30 Di Mei 1969, Reliving A Revolt With An Afro-Curaçaoan Neocolonial Pimp Limp (?)

Dutch colonial alchemy is a Punda and Otrobanda inferno lit by racial and labor beef from an oppressed Afro-Curacaoan community co-instigated by Dutch and Jewish Creole and American entrepreneurs in the late sixties. Tolerated on the sly by the Catholic church except for a few with hardbody theology liberation character like Monseigneur Dr. Amado Römer described in his book ‘Kòrsou Den Siglo XX, Desaroyo di Un Pueblo òf Tragedia?’ ( Curaçao in the 20th century, Development of people or tragedy?):

“It has been foretold, that Curaçao would go through a nightmare never before experienced, but no one would or maybe could believe it. Impossible as it seemed, that explosion on the thirtieth of May 1969 was a changing point in our history.

The people of the sixties were not any more the humble and peaceful, submissive population of the beginning of the century. No social educa tio n had ever taken place before and everything looked like being under control of the rich and powerful. All of a sudden the rebellious young population and colored people did not accept any more humiliation. Among the leaders were laborers and others who were not satisfied with what was going on. Mostly those youngsters who studied abroad and had no direct contact with the local situation and experienced the aftermath of the Second World War in Europe, even some intellectuals and politicians, had shown a rebellious attitude. Earlier in the beginning of the sixties this had resulted in the formation of the U.R.A.-party (unity and reform going hand in hand). It may have been too early in the given circumstances. These courageous young men were the new mixture of people composing the new population (out of some 50 nationalities in the total of 145,000 inhabitants of the island).

The economy not aware of the changes in the world in labor relationships and with no real vision of the possibilities was still dreaming of times past as during and right after the Second World War. So the same way persisted, firing and hiring at will, no laws were conceived to protect workers and the situation grew terribly difficult as the refinery went on with automation and rationalization. It looked like the economy was paralyzed.

In politics the eternal play of submission and sometimes even abuse (not even legal action was always possible) dragged on and the influence of politics upon the labor unions seemed like the ordinary and usual way of handling the public. With the explosion that took place a breakaway of these unions made a new way of handling politics necessary. The first new Prime Minister and Governor and other dignitaries, members of the working class or their offspring, (often colored people) were now possible. The confusion, however, was still there, as people had not been educated for the new role they were to play, certainly not socially though technically they might be on a par with all others.

Religion remained as during the revolt, hidden in the rectories and the sacristies of the churches. The bishop who lost his home in the tire and the best kept archives of maybe the whole Caribbean, wrote a pastoral letter to all, asking for a total conversion looking to the needs of every member of the community and not so much looking for scapegoats, but this was not accepted nor even read by some of the clergy, who thus separated themselves from the community.”

~How is it possible that political parties seated with a so-called emancipation consciousness refuse to pay radio/tv air time and dedicate special programming on this historical day?

~ Pueblo Soberano fearful to ‘fast’ their daily radio shows for a week and finance together with MAN, MFK a 30 di Mei Foro to stimulate our minds?

~ PAR, PNP neglected the people for years on this historic date, what is the exact difference with the new coalition?

~ PS, MAN, MFK and union leadership were given 18 months to prepare small but powerful biographies on various key players of the May 30 revolt but we ain’t seen nothing happening to respect, honor and educate our peoples about the lives of Mac Alberto
Amado Römer
Bebe Rojer
Papa Godett
Oscar Semerel
Mac Alberto
Boy Spencer
Willy Haize
Dixie Blaize
Emily Henriquez
Stanley Brown
Ewald Ong a Kwie
Amador Nita
Reggie Venloo
Hein van Sichem
Geraldina i Gutiérrez
Etc. Etc.

~ Walk your talk with a neocolonial limp trying to convince who?

~ NO ta keda NO te den port’i shelu berdat?

