Disrespecting Liberty Battle Park

The statue of Tula, Bazjan Karpata and Sablika was inaugurated October 3, 1998. The organizational forces have done a good job at not maintaining the Lucha pa Libertat park.

Maybe after 14 years they will receive an ancestral enlightenment to plant 4/5 trees for the visitors. Would be nice to pay respect to our liberators and afterwards have a pick nick under the shades of palm trees whatever.

Or just maybe they would shine up the statue every 4 months, lick up the benches with paint. Put trashcans, clean up once a week?

Put some historical info placards for tourists and indigenous folks unfamiliar with the 1795 revolt. You know what I mean. Show respect. Honor. Make us feel you serious about your cultural consciousness business. Could you por fabor at least act like you mean it?


Lent Lullabies

Lent lullabies
for the Catholic colonized
See the chastized Christians
We eat smoked pork feet
with Zjozoli biscuits
When you don’t see them
They either working or
overseas trying to
sand off them
ghetto blisters.
Economic fleeing.
G-packs in D cup bras
Dreaming of a life
Eye jammy to the face
if you can’t see
the truth yo
Midwives and mothers
bringing natural healthy
spiritual powered
babies to the world
She Black she poor
but she elegant
Off to work sliding
into the bus
Escorted by enamored glances
With her worn out
$12 slippers
Her man at Post 5
Strung out from
that fake
Socialismo Bolivariano
Guess Chavez ain’t respecting
Our oil refinery Isla/Pdvsa
working n*ggas
That’s why they
block roads,
burn tires
Scream out
labor justice slogans:
If our kids can’t eat,
nobody’s kids can eat.

Back and knees hurting,
shoulder aching
‘About Woman & Influence’ conference in Hyatt
Just a fancy
uppity thing
for the
pearl necklace
supermarket cashiers
still standing on
their feet for hours
no back support
stools or chairs.
High heeled
haute creole
could help to
release them
from the bondage
of suffrage instead
of Spa mani pedi
brunch breaks
connect with your
Sistars and get their
kids into college.

And she ain’t got
a ‘depchi’ to save
for Curacao North Sea Jazz
to see Jill
but she living her
life like its Golden
Swinging at
Esther 1:20
Ephesians 5:22
1 Corinthians 14:34
Because religions
and pastors
Ain’t doing shit to
improve her
Living conditions
On top of that
trifling bank lady executives
talking: you can’t teach
low income women
stocks and bonds or
how Wallstreet clocks ducats.

Higher socio-economic ignorance
Social nets
Without ladders
strange fruit constructs
in a 2 bedroom apartment
For a family of 3
With a salary for 1,6

Kòrsou bo yunan no sa ken su baluartenan ta.

Nydia Ecury a bula bai otro dimension ku mas dulsura.
Pa basta ratu ta den moda ku na Korsou no ta dokumenta bida di artista.
Nydia Ecury ku Irene van Grieken a bai sin ami ku hopi miles mas sa di berde ken e sra aki tbt.
Di Sra. van Grieken a pasa un komedia bjeew di dje pero nada kon ela bira un artista ken tabata su idolonan. Kon e tabata pensa riba eventonan importante por ehempel pa hendemuhe of esnan lubida. Kon e ta mira e mundu di arte den siglo 21 na Kòrsou.
Erich Zielinski otro ku a bai pari siman patras. E siman aki Stanley Cras tambe a bula bai. ‘Niun’ di nos no sa of no por lese of wak bek kon nan bida tabata hinka den otro pa sa ken nan ta i kiko nan a nifika pa Korsou. Anto tin hopi mas hende di edat ku lo span nan ala un bes i ketu bai nos ta chupa dede pega den politriki di tur dia kaminda hopi trabao tin riba tereno di dokumenta kultura. Nos tin ku prepara.

Den wikent danki na Robby Schouten i Alex Alberto ku den e programa Leu Foi Kas nos por a mira e legendario kantante di La Perfecta Sr. Nildo Martis na Hulanda. Mester bira un kustumber ku nos ta kuminsa traha dokumentario visual of radial di nos baluartenan prome ku nan muri.

