Lent Lullabies

Lent lullabies
for the Catholic colonized
See the chastized Christians
We eat smoked pork feet
with Zjozoli biscuits
When you don’t see them
They either working or
overseas trying to
sand off them
ghetto blisters.
Economic fleeing.
G-packs in D cup bras
Dreaming of a life
Eye jammy to the face
if you can’t see
the truth yo
Midwives and mothers
bringing natural healthy
spiritual powered
babies to the world
She Black she poor
but she elegant
Off to work sliding
into the bus
Escorted by enamored glances
With her worn out
$12 slippers
Her man at Post 5
Strung out from
that fake
Socialismo Bolivariano
Guess Chavez ain’t respecting
Our oil refinery Isla/Pdvsa
working n*ggas
That’s why they
block roads,
burn tires
Scream out
labor justice slogans:
If our kids can’t eat,
nobody’s kids can eat.

Back and knees hurting,
shoulder aching
‘About Woman & Influence’ conference in Hyatt
Just a fancy
uppity thing
for the
pearl necklace
supermarket cashiers
still standing on
their feet for hours
no back support
stools or chairs.
High heeled
haute creole
could help to
release them
from the bondage
of suffrage instead
of Spa mani pedi
brunch breaks
connect with your
Sistars and get their
kids into college.

And she ain’t got
a ‘depchi’ to save
for Curacao North Sea Jazz
to see Jill
but she living her
life like its Golden
Swinging at
Esther 1:20
Ephesians 5:22
1 Corinthians 14:34
Because religions
and pastors
Ain’t doing shit to
improve her
Living conditions
On top of that
trifling bank lady executives
talking: you can’t teach
low income women
stocks and bonds or
how Wallstreet clocks ducats.

Higher socio-economic ignorance
Social nets
Without ladders
strange fruit constructs
in a 2 bedroom apartment
For a family of 3
With a salary for 1,6


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