Joceline Clemencia, Black Emancipatory Boss Lady

A year has passed since she cut her silver cord divinely styled on May 30 that always will be remembered as the day Curaçao burnt racial and labor injustice to ashes in ’69, to fly up to higher spiritual realms leaving behind a legacy of feminine Black intellectual emancipatory militancy.
An elegant Papiamentu warriorette Drs. Joceline Clemencia conscious of her influential role during times when taking a pro independence stance biggin’ up our Afro-Curaçaoan identity was considered an academic mortal sin.

Sanctifying a heroine like Joceline Clemencia and other historic figures who with their inexhaustible spirits gave so much to love up our people through their unchained teachings, stumble and steps in life is of the essence to compensate the colonial narrow mindness and reinstall that vanglorious glow many tried to jux while alive.

Right now with this sovereign minded government the emphasis must be on blowing up local, regional and international attention for leaders like Joceline Clemencia to the 25th power. Her historical importance enhances the emancipative state of mind. Check out how she tried to flip the script from the days she was a teacher at Peter Stuyvesant College and rebelled against the colonial name and its Dutch educational house servant system. To the paramount foundation for the Papiamentu educational sector she helped to lay down, the individual acts of helping out unemployed welfare mothers, getting people hyped to food sovereignty planting veggies and fruits in their own yards or that bold futuristic move in 2005, a decolonization diva entering the governor’s palace walking regally towards Dutch prime minister Balkenende reading him the independence declaration of Curaçao.

While battling with illness she still was out there hired as an cultural expert reconditioning Dutch colonial supermarket managers and empowering the Black Curaçaoan employees with subservient morale which can be seen in the controversial and confrontational Dutch documentary ‘Curaçao’.

Even now those that be running that independence marathon they got layers of colonialism that need to be peeled off to pop off a rejuvenated version of liberation culture and the humble of heart will definitely take notes of how she did her sovereignty shuffle and not to forget almost exclusively off her own uniqueness internationalized the struggle by linking up with the region and worldwide. Something that to this day is unequaled, often yapped about but hardly even tried by the new independentistas.

So all praises due to one of our
ancestors most loyal stalwart a crusader against
educational apartheid navigating away from that Dutch colonial masochistic state of mind. Always stressing we should write our own history and rewrite the colonial dutch documented and audio visual history of Curaçao. Papiamentu lover number one, royal boss lady Joceline Clemencia, saludo sigi briya*

}If she was alive would she be fuming seeing how people be clowning around now that they have a golden opportunity to control their fate?

}You remembered how her Independence institute would be in the same street as hotel Kura Hulanda owner Dutch capitalist barbarism freak- Mr. Jacob Gelt Dekker and how she eloquently would tongue whup his ass?

}How long will it take before her biography is in the bookstore and on dvd’s?

}Any presentations, panel discussions this year? Scholars, activists anyone?

}Pledges to fund a Joceline Clemencia statue, school, institute?

}That ’07 FOL alliance had some tripping though?

}Where them new feminine independentistas at yo?

Grotini Curaçao Fashion Week

Flickr [c]Kurt Peterson 2009

Seú queen and glam fashionista Miss Amaikacylis Martien opened the 149th Curaçao Fashion Week. Dressed in a Papa Leba headwrap, classy Santa Anna straw pants and Lele Toni feather ankle straps she splashed a coconut water filled calabash on the runway.

First on deck was the
Annemarie Braafheid collection that had all models donning Obatala headpieces. The theme of the 1968 first Black Miss Universe runner up was Ghetto-Bohemian ribbed pants.
Lace life improvement ribboned jackets drenched with Arowak patterns, dignified public housing blouses worn off the shoulder held up by handmade Dakwe duffle bags.

Mafalda Minguel blew up the spot showing the velvet militant mami jumpsuits combined with Norva Sling low cut embroided youth power t-shirts. Preparing the way for the raw fashion fiends lauding the Emily Henriquez radical unionized domestic worker asymmetrical neckline shirtdresses line, Greta Martha ballet ‘Bula Kandela’ San Juan hi-tops sizzled the crowd while Miss Curaçao 2012 Evaline van Putten strutted down the catwalk.

