Unworshipping The Media, Reversing Decay of Ethics

Since 1977 Curaçao has its national press day on the 1st of September. The original proclamation indicates very clearly that this day is to put emphasis on the role of the media, freedom of expression and to reflect upon it. A yearly assessment of mass communication experienced by its members and society it serves.

This written commitment during
its 35 years of existence to raise awareness amongst all media members, government, corporate
and social sector and the public in general hasn’t ripened yet. The 25 radio stations, 9 newspapers, 2 weeklies, 3 tv stations have various challenges to confront outside but foremostly inside their own outlets. Media patrons didn’t start out with
the noble intention to enlighten their communities by seeking truth and publishing it in all thoroughness
and purity. According to them its a business and in 2012 there’s little space for constant accurate fair reporting media which brings forth social change. Reporters, journalists, talk show hosts all of them blur
reality with their social-corporate and political affiliated views. Newspapers with bloody frontpages, radio news hours filled with bickering mud-slinging politicians or sensational
tv news bulletins are products of underpaid journalists, reporters without trade union representation trying to serve the public while enduring unfavorable working conditions. All these factors indicate how the media led by its owners
and their business interests have shaped a mediocre atmosphere full
of self-censureship.

Last year press day was like the previous ones, plagued by the fear
of analyzing their own flaws in the same manner they would examine and criticize their daily news subjects. Just a big happy family reunion day. No panel discussions on self-regulation. No debates on a code of ethics. No conference about the necessity of a Media Ombudsman, media ownership law or a modernized media policy improving their below average standards. Realization of secondary schools with journalism, media classes should be a prime
topic. Alternative economic models
to guarantee a genuine Curaçao independent media with decent wages, insurance and pension plans should be discussed.

The embodiment of self-ridicule is evident when in the recent past
press members allowed the biggest Curaçaoan bank Maduro & Curiel to pamper them on their day with a trip on a 18th century sailing ship in the bay of Santa Anna. Or accepting Blackberry’s from Digicel as a gift. These are subtle mediatic bribes preventing the media to report critically about the financial and commercial sector in a balanced manner which for decades led the public astray from financial literacy
in order to critically judge the performance of powerful financial institutions and consequently create
a catalyst for financial change.

The decay of the media comes in many forms. A newspaper which daily bread consists of court cases, crime acts and car accidents is a mal-nutrient for their specific lower, working-class target group mentally and spiritually. Politically biased radio talk and morning news shows manipulate their listeners by framing their daily programs according to the interests they serve.
Whether its tv, radio or print the root of the problem stays the same if you raise an audience without daily social, economical, financial, educational, cultural, spiritual programming. Politics from 7 am till 9 am. Politics from 10 am till 12pm. Politics from 12 pm till 2 pm. Politics from 3 pm till 5 pm. Politics from 5 pm till 9 pm.
That’s how you deliberately politically zombify a nation. Being hoodwinked on a daily basis by these media barons will never contribute fully to shape critical analytical citizens.

Demissionary prime minister Gerrit Schotte labeled the non stop criticism and incessantly political agenda setting media the overlords of a ‘mediacracy’ of course which he utilized without complaints before he became head of the new government. Some media personalities downplayed the existence of government by the media influenced by the powers that be. The undeniable fact is that a great amount of news is presented with minor content, sketching an image entertaining the audience with a pre-fabricated reality. A periodically media research should be a priority to determine the current state of the media, its performance, the various degrees of agenda setting culture connected to a valuable info credit rating for the public to select their reliable media of preference.

The few dissent media voices much needed to be heard have always blamed their own colleagues
including themselves that the
media is the main cause of most problems in our society. The continuous prominent featuring of non-issues to distract the audience
is a well known dumbing down strategy. A moratorium on this downward spiraled newsgathering form should have been enforced simultaneously with the birth of Curaçao’s 10-10-10 country status.
People are starting to realize that low value news editions are caused by artificial cutthroat competition and media mergers could form one big solid cost effective company with high quality news. To crystalize this you would need uniformity of thoughts and actions perhaps a top priority for the recently nascent Curaçao Media Foundation guided by veteran Extra photographer Stanley Ignacio to reestablish trust and loyalty to ethics within the media landscape.

Disrael Orphelin a communication expert explained the journalism integrity crisis as the following:
The moment more media outlets established through uncontrolled issueing of permits by befriended governments was the moment that director Orlando Cuales from Z86 a pioneering radio station felt its luxury life endangered and switched their ethics code.

Once a promoter of freedom of speech Z86 professionalized the tradition to censure certain sociopolitical leaders. Resulting into a new generation of ‘yes men’ journalists to survive and run a commercial media company. News coverage started losing more of its purity and that’s why Helmin Wiels from the independence party Pueblo Soberano copied a bottom up grassroots approach from his ex leader Nelson Pierre to create his own niche of unrestricted critical political theory news in a working class tongue. A gap in the market that he’s been filling for almost a decade.

Media, corporate world, union, religious players and politicians have all invoked demagoguery to gain an audience. So you would need fact-checking instruments, media watch advocates and programs to bring back and keep their integrity at a high level.

