Reprogram Educational System 2012: The Battle Of The Brave

Sitting inside of a Curacao class room must be a hell of a Dutch colonial drug. For the teacher and students. I might be wrong but that’s why we have the first of December every year to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our school systems. National education day should not just be a moment to celebrate 40 years of existence of teacher’s union SITEK. Not feeling their leadership and Maestronan Prekupa (Worried Teachers) movement spokesperson Mrs. Marbella Felipa reconfirms my suspicion that SITEK led by Mr. Lio Plantijn lacks vision, determination to bring real educational reform.

Our minister of Education Mr. Lio Jansen an ex head of school knows exactly what’s up. Member of the Pueblo Soberano party that always promoted radical educational change to form the independently thinking and acting Yu di Korsou (Curacaoan) this willful boycott to organize a debate a conference a discussion platform on the national day of education is once again a complete deception.

Our youth needs to get more verbal and demand their rights to enjoy quality education within this Dutch Kingdom. Check the student protests in Chili, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico. How you learning from Dutch textbooks, doing exams created in the Netherlands but you are not receiving the same quality and educational tools as the Dutch students?
Teachers are censoring themselves and can’t seem to come up with the courage to start overthrowing this educational dictatorship installed by public and catholic school boards.

The system is vicious and brain drain is a real life nightmare where yearly 200/300 students leave Curacao (and most of them) to literally live and die
In the Netherlands.

Yesterday was TEDxCuracao (The Elite Doing-business) any presentations about education?

The three coalition leaders: Wiels, Schotte, Cooper are they aware of the essential role educational reform plays in a decolonization era?

Do we have a mediocre media lustful of cheap politics where education issues does not sell?

Why is a rural area like Banda Bou tormented with poor quality education?

Do you even care?