Elia Isenia’s carved ‘mente desenkadena’ mahok wristlets and
Mistica Stefania’s silver patriarchy resistant fiery red Oya machete pieces had everyone eye-locked knocking the accessory comp out.

Jubilant dazzled looks from
the Fechi Regales golden hoop earrings selection, gleaming okra colored slingback fuck you pumps by Fridi Martina, climaxing eyebrows from the Tip Marrug fogon lingerie collection with his ‘N*gga don’t touch me if you don’t love me’ neglishee, Black Left Feminist baby dolls extravaganza lineage.

Frida Dap rolled out with silver chain-mesh tops, Klasmulatu anti exploitative gowns with Kolibri motifs and long linen trench coat high-waisted skirts. Not forgetting all mannequins nice’d up by Dinah Veeris holistic black natural high self-esteem beauty line products.

Critics were delighted by veteran cutting edge designer Junius Isenia shining with his Iguana leather moccasins, suede cross-stitched Punda rebel pants, Skalo buttoned downs and the unforgettable Hipolito Ocalia inspired cocktail dresses fortified by social ladder climb stilettos.

Imelda Valarianus had the front row wide open: Fuik diamond studded gloves smashing the glass black male privileged ceilings and eclectic ancestral herb smelling starvation wages repellent perfume made from Kenepa soberbe well water.

Jocelyn Clemencia show closing presence was felt immediately stealing the limelight with mispel freedom fighting fatiques side ruffled dresses.
Korona de la birgen working class vanguard jeans detailled by
sophisticated Jean Girigorie fabrics. The runway kept blazing as tamarind seed bodiced paillettes vests with satin shimaruku pantsuits passed by. Finishing it gracefully with leather community improvement hero mural print leggings complemented with silk crowned puffed shoulder sleeved open back blouses and fashion royale Boca Sami ‘e forsa t’ei’ fishnets veils.

Femicide A Formula To Stop and Give Women Their Wings Back

Pic: Neilweg, http://www.kibrandogritunansilensio.com

‘Mama ta ko’i stima’ ( A mother is something to love)

Happy Mothers Day, blissful Goddess Day yeah, but we losing our women out here. Shit tastes bitter. Curacao Friday woke up once again mourning: Man stabbed his ex to death. Men with hurt harts, jealous eyed souls turning into straight vengeful killers. They shooting and slicing our women up and police, ministers of justice and social affairs, women department, politicians and media be on that “Ah whatever life goes on, it ain’t my wife, side chick, mama, sister, aunt, cousin, niece so f-ck you”. We super-normalizing an abnormality, the cruelty of a man that sits and wait to creep and violently murder his prey early in the morning before she leaves out for work. We tune into a channel and there’s not too much indignation about it. No mass editorials, special tv items, no talk show topics no hosts calling femicide experts,psychologists or woman rights advocates. Where are the university lectures? School debates, prevention, behavior awareness programs at work?

Women within the media have various shot calling muscles that are not being flexed, egos getting high of sensationalism news while constant solidarity and upliftment of women should top rank. Germaine Hart at CBA television barely a year in the game struggling to stay alive but still could squeeze some ‘wake the hell up’ spots into the minds of her viewers. I see co-owner Jasmin Pinedo at Direct 107.1 flirting with the old elite doing that political coup two step but urgent women issues is not getting a prominent spotlight.
Valeska Diaz chief editor at the biggest newspaper Extra tolerating the print silence on womanhood and all their struggles, no conscious structural effort over there.
There’s Nataly Doran at Mas99 who does have a women program on tv but as station manager on her dial has not been pushing the women abuse agenda on the regular. Helen Hoyer daughter of radio making pioneer Horacio Hoyer also is not using her feminine power to the advancement of women on a full permanent scale.

Same thing for the top two christian radio’s: New Song and Deltha directors Papi Esprit and Aishel Isenia refuse or are not walking that illuminated godly path to invest in sanctifying the body and mind of women in our community. Pissy power drunk of that baby Jesus wine instead of leading a visionary true bible fearing broadcast station.

