Shon and Katibu in the Dutch Divide and Conquer Neo-Naive Colonialism Party

Constitutional crisis management comes into play when Dr. Emsley Tromp the Central Bank president of Curacao and Sint Maarten accuses his prime minister Gerrit Schotte, finance minister Jamaloodin and minister of economic development Mr. El Hakim of corruptive acts on two anti-government radio’s Direct and Z86.

Prime minister Schotte attacks Dr. Tromp back on tv waving with suspicious private bank accounts talking about shady loans and transfers, pension fund, clothing store constructions.

For reasons unknown the prime minister requests the Dutch government to help out in this self made crisis and ends up with an imposed Dutch committee with a “task limited to what has happened, what is now going on, how the peace can be re-established and how to ensure a proper debate as well as good governance in Willemstad” according to the Dutch minister of kingdom relations Mr. Piet Heyn Donner.

The integrity committee headed by ex Green Left politician Mr. Paul Rosenmoller and publicly known in Holland as a representative of the cleptomania culture was suspect from jump.

Very important detail is that the royal decree for the committee was officialized August 17th.

The committee had one mission: stir up political emotions, make the prime minister and his MFK party ministers look like crooks and sanctify the Central Bank president.

After a few days when the Rosenmoller committee presented the report named ‘Do It Yourself’ and it got known via a leaked memo that the Dutch government wouldn’t be that reluctant to use Kingdom Charter article 43 the Guarantee Function to intervene a political hell breaks lose.

The independent party Pueblo Soberano leader Mr. Helmin Wiels opposed strongly from day one and never recognized the committee. But in the past the same Wiels has labeled them as shady ministers so the consistency steps aside to fight the Dutch government as one team with his new found temporarily brotherly coalition family.

You could ask yourself how come Wiels wasn’t capable to prevent an unexperienced prime minister like Mr. Schotte to fall into the constitutional clutches of the Dutch government?

Everybody recognizes the picture being painted by Rosenmoller. Yes we got plenty integrity obstacles to get rid off but as a nation in becoming since 10-10-10 at least half of the island’s blood is boiling when Dutch Europeans come to tell you how you should govern your country.

Half of the electorate won’t accepted it when the Dutch government meddles in their autonomous affairs and threatens to ignore the Kingdom Charter and politically invade the island like the British did in Turks and Caicos islands. People prefer a young fresh new government with integrity beef over a 16 year old integrity problematized government. That’s word to Boelie van Leeuwen who partially understood our genial anarchy.

One of the main political bouts of the opposition parties was the screening process that took place before the 10-10-10 government
installment. The dispute for weeks was that the ministers hadn’t finished the screening procedure to the end.

The governor represents the queen. Ministers who didn’t fully pass screening got sworn in with royal blessings from queen Beatrix and crown prince Willem-Alexander who all had to be thoroughly informed that one of the MFK party main financial supporter Mr. Robby Dos Santos was under investigation of money laundry and tax evasion months before the 2010 elections.

Anyone claiming the ministers Jamaloodin, El Hakim and prime minister Schotte be corrupt should add the Curacao intelligence security service (VDC), the public prosecutor, governor Frits Goedgedrag, the Dutch government, crown prince Willem-Alexander and ultimately queen Beatrix to that corruption list.

Those that paid attention like ex prime minister Suzy Camelia-Romer declared in Antilliaans Dagblad that Rosenmoller had no authority to do an integrity investigation here based on article 38 of the Kingdom Charter.
This was never questioned by the Dutch or Papiamentu media.

You should ask yourself why Ms. Camelia-Romer who was an advisor during the constitutional reshuffling process didn’t write a protest the moment she realized the Dutch government violated the Kingdom Charter?

How come the media didn’t consult other constitutional law experts in Curacao and Holland to take a deeper look at this case like they did before the referendum of 2005 and 2009? Should the media also get an integrity investigation?

Its unthinkable that Paul Rosenmoller rocking a left wing ideology wasn’t aware of the high degree of difficulty to play the role of a neo-colonial crisis manager in a divided country caused by ideologic constitutional differences.

It was a neo colonial calculated move to brew up a political riot safeguarding Dr. Emsley Tromp’s presidential Central Bank image who received the previous PAR-PNP-FOL government appraisal for his strong lobby efforts with the Dutch ex minister of finance Mr. Gerrit Zalm that according to them resulted in a €1.5bn debt relief for the Netherlands Antilles.

And don’t forget the John Deuss case the multi-millionaire owner of the First Curaçao International Bank (FCIB) accused of a €1.100 billion carousel fraud which could never had happened without Dr. Tromp turning his cheek in a continuous smoothened out period of six years.

There is more constitutional friction to be expected and hopefully more Kingdom Council memo’s will leak like the one of plenipotenciary minister Sheldry Osepa that opens the eyes of many that blindly defend Dutch interests out of misguided colonial sentiments.

Lessons for the Dutch government: You don’t flirt around with the idea of intervening, you don’t adamantly demand to start any type of investigation on autonomous or municipal/open entity model territories in the Caribbean. Neo-naive colonial arrogance attitude works contraproductive dealing with a nation who yet has to confront its post-slavery scabs.

Its those scabs that made it possible for minister Sheldry Osepa to gently warn the Kingdom Council in The Hague that article 43 Dutch intervention could trigger a second May 30th revolution as it did in 1969.

Them same old scabs Helmin Wiels used to brazenly threaten the Dutch that if they dared to intervene he and many others would be prepared to die for Curacao and would send the Dutch back in bags.

If the Netherlands really are interested in good governance they should help establishing new and fortifying older democratic institutions, create participatory democratic tools, assure growth of civic society and most important contribute to a realization of an independization process for the media.

Will that ever happen in the nearby future? No never unless we make popular pressure effective and start learning how to spit our pseudo-constitution, Kingdom Charter articles, United Nations treaties from the top of our domes during our emancipatory voyage.

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