Di mes e eksus lo ta: “No Tin Sen”. Pero di berde esei ta koi kens. Tin mangasinanan yen di plaka pero nan no ke los man los
bai saku pa honra nos baluartenan.
Den kaso di Nydia parsemi ku e tin su hendenan den region haltu pa dokumenta su bida sin muchu problema pero tin boshi artista ku no tei mas of ku ta na bida ainda pero mester roga tur instansia finansiero , fondo, gobiernu pa imortalisa nan leyenda artistiko. Un borchi di kaya ku nan nomber riba dje no ta sufisiente. Tin un ‘Apartheid Kultural’ pa basta ratu kaba anto e no ta na fabor di Kòrsou.

Si bo wak media i speshal televishon ku ta yega den mayoria kas di hende di tur klase, rasa, religion nan manego no tei of e ta konfuso. E respet pa hende ku a duna nan granito pa kultura di Korsou ta masha nada. Televishon te medio ku por gara kurason di hubentut paso lesamentu ta foi moda kiermen si bo ke halsa bo kultura ta via tv bo tin ku hasie. Kas di Kultura tin su programa un bes pa siman pero mester di mas. Ta un Boneiriano sr. Boi Antoin ku su programa Herensia ratu ratu ta bin Kòrsou i dokumenta bida dje YDK. E formula di Sr. Antoin ta eksitoso: E ta bai serka e persona hasi un entrevista di un ora kaminda e bida dje invitado te topiko prinsipal.

Tin kos hopi robes anto e bla bla riba politika henter dia no ta yuda koregi e fayo aki. Pa Kòrsou briya, pa Kòrsou choria den gloria nos tin ku kuminsa duna rekete balor na nos heroenan sosial-kultural. Gobiernu tin gia e proseso i aktivista kultural tin ku eksigi mas. No por tasina ku no tin un emisora kultural of ni sikiera programashon kultural diario.
Ta muri bo ta manda Arte bai muri riba plenchi asina.

Asinaki nos ta sigi pompa, hunga rol kada un den nan mes mundu elite sin por lanta un fondo un instituto ku por ankra rais fuerte pa nos por plama konesementu krea konsenshi di arte stret bai sin kada bes lembe aki lembe aya.
Un dia e labatiba tin ku kaba.
Un dia
Keremi Kere Dios Mama.

~ Abo sa ken ta Stanley Cras, ba yegi tende di revista Independiente?

~ Bo konose Beberin, bo sa pakiko e tipo aki tbt eksitoso pa anjanan largu?

~ Ken ta skonde e echo ku Erich Zielinski tabata e kabes tras di e konstitushon alternativa pa pais Kòrsou di Pueblo Soberano?

~ Dikon AD so a publika poesia di Nydia Ecury?

~ Ken ta bai skibi un master tesis riba e kantikanan skibi pa Nildo Martis den su temporada di La Perfecta?

~ Dikon Telecuracao, CBA i sobra media popular ku hopi sintonia no ta kuminsa programanan kaminda ta graba entrevista ekstensivo profundo di bida di nos artistanan?

~ Nos baluartenan no ta hala sintonia pa paga pa gastunan di un programa?
~ Prins Bernardfonds lo sigi kolonisa arte bou di e manego nobo di Michelle Capriles?

~ Unda e gruponan di preshon di arte a keda? Arte di Protesta ta palabra malu?

~ Ken lo kanta, deklama, filma e berdat aki?

Frente Sivil: A pressure group swinging a coup d’etat’ saving us from political ‘gangsters’?

The upsurge of a culture of fear seems to be a myth considering yesterdays successful pressure groups ‘Frente Sivil’ political rally to overthrow the MFK, PS, MAN government at the central union SSK building attended by a self estimated 2000 plus sympathizers. The previous rally held in december 2011 at Alameda was over the 1000 supporters indicating our young democracy is brittle but growing vibrant.

Okey doke pressure groups usually air grievances against a government but lock lips to beef with finance czars or corporate monarchs influencing our sociopolitical climate.

The novice bourgeois alliance pressure group ‘Frente Sivil’ speakers mimicked the same offensive insulting rhetoric they accused the seated government of for 18 months. That’s why critical observers gave them the side eye yesterday as the naming and shaming stand ups got applauded grandiose by the crowd. The reigning smack gospel eclipsed their democratic stratagem to weigh in more people power to the political decision making process.