Showbiz & A.G. ‘The world is listening’ — “Moms boyfriend was a violent offender//He said he never hit her, n-gga lyin’, I remember// How could you hurt somethin’ precious and tender?//
Protective it made me, my sisters husbands hate me..” [c] A.G.

Singers, songstress, popular bands, rappers, artists what’s going on?
The ‘I’m not here to sing and educate’ motto is getting played out. Are we helping our society with the overdoses of meaningless songs? Music and art are powerful impacting agents which make me pheen for a part 2 of Mc Chris Strick and Janiro’s ‘Pimpollo’ from their 2009 collabo album ‘O.N.E.’ that spoke specifically about a woman struggle. Artist influence weighs a ton on the daily life of everyday people, its unthinkable, borderline inhumane that after various women being abused, raped, assassinated no popular Ritmo Kombina, Comeback, Rap group, Tambu gruponan or singer haven’t and ain’t planning to drop a social commentary single on this.

We are not going to work this out without holding people accountable until then it’s up to us to choose between that mental prosperity matrice or the mammon modules.

[-] Update: Jeanne Henriquez of the National Alliance against child abuse, domestic violence emphasizes that we urgently need law proposals for ‘domestic abuse and femicide. May 28/29 WTC a national conference for NGO’s and professionals.

»» Gigi, Jill Frans, Ilvia, Izaline, Elia Isenia, Mami Luv, Anaira Nivelac, Liesje Liespiers, Melania van der Veen, Kyla Ursula anyone?

»» Do we have any young fresh new feminists out here?

»» Extra not even one editorial?

»» Dutch local media are you paying attention?

Negritude Boots Stomping Queen’s Day

The anticolonial Tambu sound system Trinchera had people on an ancestral out of body experience, ‘yongatizing’ hips to their historically conscious lyrics honoring Tula and his fallen warriors for the 1795 revolt on the same “Queen’s Day” a Dutch imposed national holiday. The ceremonial event on April 30 a decolonization battle cry set up by the minister of culture and education Carlos Monk received violent criticism as always whenever the colonized psyche gets challenged.
Curaçao soaking in a backward mass hypnosis, dressing up in orange to sympathize with the Dutch royal family while Queen Beatrix since her reign in 1980 always been validating the second class citizen treatment of her overseas territories is the hypercolonial vintage madness we stuck in longtime.
True indeed minister Monk spoke about demanding an apology and reparations from the Dutch state but we heard that many times before from his own Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels. 10-10-10 could have been the glory moment to spew that bloody truth to crown prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima during their visit. Beatrix was here last November but Wiels for the second time in a row conspired against his own liberation philosophy and bodied that opportunity to honor our ancestors.
Spitting that ‘sovereign now’ game six days a week without putting in work to move at least 1% of your 14000 tight electorate to come attend a decolonization ritual at the National Archive is yet another faking jacks move.

However nobody said this fight was going to be an easy win, it is what it is, mental transformation is a collective hustle so anyone taking a stance of defiance gets a salute.

Peace to Freddy Antersijn for that reprogram glory moment, desecrating the Orange dynasty back in the days by tearing up the queen’s portrait in his school class.

||• Why the president of the Parliament Mr. Ivar Asjes played the diplomatic role while Beatrix was here and afterwards when she was gone he uttered to demand reparations?

||• Alex Rosaria PAIS ex junior secretary of fiscal affairs also thought an apology would help to heal the wounds of the past but while Beatrix was here he was nowhere to be found.

||• How come ‘thousand’ people go to protest against Central Bank bond theft and a week later give Tula and his 29 compatriots the finger?

||• Why Wiels didn’t mobilize his peoples to witness the first decolonization ceremony April 30?

||• That presidential sash that minister Monk rocked was kinda fresh right?

||• Damn Trinchera made our spirits soar high that morning, when will we pay Tambu culture tax to pay for their world tour?

