Joceline Clemencia, Black Emancipatory Boss Lady

A year has passed since she cut her silver cord divinely styled on May 30 that always will be remembered as the day Curaçao burnt racial and labor injustice to ashes in ’69, to fly up to higher spiritual realms leaving behind a legacy of feminine Black intellectual emancipatory militancy.
An elegant Papiamentu warriorette Drs. Joceline Clemencia conscious of her influential role during times when taking a pro independence stance biggin’ up our Afro-Curaçaoan identity was considered an academic mortal sin.

Sanctifying a heroine like Joceline Clemencia and other historic figures who with their inexhaustible spirits gave so much to love up our people through their unchained teachings, stumble and steps in life is of the essence to compensate the colonial narrow mindness and reinstall that vanglorious glow many tried to jux while alive.

Right now with this sovereign minded government the emphasis must be on blowing up local, regional and international attention for leaders like Joceline Clemencia to the 25th power. Her historical importance enhances the emancipative state of mind. Check out how she tried to flip the script from the days she was a teacher at Peter Stuyvesant College and rebelled against the colonial name and its Dutch educational house servant system. To the paramount foundation for the Papiamentu educational sector she helped to lay down, the individual acts of helping out unemployed welfare mothers, getting people hyped to food sovereignty planting veggies and fruits in their own yards or that bold futuristic move in 2005, a decolonization diva entering the governor’s palace walking regally towards Dutch prime minister Balkenende reading him the independence declaration of Curaçao.

While battling with illness she still was out there hired as an cultural expert reconditioning Dutch colonial supermarket managers and empowering the Black Curaçaoan employees with subservient morale which can be seen in the controversial and confrontational Dutch documentary ‘Curaçao’.

Even now those that be running that independence marathon they got layers of colonialism that need to be peeled off to pop off a rejuvenated version of liberation culture and the humble of heart will definitely take notes of how she did her sovereignty shuffle and not to forget almost exclusively off her own uniqueness internationalized the struggle by linking up with the region and worldwide. Something that to this day is unequaled, often yapped about but hardly even tried by the new independentistas.

So all praises due to one of our
ancestors most loyal stalwart a crusader against
educational apartheid navigating away from that Dutch colonial masochistic state of mind. Always stressing we should write our own history and rewrite the colonial dutch documented and audio visual history of Curaçao. Papiamentu lover number one, royal boss lady Joceline Clemencia, saludo sigi briya*

}If she was alive would she be fuming seeing how people be clowning around now that they have a golden opportunity to control their fate?

}You remembered how her Independence institute would be in the same street as hotel Kura Hulanda owner Dutch capitalist barbarism freak- Mr. Jacob Gelt Dekker and how she eloquently would tongue whup his ass?

}How long will it take before her biography is in the bookstore and on dvd’s?

}Any presentations, panel discussions this year? Scholars, activists anyone?

}Pledges to fund a Joceline Clemencia statue, school, institute?

}That ’07 FOL alliance had some tripping though?

}Where them new feminine independentistas at yo?

4 thoughts on “Joceline Clemencia, Black Emancipatory Boss Lady

  1. asyltje says:

    An honor goes to Joceline, hers as chief organizer for the front and rest spoken, crusading for ‘ban pa papiamentu.i emansipashon with optic nerve to endure criticism which theirs at large manifested eloquent face, name, street or school. A matter of time – If few names our referring ‘Lauffer’/Juliana’, opting 30-40 years to get the specific honor – she won’t be forgotten.
    Just last time I wondered about a green-house pavilion right at the spot she’d went off rehearsing full of taste and flavor making sense.

    • Jermain Ostiana says:

      No doubt she will get honored sometime soon. She must be immortalized in our history books, just like all of our artists including yourself. Slowly but surely we will get there.

      • Irina says:

        Bon dia,
        Dear Jermain and other comrades from Curacao, I was corresponding with Joceline for some years and miss her still, every day. Curacao is big part of my life and heart. It plays a big part in a political novel that I have written. Unfortunately it was only translated into English after Joceline’s passing away. I dedicated part 3 of my book to her and to Eugene Godfried whom I also knew well. Now I have no political contacts in Curacao anymore. May I use this opportunity and ask you to write to me at I really would like to forward you my novel. You can write in Papiamentu, I understand it well (it is just difficult for me to write in it).
        Irina Malenko

  2. David Pott says:

    It’s a while since you posted this, but I just wanted to say it was a great privilege to meet Joceline Clemencia when we came to Curacao in 2005 bringing an apology for slavery and its legacy with the Lifeline Expedition. She graciously received our apology given in front of the Tula monument. Do contact me and I’ll send a description of our visit from a forthcoming book. Peace to you, David Pott

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