Papiamentu Newspapers vs Dutch Newspapers a Cold Curaçao Media War

In the information era we live in and social media revolutionizing the way we siphon written truths it’s still a sad thing that letters to the editor are not popular in Papiamentu newspapers.

Its almost as if newspapers of our Creole language be censoring the valuable views and experiences of their readers. Sporadically once or twice a month you will find someone penned her thoughts down and magically chief editors of our 6 Papiamentu newspapers (population 150.000) pushes the publishing button to front as a vanguard of free speech.

Last saturday a reader of the Dutch local newspaper Amigoe wrote a letter to the editor which main point was how to get a more politically conscious population thereby on the side accusing three Papiamentu newspapers Ultimo Noticia, Extra and Vigilante of dumbing down their bottom of the educational pyramid readers. Depriving them from intellectual political deepness which makes them vote for the same “corrupt, incapable, nepotism” politicians election after election.

The three Papiamentu prints were suave infuriated by the naively chosen words of the author. Especially Vigilante that responded by throwing out an 1000 Florin ($555) award for anyone that could come up with the picture of the author. Owner of Vigilante Lilo Sulveran as a protectorate of free speech should’ve kept his cool. Period.
Truth be told Papiamentu newspapers needs to step their political and overall report game up. Often too lazily and structurally they are guilty of mediatic misguidance delivering poor quality sensationalism journalism.
A quick glance at Dutch print like Amigoe and Antilliaans Dagblad may look like they ride a more journalistic professional way but in the end they more or less encapsulate themselves in the same although more camouflaged structure. Its about each defending their political interests, pressing their everyday class populist news editions without giving their readers journalistic food for thought to rethink a new Curaçao society.

Both need plenty improving but both be fearful to lose that addictive information power clutch on people.

Have you ever seen Antilliaans Dagblad and Amigoe do investigative reports on corporate fraud, corruption? No.
Have you ever seen investigative journalism articles on Dutch judges (97%) and lawyers who seem to possess this almost godly feature to never make any mistake or misstep in our autonomous justice system since 1954?

Dutch newspapers have a neo-colonial infused superiority complex. If they believe that the majority of Curaçao would be better off reading their dailies resulting in a prosperous future then maybe its about time they put their Dutch God complex where their mouth is and start a Papiamentu joint venture newspaper according to their ‘standards’.

Another option would be to initiate a journalism fund for aspiring Papiamentu journalists. To study journalism students have to leave the island and this embarrassing educational situation is caused by Dutch and Papiamentu media and corporate sector as they both profit from lack of journalism professionals. On the short term its lovely to have no one looking over your shoulder criticizing you but long term this is a plague that corrupts our future as corporate, governmental, religious sector gets away with way too much way too easy.

This new plantation society needs to change for better that will submit to national sacrifice and right now as we living this Dutch Caribbean supreme being dream that’s a red alert taboo word banned to articulate and seek its profound meaning. Dios Para ‘Den.

{•} Why hasn’t the Papiamentu media dared to interview the new Dutch minister of kingdom affairs Liesbeth Spies?

{•} When will media outlets start hiring Media Ombudsmen for their news departments?

{•} Will Curaçao ever see the development of a cooperative media industry?

{•} Why Papiamentu and Dutch media don’t have any feminine columnists?

{•} What happened to the United Curaçao Press Association?

{•} Why do most journalists become public relations officers?

{•} To write one editorial per day is impossible for our chief editors? Really?

7 thoughts on “Papiamentu Newspapers vs Dutch Newspapers a Cold Curaçao Media War

  1. asyltje says:

    Sure is a definite separation within little Curacao. Because of what? The famous SI or NO. It’s not about daring to interview, it’s about where shall I put my interview for the right listeners for me. IKKE IKKE IKKE EN DE REST MAG STIKKEN. ( I AND I AND I AND THE REST can disappear)

    • Jermain Ostiana says:

      Yes true indeed the media has been ego tripping and will continue to mislead the public until they will be held responsible for their acts. There are various ways to do this but many prefer not to stick their necks or tungs out..

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