Kima of Muha n’e Borchi Bus

Presidente di Parlamentu Sr. Ivar Asjes a anunsia ku e initiativa ‘Parlementario Den Bo Bario’ pa skucha kurason di pueblo ront Korsou a konklui den varios prekupashon di nos suidadanonan. Esun ku ta resalta mas tabata number unu: Kayanan ta hodidu, mester drecha hanchinan di tera. E number dos ku sorpresivamente pero ku tur rason di mundu tabata ku paradanan di bus no tin banki pa sinta, no tin dak pa skonde or solo ta kima of awaseru ta muha suidadanonan wardando riba bus of konvoi.

Hasiendo un rekorido di Banda Bou pa Banda Riba lo bo saka bo som ku mandatarionan, politikonan pa dekadanan largu a neglisha e pueblo di entrada abou ku no tin moda pa kumpra nan mes outo. E kantidat di borchi bus ku un banki i dak ta skars i esnan ku tin awoki mayoria di nan no ta sirbi ora yobida bin. (Wak potret ariba)
Siman pasa bo por a tende kon direktor di Reda Sosial Sr. Herman George tabata broma kon nan a inberti mas ku 90 miyon florin yudando drecha barionan atrabes di anjos. Un bario kaminda un mama ku su yuchi, muchanan di skol, penshonado, trahado humilde tin ku sufri wardando den un igra di solo of awaseru ta un falta di respet, un abusu di poder politiko i ekonomiko.

Tin sierto kaminda hopi pasahero ta trafika i bo mester buta parada di bus. Sikiera temporal te ora e servisio D.O.W. dje minister di trafiko i transporte publiko Sr. Charles Cooper bini ku un manego figo pa un disenjo ku ta kwida e usario dje rutanan publiko. Na rou mes nos mester ta si e mangasina dje rei politiko i su parlementarionan no por presupuesta i produsi 100 parada di bus pa anja pa su pueblo pagado di impuesto.

[>] Si bo tin outo bo por traha na D.O.W. e servisio enkarga ku trahamentu di parada di bus anto pa mas ku mitar siglo bo no por bin bei ku mester bin mas parada na drechi ora hende ta para warda bus?

[>] E paradanan di bus na Otrobanda i Punda ta un desaster, ora awa kai bo ta muha tog, masha bunita buta pero nan no ta sirbi, meldumi si mi ta robes.

[>] E hefe di D.O.W. no ta biba na Korsou? Mandatarionan, gobiernunan di turno tabata bula den helikopter ku nan nunka a mira hende ta dirti den solo, muha papa papa muha ora un pali awa kai?

[>] Dikon mi ta korda riba e slogan di kampanja di Nashonal: “Abo Ta Konta”?

[>] Kiko a pasa ku sindikato di shofurnan di bus nunka a bringa pa drecha e situashon teribel aki?

[>] Nan lo drei riba politika bjeew putri i warda net un pari siman prome ku elekshonnan di 2014?

[>] Ba yeg’i duna hende kabe’i boto oro awa tabata lastra of solo tabata hasa?

Labor Day Obrero Hymns

Photograph– Felix Chakutoe (1922 port strike leader. August 26, 1891 – September 20, 1967)

An island
that doesn’t
discuss their
labor conditions,
the state of
their working
the youth,
is an island
without a
zombied out.

Labor minister Koeiman
why we not evaluating
him after one year?
Union leaders
how they rolling,
division, unity?
When unions
within the
same trade
going to merge?
No, why not?
Ego big,
blown up.
No conferences,
on labor justice?
No? For real?
Only when
it is politically
Labor union
members have
they grown?
Or deserted
because they
felt betrayed
by an IMF market
flexibility zone?
Why they
talking with
words and
Give us
up to date
Get us out of
these pre-abolition
labor cages.

short term
contract abuse
Union leaders

their rights
being trampled
daily for years.
Union leaders


The proletariat
don’t instagram their
Starbucks frappachino’s
Sun up
Its La Libanesa with
Guiness in left hand.
Loosies from Chino
If you lucky…
Read your
to see who
got shot
Who got
7/8 AM
Punch the
plantation clock

Labor justice
via radio
tv, newspaper
social media.
That’s what we
Get hip
to these new
Find that strategy
to speak and
reach the youth.
Teach our labor rights
in schools.

