Dutch Distortion and Neo-Colonial Lenses: Pulp journalists vs Emancipatory Truth Seekers

Whenever the Dutch media is on an iron blue bird voyage from Amsterdam to make a tv report on our island they usually prepare during the 9 hour flight to the best of their media frame agenda ability. Its a mediaphrodite battle, their heart beats investigative journalism truth but sensationalism clocks €uros and the latter sporadically loses. Polygoon journals 2.0 where the Curacaoan subjects gets to speak if it sustains and enhances the neo-colonial glare.

The fuss and fury about recent Dutch media colonialism is normal but time has come to start aiming our emo heat towards native media and governmental powers. Retaliatory unbiased reports of Dutch maladministration should not be feared. Constant Dutch media accountability by our media needs to be disciplined. Instead of creating support media systems to counterattack, the government and private sector can choose to ignore the pauper Dutch media reports, but in the end they will have to take the political and economical blows. The ruling MFK, PS, MAN coalition will continue to fight to stay in the peoples grace if they don’t make any effort to show their anti-neocolonial media fangs. Emancipatory policy on paper and by mouth but you need to back that up with reactionary and pre-emptive media moves.

~• That Robby’s and Joe Black lottery money would help to set up a media fund right?

•~ Slavery and colonialism still making Curacao media nervous? That’s why they scared to pick up a phone and question their Dutch colleagues?

~• Why Secretary-General Stella van Rijn or MFK party members won’t sling an ethic fail complaint with the association of Dutch journalists?

~• Dutch journalists on the island lost telephone number of KRO Brandpunt team?

~• The picture of prime minister Schotte hand picked by KRO really helped that Good Fella frame eh?

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