Beatrix the queen visits Curacao. A royal leechcraft tale uncensored.

Last week I saw the documentary about a Suriname writer Edgar Cairo named “Ik ga dood om jullie hoofd” (I die because of your heads). The title is borrowed from one of his books about negritude experience in Suriname. Trust I really got burried all these days by thoughts remarks of blind Dutch royal worship.

Dutch queen Beatrix started her tour along all her colonies from peaceful embrasive Aruba, to the rebellious nature of Bonaire that protested against the constitutional confusion imposed by the Dutch government.
Today Beatrix or as people in our native tongue say ‘La Reina’ arrived in Curacao. At the airport the reception this morning no massive crowd. Usual suspects was a class of kids from an uppity primary school doing the welcoming. The day before in the evening the middle and upper class organized via social media their first and rather succesful anti government protest. Their main issues were as AMIGOE states: ” The pressure group ‘I’m also one of the 40’ wants Minister Carlos Monk (Administration, Planning and Service, PS) to apologize for his remarks made in the States that persons who had spoken with the Rosenmöller Committee are traitors to one’s country and deserve the death penalty. This is one of the demands, which the pressure group will present during their demonstration at the Wilhelminaplein this evening.”

The leader Mr. Walroud spoke about: “This is a serious attack on the right of free of speech. We will give him two times 24 hours to apologize. If the latter remains forthcoming, we will go to Amnesty International,”

Curacao on dia de los muertos iniated itself officially into the regimes of pro government and anti government fanaticism just like Venezuela did a decade and a half ago. Blind partisanship staying tied to political financial interests veiled by human valors like freedom of speech and integrity.

The division also includes the love or hate for the Dutch queen Beatrix. In Bonaire the cost of living, the poverty menacing and deculturization of our sister island combined with plenty other constitutional oppressive mechanisms made pressure groups stand up and drop Beatrix the memo that Apartheid and Colonialism needs to stop.

In Curacao a group of 10 protesters from the independence party Pueblo Soberano (Sovereign People) voiced their discontent. Melvin Cijntje sort of replaced his leader Helmin Wiels. Who refused to shake hands with the queen unless its at the table for the signing of an independent Curacao. Mr. Cijntje informed the queen about their independence declaration and Beatrix was caught by surprise as Cijntje declared the moment during her visit of our Parliament.

The leader Helmin Wiels not being present during her visit reeks of political compromise. His usual revolutionary chattery got switched for a self induced diplomatic sensured tone while today was the golden opportunity to confront the Dutch queen Beatrix for the Dutch immoral legacy of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. Besides the suave rebel-house slave moment of absence and unusual poor protest performance of Pueblo Soberano they did blew up the Dutch mainstream media with their acts of political defiance.

So our society is split in half. One half pro government but not necessarily against queen Beatrix. But definitely not like the other half anti government that almost adore the queen. Talkshow reality is not real life as people on the radio complained that Curacao was not trying to impress the queen by decorating the roads and the center of the city Punda and Otrobanda like Aruba did.

Dutch royal house lovers are quickly connected to the same group of people that would like to see the Dutch government intervene via Kingdom Charter article 43 and from The Hague the neo colonial finger pointing crew in their Lower Chamber has iced the relationship. That’s why queen Beatrix feeling a bit chilly up in the tropics.

Life continued as usual today. In the working class neighbourhoods hardly any Dutch flag being raised. No ribbons on the antenna’s of cars. Hardly any orange wearing people to sympathize with the color of the royal house. Nada.
We as a people just trying to make it. We live in Curacao baby, we gonna make it Roy Ayers willing.

Conservative voices on that manipulative hustle trying to connect the referendum of 2005 where almost 95% voted to stay within the Dutch Kingdom as an autonomous state therefore we should be thankful to the queen and the Netherlands for all of their financial aid and $1.3 billion debt relief. Typical house servant remarks from minds that never understood how the Netherlands has been and still is benefitting from our islands. Right now there’s a cold war between our financial service sector and Dutch government because of the structural financial boycotts via Dutch fiscal legislation. In short the Dutch since late 1990s be fiscally smash blocking bombing any effort to facilitate legislation to enable our financial institutions in making dollars and euros. Plain neo-colonial fiscal fuckery.

People adore the queen implanted by colonial minds. But no polls dare to be made, no deep research to validate the added Dutch kingdom value of a queen for our island. No investigation to show a complete perspective of the return on investment for the Dutch Caribbean colonies. Just speculating and ass licking don’t make Beatrix a good queen who has be sitting on the throne since 1980 without any academic analysis.

But hey if you don’t understand that, the convo between a passenger and a bus driver yesterday recaps the whole situation. Lady passenger joking with the bus driver: “Hey remember to put up your flag tommorrow for the queen because you owe her!” Busdriver looking in the mirror frowns then spits: “Me? I don’t owe her shit!” Yeah I love my peoples. I really do.

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