Census office
how many companies
don’t provide their
employees pension plans?
Why cooperatives keeps
getting bombed by banks?
Where are the labor lawyers?
Why isn’t our University
educating them?
Labor law workshops?
Slacking in training.
Neoliberal taming
Time has come
to birth plots.

Domestic work
Hotel work
Construction work
Sex industry
Security guard work

Union leaders
They hushhhhed

Oh these leaders
deliberately not
to create
a labor economist
defense league.
public opinion
Let the poor folks

Lunch time
eating, sleeping
under trees
5 years stuck
at the same
entry level position
Club Social and

The proletariat
don’t instagram their
Starbucks frappachino’s
Sun up
Its La Libanesa with
Guiness in left hand.
Loosies from Chino
If you lucky…
Read your
to see who
got shot
Who got
7/8 AM
Punch the
plantation clock

And I
profit sharing
being included
into collective bargaining
All Of Goddess Workers Got Wings

Kristu di Kòrsou Mgr. Dr. Amado Römer

Skulptor: Julio César Briceño, finansia pa ACU

“Bo n’ ta nada, Bo n’ por nada” e adegio dje fraternan ku a duna un pueblo djimpi na mente despues di abolishon di sklabitut sigi pa un era di kolonialismo Ulandes. E bokanan di fuku por a kondishona hopi alma pero semper ta tin trupanan ku a krea nan mes skapatorio ne doktrina falsu dje klergo katoliko. Un di nan tabata Amado Römer ku foi chiki pensando, usando su sinti no tabata gusta e asuntu ku e pastornan tabata blanku, kabei blond ku wowonan blou papiando Ulandes so. Djei e pregunta serka Amado Römer a lanta: Dios lo komprondemi den mi mes idioma? For di e momentu ei ela disidi ku e ke bira saserdote, esun prome di kolo lokwal a sosode 29 di yuni 1946 e dia ku Korsou por a testigua e benida di un ser disiplina spiritual profundo pa adelanta e posishon dje Yu di Korsou pober, klase trahado vela den un bisti katoliko romano.

Un hombu ku a kapta e ensenjansa real di Hesus spiritualmente arma pa bringa kapitalismo salbahe riba Korsou. Mgr. Amado Römer a logra di hasi hopi pe pueblo. Te ainda 2 anja despues di su morto na 2010 17 di aprel e gran homber aki merese e honor maksimo di gobiernu i proklama un dje dianan di fiesta inutil ku nos tin pa Dia di Amado Römer. Bo check sindikato, kooperativa ela lanta basta, forma lidernan sindikal, politiko. Fundashon Enseñansa Sientífiko Superior Katóliko Antiano (FESSKA)
tambe tabata un beibi di Mgr. Römer figa riba e meta noble pa duna hende e oportunidat pa subi e trapi sosial via enseñansa superior. Remarkabel si ku e no por a forma un lider spiritual pa sigi den su pasonan. Kasi baiendo 70 anja di su prome gloria pero liderasgo den iglesia ta den berans. Nan tin kalidatnan pa guia un pueblo pero e fundeshi spiritual e fortalesa pa tuma posishonnan kla pa libera un pueblo na momentonan desisivo ta hasi hopi falta.

Den e buki di Valdemar Marcha: ‘Luchadó inkansabel pa hustisia social’ e ta skibi ku: “Amado Römer meresé un lugá den historia di Kòrsou, banda di Mgr. Niewindt (abolishon di sklabitut), Mgr. Verriet (emansipashon sosial), Mr. Dr. Da Costa Gomez (emansipashon polítiko), Pierre Lauffer, Paul Brenneker i Elis Juliana (emansipashon kultural).”

