Schotte, Martelly, Baby Doc Duvalier. Charisma Caribbean Politics and Neo-Hypercolonial Rat-Tat-Tat-Tats

During the installation of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega prime minister Gerrit Schotte clicked with Haitian president Michel Martelly and invited him to come to Curacao.

Wednesday February 8 he arrived and was received by his compatriots in the heart of downtown Curacao at Plasa Brion. Martelly a Kompa singer flaunted his performance skills and made the crowd go crazy with a mix of speech and song.

Let’s not get it twisted. US Foreign Policy ‘elected’ the new Haitian president Michel ‘Mickey’ Martelly. I got love for the Haitian massive on the island but ‘Sweet Mickey’ has to reconstruct Haiti within the boundaries of US interests and if he decides to bounce off and flip the US Foreign Policy they will remove ‘Tete Kale’ (Kreyol for bald head).

Even though Schotte who has been locked into a criticism choke hold since the 10-10-10 minister screening-gate by elite opposition party PAR, Dutch members of Parliament, establishment pressure groups and their media allies his political footwork is fancy and keeps on making regional power connections. Geo-political aesthetics is great, a solid move to be seen amid Caribbean and Latin American leaders but its meaningless if your own people are media wise kept out of their own regional loop.

These so-called critical opposition vessels claiming the Schotte cabinet is corrupt full of crooks and a disgrace for the international community. Of course before the coalition formation these accusations were non-existent. Remember what Dutch multimillionaire Jacob Gelt Dekker wrote about minister Hakim in his FTM(Follow The Money) column? He insinuated Hakim was Hamas affiliated and out to ethnically cleanse the Jews in Curacao. Then few months later he switched 180 degrees and been negotiating his economic sweetheart deal with Hakim for the love of money.

The political plot: How come these scrutinizing forces were unable to question prime minister Schotte as he welcomed president Martelly ( who repeatedly suggested a pardon or amnesty of Duvalier) who publicly is seen with (his mentor) ex dictator Baby Doc Jean Claude Duvalier in Haiti like nothing happened like nobody got terrorized, killed under his regime?

What happened to the omniscient Dutch media on this island? What the deal with Antilliaans Dagblad chief editor/owner Michael Willemse accustomed to write editorials putting Schotte on full blast holding him accountable for the infamous dubbed ‘screening-gate’? No letters to Amnesty International?
Papiamentu media thought leaders and so-called international connoisseurs like Jasmin Pinedo’s radio Direct and radio Z86 Orlando Cuales, Mariano Heyden all muted their critical observations suddenly?

Pressure groups held their first protest meeting ever, petition forms online and real life at supermarkets to demand a Dutch commissioned integrity investigation. So when a questionable president out of Haiti with ex dictator Baby Doc connection comes to visit gets received by the queen Beatrix representative governor Fritz Goedgedrag all critical systems go on automatic self censorship? A nation awarding impunity?

Once again I can’t exclude independentista leader and coalition member Helmin Wiels who as a fervent Obama and US Foreign Policy criticaster inexplicably spun his vociferous character out of vogue on the US marionette Martelly visit.

Hypocrisy 360 degrees reigns supreme.

Last year when ex dictator Baby Doc Duvalier returned from exile to Haiti I asked a Haitian how he felt. He told me how he as a kid hid in the bush and saw the Ton Ton Macoutes threw burning car tires around the necks of innocent people. That was then this is now so he desired to see Haiti shine as it once did as the first Black republic of the Western Hemisphere and seemed to prefer to forgive Baby Doc’s sins to ensure a glorious future for Haiti.

I can understand how some of the Haitian diaspora think like that, its the same way as the Suriname community ‘accept’ an ex dictator Bouterse as their president not looking back at the horrendous past.
Trying to understand yes but accepting it? No.

{•} Bo ta korda kon nan a tilda Wiels di ta un diktador?

{•} Kiko ta e kompromiso ku tur hende a laga nan kritika den e baki di Pontius Pilato?

{•} Hipokresia no a bai for di moda ainda?

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