come see the show.

Capitalizing off coonery is an art form too. I’m not claiming he does that all of the time but that is the first few impressions I got.

Doubtful are my feelings that the Afro-Dutch society understands and overstands the long lasting effects of comedy coon sessions in a white world like the Netherlands.

By not challenging artists like Jandino to polish his performances making it blend into a Dutch black self empowerment model we still be stuck in 2012 lightweight lamenting fucking Dutch racist bullshit like ‘Zwarte Piet’.

The moment we stop legitimizing everything that destroys our self image or stagnates it from growing will be the moment we win. The moment we smile.


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