Negritude Boots Stomping Queen’s Day

The anticolonial Tambu sound system Trinchera had people on an ancestral out of body experience, ‘yongatizing’ hips to their historically conscious lyrics honoring Tula and his fallen warriors for the 1795 revolt on the same “Queen’s Day” a Dutch imposed national holiday. The ceremonial event on April 30 a decolonization battle cry set up by the minister of culture and education Carlos Monk received violent criticism as always whenever the colonized psyche gets challenged.
Curaçao soaking in a backward mass hypnosis, dressing up in orange to sympathize with the Dutch royal family while Queen Beatrix since her reign in 1980 always been validating the second class citizen treatment of her overseas territories is the hypercolonial vintage madness we stuck in longtime.
True indeed minister Monk spoke about demanding an apology and reparations from the Dutch state but we heard that many times before from his own Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels. 10-10-10 could have been the glory moment to spew that bloody truth to crown prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima during their visit. Beatrix was here last November but Wiels for the second time in a row conspired against his own liberation philosophy and bodied that opportunity to honor our ancestors.
Spitting that ‘sovereign now’ game six days a week without putting in work to move at least 1% of your 14000 tight electorate to come attend a decolonization ritual at the National Archive is yet another faking jacks move.

However nobody said this fight was going to be an easy win, it is what it is, mental transformation is a collective hustle so anyone taking a stance of defiance gets a salute.

Peace to Freddy Antersijn for that reprogram glory moment, desecrating the Orange dynasty back in the days by tearing up the queen’s portrait in his school class.

||• Why the president of the Parliament Mr. Ivar Asjes played the diplomatic role while Beatrix was here and afterwards when she was gone he uttered to demand reparations?

||• Alex Rosaria PAIS ex junior secretary of fiscal affairs also thought an apology would help to heal the wounds of the past but while Beatrix was here he was nowhere to be found.

||• How come ‘thousand’ people go to protest against Central Bank bond theft and a week later give Tula and his 29 compatriots the finger?

||• Why Wiels didn’t mobilize his peoples to witness the first decolonization ceremony April 30?

||• That presidential sash that minister Monk rocked was kinda fresh right?

||• Damn Trinchera made our spirits soar high that morning, when will we pay Tambu culture tax to pay for their world tour?


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