Yesterday instead of bourgeois brouhaha supposed to be the perfect platform to take off the political fanatic blindfold and start discussing solutions to eradicate the Curacao crabs in a barrel politrix for once and infinite. People ran their mouths but were too shook to mention how Venezuela’s revocative referendum is a legit model to topple a ‘mafia’ government? A new modernized 21st century democratic participatory constitution. A new people empowered electoral system. A new media policy engaging critical citizens preventing them to entrap themselves in these old putrid patterns.

As for the so much talked about culture of fear. Pueblo Soberano the so-called socialist radical revolutionaries do be scared to actually flex some of those Latin American/Caribbean revolutionary hustles to force change for the sufferers. They might be stuck in that urban Willy Lynch myth maze. Now who going to shake down Wiels to return back to the noble social justice emancipating essence?

Keep in mind though that the marginalized, the strugglers out here their hourglass is running out of sand soon. Famed Tambu singer Pincho done told you: “Basta papia pone kabesnan huntu, Ban goberna Korsou, ken a hasi ken a laga hasi no ta nos asuntu” (Enough talking, let’s put heads together, govern Curacao, who did this who didn’t do that ain’t our business).

Recap time: If pressure groups say cabinet Schotte are mobsters then governor Frits Goedgedrag who approved the questionable minister team is a mafioso representing the Dutch mafia queen Beatrix who dropped by for an official head of state Dutch Caribbean ‘gang land’ visit last October. Salute.

[~] Why #Curaçao’ans act like they don’t have complexes during a political rally? So Blackface Zwarte Piet is not a racist colonial drone and completely ok to them?

[~] What’s the deal with bourgeois folks thinking their Dutch god complexed mind makes Curacao so much more superior than the rest of the Caribbean islands?

[~] Thank Goddess Jossy Rosales couldn’t be fooled by pied piper Onni Gonett.

[~] Lent is bringing out political fuckery instead of spiritual tranquility?

[~] Will Frente Sivil question TeleCuracao or remain silent on their televised dictatorship to get political news coverage?

[~] @RebelCapitalist is correct: “Our political and economic systems are reflexive of another both are corrupt and don’t work for most people.”?

[~] PM Schotte last minute energy manegement press conference was a pauper damage control scheme. 90 minutes show time quite ridiculous, say word?

Mishon Tumba Gobiernu Abou: Un Etnografia di Gruponan Di Preshon Elitario

Den tempu di gera no tin misa
Den temporada di gera politiko tampoko no tin Kuaresma.

Mal kibuka te persona ku ta kere politika ta e aktuashon dilanti kamera of mikrofono pa kalke protagonista.
Lokwal nan ke lagabu kere ta bin dilanti. Pabo komprende kiko ta kiko di berdat den Herusalem politiko na Korsou bo mester tin sikiera un tiki tinu di kiko ta soso tras dje kortina.
Asina kada bes di nobo pueblo ta kai den nan trampa bringando otro riba un seru di misinformashon nubla ku fuku di manipulashon.

Pa mara e “Kultura di miedu” solo riba e gobiernu di MFK, PS, MAN lo ta un fayo. Tin un buki ku mesun titulo ku a wordu skibi pa Valderma Marcha di 2003 temporada ku PAR tabata na poder.
E gobiernu aki ta dikta tambe. No tin demokrasia partisipativa. Wak manego energia, wak reforma impuesto ob, wak penshun. Pero un pari anja pasa tabata mesun kos. Wak slotverklaring, konstitushon henter e negosashon pa restruktura Korsou.
Si e tempu ei a konsidera pa kambia sistema elektoral por a preveni mayoria drama politiko ku esnan ku ta protesta awoki a krea nan mes. Sea dor di keda ketu of dor di no duna pueblo e oportunidat demokratiko pa renoba e areglo di estado.

Por a reforma e desaster den media ku ta fomenta mas drama politiko inesesario. Pero no no tabata kumbini e opositornan e temporada ei.