Den su mes buki ku tur hende mester lesa pa hanja un bista mas hundu dikon e isla aki ta manera e ta despues di 10-10-10: ‘Kòrsou Den Siglo XX,
Desaroyo di Un Pueblo òf Tragedia?’ Amado Römer ta raporta kon antes den anjanan 50 bida tabata. En konekshon ku Dia di Obrero 1 di mei bo ta mira ku nos tin ku bai bek na e base deskribi aki: “Pronto ta bini diskushonnan serio riba organisashonnan obreril i situashon i kondishonnan di trabou, di bibienda i tur loke ta toka bida humano. Den e grupo insipiente akí no tin diferensha ni di religion, ni di rasa, ni partido polítiko ni nada. Ta trata simplemente di hende ku mester biba den e mundu akí i satisfasé su nesesidatnan natural normal. Ta algu kompletamente nobo pa tur e hendenan akí i ta resultá sumamente interesante.

Ta diskutí tambe sistemanan ku ta reina den mundu, sosialismo i komunismo i e kapitalismo ku ta dominá den nos mes pueblo. Kosnan ku nunka nan no a tende di nan i ku nan ta guli ku masha interes mes. Asina den e forma di kooperativa akí un promé fiansa ta bai na yuda un miembro kumpra muebel segunda mano pa su kas, otro ta fia pa kumpra paña i sapatu i ta bai buska trabou bon bisti i ta haña mesora. Kantidat di kos e hendenan ta mira ku por logra ora ku bo mes pone man na obra. Ta kuminsamentu di un trabou edukativo den sentido sosial, ku pueblo no a konosé. Edukashon di adulto.”

Monseignor Amado Römer tabata kastiga lidernan politiko, di sektor priva, sindikal i prensa pa e pakto ku nan a sera ku prinsipionan di kapitalismo ku ta krea i sostene un bida sosial, laboral inhustu. Su diskursonan riba Dia di Obrero den Santa Famia tabata legendario, kibrando ku e tradishon katoliko e tabata predikando e berdat kuru sin bira rondo dje asuntu ku e hende ta prome e hende ta sentral i abusu na trabao mester wordu korta den tom.
Dunado di trabao tin ku humanisa
nan bek pa nan eherse un liderasgo ku respet pe trahado i su stimanan.
Te kon leu su teologia di liberashon a penetra pega den kurason dje lidernan ku tabata sinta den prome bankinan den iglesia nos no sa pero efekto sigur e ta tin. E skwalmentu publiko dje lidernan pa medio di monseignor Römer tabata pa nos tur un delisia pa wowo i orea, un satisfakshon grandi ku sikiera un bes pa anja un pastor i e uniko arkangel laboral ta sakudi rebuzak e orden establisi ku un outoridat spiritual di rango haltu.

E dokumento investigativo ‘Kòrsou Den Siglo XX,
Desaroyo di Un Pueblo òf Tragedia?’ konstantemente ta trese dilanti ku pabo emansipa un pueblo ku a bin for di sklabitut bo mester di hendenan riba posishon ku ta kompronde e lucha. Un dje piesanan klave tabata hopi bja sierto obispunan ku a mira e nesesidat pa desaroya e yu di Kòrsou riba tur nivel i ku nan outoridat a buta kos kana. Pakiko monseignor Römer nunka no por a bira obispu no ta muchu kla aunke e akto di bin ku kandidato Italiano (sr. Luis Secco) ta bisa hopi sigur si bo mira e situashon deplorabel di iglesia Katoliko pa varios dekada ku e ta aden.

E homenahe mas grandi ku lidernan sosial, empresial, sindikal, politiko i religioso por duna ta pa kopia su vishon i sigi inberti den kreashon di kapital humano manera Mgr. Amado a hasi riba un skal gigantesko. Inova i trese formulanan nobo pa redistrubui e repartishon malu di rikesa material i intelektual. Esei ta tuma kurashi, sinseridat, un grado eleva di spiritualidat i sobredoses di amor.