Grotini Curaçao Fashion Week

Flickr [c]Kurt Peterson 2009

Seú queen and glam fashionista Miss Amaikacylis Martien opened the 149th Curaçao Fashion Week. Dressed in a Papa Leba headwrap, classy Santa Anna straw pants and Lele Toni feather ankle straps she splashed a coconut water filled calabash on the runway.

First on deck was the
Annemarie Braafheid collection that had all models donning Obatala headpieces. The theme of the 1968 first Black Miss Universe runner up was Ghetto-Bohemian ribbed pants.
Lace life improvement ribboned jackets drenched with Arowak patterns, dignified public housing blouses worn off the shoulder held up by handmade Dakwe duffle bags.

Mafalda Minguel blew up the spot showing the velvet militant mami jumpsuits combined with Norva Sling low cut embroided youth power t-shirts. Preparing the way for the raw fashion fiends lauding the Emily Henriquez radical unionized domestic worker asymmetrical neckline shirtdresses line, Greta Martha ballet ‘Bula Kandela’ San Juan hi-tops sizzled the crowd while Miss Curaçao 2012 Evaline van Putten strutted down the catwalk.

Elia Isenia’s carved ‘mente desenkadena’ mahok wristlets and
Mistica Stefania’s silver patriarchy resistant fiery red Oya machete pieces had everyone eye-locked knocking the accessory comp out.

Jubilant dazzled looks from
the Fechi Regales golden hoop earrings selection, gleaming okra colored slingback fuck you pumps by Fridi Martina, climaxing eyebrows from the Tip Marrug fogon lingerie collection with his ‘N*gga don’t touch me if you don’t love me’ neglishee, Black Left Feminist baby dolls extravaganza lineage.

Frida Dap rolled out with silver chain-mesh tops, Klasmulatu anti exploitative gowns with Kolibri motifs and long linen trench coat high-waisted skirts. Not forgetting all mannequins nice’d up by Dinah Veeris holistic black natural high self-esteem beauty line products.

Critics were delighted by veteran cutting edge designer Junius Isenia shining with his Iguana leather moccasins, suede cross-stitched Punda rebel pants, Skalo buttoned downs and the unforgettable Hipolito Ocalia inspired cocktail dresses fortified by social ladder climb stilettos.

Imelda Valarianus had the front row wide open: Fuik diamond studded gloves smashing the glass black male privileged ceilings and eclectic ancestral herb smelling starvation wages repellent perfume made from Kenepa soberbe well water.

Jocelyn Clemencia show closing presence was felt immediately stealing the limelight with mispel freedom fighting fatiques side ruffled dresses.
Korona de la birgen working class vanguard jeans detailled by
sophisticated Jean Girigorie fabrics. The runway kept blazing as tamarind seed bodiced paillettes vests with satin shimaruku pantsuits passed by. Finishing it gracefully with leather community improvement hero mural print leggings complemented with silk crowned puffed shoulder sleeved open back blouses and fashion royale Boca Sami ‘e forsa t’ei’ fishnets veils.


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