E bosero di un dje gruponan di preshon ‘Pro Pueblo’ Sr.Ruben Suriel a deklara awe (2-3-12) na Z86 pakiko a organisa e reunion: “E reglanan di demokrasia ta wordu tacha den formanan diktorial” referiendo na e kontroversia den VDC (Veiligheidsdienst Curacao) ku supuestamente wordu invadi pa servisio di inteligensia di Colombia), e disputa ku pomp di gasolin ku Funmiles i kartel di preis riba gasolin. E ta mira kon poko poko ta bezig ta sakando nos for di reino Ulandes. Tur esaki ta monta na su konsepto ku demokrasia ta na peliger.

Segun Sr. Ruben Suriel antes Korsou tbt tin korupshon pero a laga e galinja buta su webu di oro prome i esei segun e tabata normal. Pero awoki segun Sr. Suriel tin korupshon prome ku e galinja ta buta su webu di oro.
1. I pa kolmu ta kita la yena for di e galinja (e lei 80/20)
2. Komersio ta bira menos liber i esei ta bai kontra e reglanan komersial ku a yuda Ulanda bira un dje paisnan mas poderoso for di 300 piku anja pasa. (•_O)

Si gruponan di preshon ta logra pa bini ku elekshon nobo, kiko ta e senario ora PAR gana pasobra tesei ta nan deseo? 9/10 asiento PNP lo hanja un asiento? FOL tambe? Lo bin otro partido chiki pa forma ku PAR (ku tambe lo a forma ku MFK i PS ni maske nan ta wordu di marka partidonan gengster) of ta forma ku MAN si nan obtene asiento? Of ta ku MFK e partido ku nan ta tilda di ta mafioso? Ta kon nos tin ku mire?

Lo propone pa kambia e sistema elektoral prome of usa e malchi putri ku lo resulta den mesun bochincha trempan of lat?

Tin varios realidat un di nan ta ku tin un grupo grandi ku ke duna e gobiernu aki un chens ni maske kon bruha nan manego politiko ta. Nan ta rasona ku PAR a sinta ’17 anja’ horka nos awo ku nos hende ta na mando pa 15 luna laga nan goberna awo.
Otro realidat ta ku aunke tin yen kos den sentro di gobiernu ta baiendo robes e grupo aki no ke mira PAR bin bek. E ta den mesun style ku na Venezuela ora e llanero konosi Cristóbal Jiménez tbt kanta ku “ADECO y COPEI nunca mas volveran”. Emoshonalmente PAR a traumatisa un gran parti dje elektorado ku ni maske nan lo a soru pa Korsou bira un paraiso segun nan deseo nan lo no ke mira nan bek.

Awor ban bek na Kuaresma: temporada di apstenensia, yuna purba di eleva bo spiritu for di e mundu material karnal pa 40 dia.
Yu di Korsou ta bon Kristian berdat?
Tasina hodidu e situashon politiko ta ku nos no por a postpone akshon politiko pa baha un gobiernu durante Kuaresma?
Nos lidernan katoliko ku na kabes obispu Secco ta permiti esaki sin mas?

E gruponan di preshon ta konsiente si ku nan deseo pa baha e gobiernu di MFK, PS, MAN outomatikamente ta nifika ku gobernado Frits Goedgedrag tin ku baha na mesun momentu paso ela bisa emfatikamente ku e gobiernu aki tei segun regla aproba dor di su persona ku ta representa reina Beatrix na Korsou?

_¤ Kiko a lagabu kere e mentira ku kambionan di struktura estatal lo a trese prosperdidat pa Korsou despues di 10-10-10 sin adapta reglanan nobo pa media, reforma konstitushonal, ekonomiko, finansiero i edukativo?

¤ Kwantu mil hende lo basha un gobiernu abou?
¤ Bo sa kome piska riba djabierne?

¤ Bon Katoliko sa protesta politikamente den Kuaresma?

¤ Ba yega di mira e gruponan di protesta lanta eksigi kas, trabao, edukashon na drechi, sirkulashon hustu di ekonomia i finansas pa pueblo ku entrada abou den ghetto?

¤ Dikon tur e gruponan di protesta huntu ku PAR no ta bin ku un proposito di lei pa prohibi Yu di Korsou gambel nan penshun, onderstand den Kasino?

¤ Pastornan katoliko a bira trahado sosial enbes di lidernan spiritual ku por trese un pueblo dividi huntu dilanti trono di Ser Supremo?