Y’all Got Fooled. 10-10-10 and Constitutional Bamboozle Bidness

It didn’t take a gigantic amount of courage for the corporate, political, religious, trade unionist and media sector to conspire against an insufficiently politically conscious public into creating false hopes as they were tricked into voting for an autonomous Curacao with unknown constitutional consequences on all levels of life during the referendum of 2005.

For decades they’re used to remixing the truth adjusted to their interests. 10-10-10 brought change to the melange of untruthfulness by having a sweeter taste because many sympathized with the victors. But you still know you are living a lie.

Political opposition parties MFK, PS, MAN who were violently against the Dutch government dictating the constitutional restructuring of the former Netherlands Antilles managed to win the elections in August 2010. Winning means forming a majority of seats to form a government. The PAR party won the most votes but arrogance and a mediocre poorly financed media campaign despite full backing of the business elite heralded their downfall.

One of the most heard opposition parties mantra was: “NO stays NO until the pearly gates” (No ta keda NO te na porta di Shon Arei) Meaning they were not going to accept the Dutch colonial imposed constitutional deal and reject it with all their political might.

In comes Nas: “A thug changes and love changes and best friend become strangers.”

Being the new anti-recolonization captains of a constitutional ship sailing the recolonization course their options were 1. Throw out the ankers postpone the country status birth Curacao renegotiate a deal with an emancipated feel with the Netherlands 2. Make your principals walk the plank sign the constitutional pact get that constitutional blood money eliminate PAR run them out of Fort Amsterdam forever by all means.

Electoral fraud committed? Yes. But that’s compromising politricks.

One year after 10-10-10.
They still whipping us with a refurbished copy paste Dutch colonial constitution. Same old problematic political coalition system. New government old tricks new business elite same greediness as their predecessors.
Media needs a restructuring but we’ll get back to them soon though. Justice system still oppressive just like education for our youths.

Will we give them time to realize they better start making governmental power moves to enrich our standard of life by living out that revolutionary social justice braggadociousness as they confront the economic and financial elite and Holland? Yes. But not as muzzled faced bystanders because two decades of neoliberal wickedness is more than enough.

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