Kuaresma A Spiritual Path Full Of Media Boycotts

Lent or Kuaresma as we call it here has officially ended. 40 days of fasting, abstinence, prayer has always been a utopian catholic stick up to our living world. Right after carnaval bounces Ash Wednesday initiates the Catholic Christians into a collective vice boycott program. No smoking, no cursing, no liquor, no meat eating and so on, all out of solidarity with Black Jesus.

The devil is loose is a saying we have to describe the Lent period when folks try to get closer to God fighting distraction of materialism and fleshly lust. The premium promoter of societal sabotage is the media which unlike the carnaval calendar where bags of money is to be made abstains itself from broadcasting biblical truths and spiritual values to their audience. The gory, gossip and daily politricks never looses its media priority and together with commercial propaganda they conspire a six week spiritual disobedience regime. The Catholic priests with on top monsignor Luis Secco have clearly lost grip and any form of hypersensitivity to address these conflictive issues with media owners collaborating in the creation of this permanent spiritual poverty among our peoples.

The media with their political spins and rhetoric dub systems lack the integrity to offer structural “programs about ethics, morals and spirituality” something Marlon Winedt wrote in his La Prensa column ‘Lanterna’ March 21. Winedt continues to urge the media to start programs columns debates about reflection, spirituality and the many aspects it can influence a nation positively in all areas and different sectors. He is inclined to dampen the current cacaphonic discussions about democracy with debates and constant dialogues about a transforming Christianity where Christian values are not just for adorn but a forceful change player for progress to our people. He wishes to see: A media picking up the role of facilitating different types of reflection spiritually and philosophically to develop a civilized and productive conversation instead of the whirlwinds of confusion and ranting talk shows.

*• Have you ever seen banks sponsoring events that will lift up your spirituality?

*• Any bank CEO’s ever do spiritual retreat during Lent?

*• Do you really think radio dj’s starting their show with 15/25 minutes gospel songs has effect on the listeners?

*• Why aren’t there spiritual centered talk shows at night?

*• 85 % Catholics but they ok with a media transmission filled with 5% spirituality programs?

*• How come media owners pretend to be God fearing persons but you will not see that reflected back in their media outlets?

*• What will it take before pastors rebel against the spiritual incarceration industry?

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