Dutch colonial rule also has left its psychosomatic mark on the media. Every time an issue presents between the Curacao and Dutch government you will have our minister giving his/her side to the story but 99.9% a journalist working for a Papiamentu speaking media will not pick up the phone and do an interview with a Dutch minister or press officer to clarify the situation.
Or when there’s a press conference, timidity among journalists prevents them from getting satisfactory answers on the issue in focus.
And every week there will be a “problem” between Curacao and the Netherlands so the question arises if its fear of proper Dutch language dominance or a post-traumatic slavery disorder that affects most media members (Dutch + Papiamentu) to take an assertive stance and demand declarations on concerning issues from the Dutch?

Numerous times Papiamentu media is inclined to leave taboo covered topics or politically sensitive cases to the Dutch media. (Locally financed and the Dutch public financed) A great deal of sociopolitical issues will reflect a melange of Dutch and ‘Krioyo’ pro Dutch power elite interests the strong ties censures the exposure of their wrongdoings. The relationship between Curacao and Netherlands is narrated as a modern pre-emancipation plantation novel. Nurturing and conserving a predominantly pro neo-colonial conscience veiled by cultural paraphernalia as a front to claim Curacaoan identity. The Dutch media never familiarized themselves with methodical decolonization news coverage undermining the mental transformation of their demographics, the middle and upper class Curacaoans. Fully supporting and consolidating the underdevelopment of Papiamentu media by their everlasting Dutch paternalistic media presence is a cloaked form of media colonialism. A full circle problem.

An other side-effect of Dutch colonialism is how we in the past have isolated ourselves from the region. Local media barons never shown any interests to inform the public what’s happening through out the Caribbean, Latin America and the U.S. Its this neo-colonial arrogance that limits our vision our opportunities to connect on all levels. At times the media makes people think Curacao is an island next to Holland in Europe.

Last October the first media, communication, journalism studies supposed to start but just like last year it got cancelled due to lack of interest. This year there has not even been attempts to try it. Media patrons are not interested in having newsrooms with academically trained journalists. Corporate, governmental entities and above all the good governance demanding Dutch government never took an active
role in creating an independent education journalism institute.
This hybrid hypocrisy is the main cause of this organizational media brouhaha.

Journalists should get out of their
ivory towers and learn from Bonaire. Mr. Boi Antoin chief editor for EXTRA newspaper a self-made journalist decided to pass over his knowledge
of the truth telling trade to those interested on our sister island.
Giving free journalism classes as
he sees the need of having a new generation of journalists to strengthen the quality of independent media culture.

Social media still hasn’t forced its breakthrough in mainstream media.
A media outlet will use a blog, BBM, Facebook or Twitter updates only if it fits their political, corporate agenda. Most of the time they are purposely blocking the development of social media reports. Because of its rapidly high aware making activity and its
raw unfiltered content it will remain
a threat to the established media
and therefore daily consulted, but isolated and censured.

The revitalization of a truthful media seems a losing battle unless practitioners abandon the hyper-ignorance, take up the challenge to distance themselves from the institutionalized malice news coverage machinery. May this critique be a step towards a new era of informing our communities.

Orashon Katoliko, Tras di Krus Tin Diabel

Den tempunan di sklabitut i kolonialismo iglesia katoliko tabata un instituto poderoso ku tenglanan largu den formashon edukativo i desaroyo sosial, laboral. Trabaonan ku sigur merese murayanan yen ku krusnan di merito, sin embargo e malchi pa un yu di Korsou spiritualmente fuerte nunka a hanja e chens di mira lus di dia.

Monseigneur Amado Romer e delaster i uniko persona den siglo 21 ku a karga e antorcha di liderasgo katoliko spiritualmente ilumina a formula esaki hopi kla: “Ta un gran lástima ku e trabounan akí a toma tantu esfuerso i tantu tempu, ku apénas a sobra tempu pa e formashon manera a pidi mons. Verriet, esta di organisá “lidernan” di nos pueblo, hende ku vishon i espíritu evangéliko ku lo por a toma e partí di desishon i organisashon tambe huntu ku e lidernan religioso.”

For di e optika di un opservante di media e anunsio di pastor Morrison di Misa di la Birgen di Fatima, Suffisant pa tene un santu sakrifisio di misa kombina ku orashon 23 di ougustus pa ilumina tur lider politiko i kandidatonan ku ta den kontienda pa elekshon 19 di oktober a desepshona hopi hende. Huntu ku pastor Curtis i Raul den su banda sin obispu Secco a purba di bende pueblo bon spierta e idea ku iglesia katoliko ainda tin e poder religioso, e forsa moral pa instrui lidernan di politiek Willemstad ku beibel den man mane Ulanda a purba di hasi via leinan di reino ku artikulonan di Statut.

Un misa di 7’or pa 9’or di anochi ku niun media a transmiti bibu ku eksepshon di TDS. Ni un emisora mane Direct ku su direktora Jasmin Pinedo ku semper tin Dios riba su lenga tur mainta of un Deltha ku na kabes dr. Aishel Isenia un predikador ku tur santu dia ta intenta pa trese palabra di Senor den kas di hende.
Mas repudiabel ta ku e emisoranan aki ne momentu divino no por ni ta ke komparti e esfuerso di e pastornan pa lusa kaminda dje politikonan via nan radio pa pueblo henter por a skucha.

Haragan pa tin e primisianan politiko pa sembra broyo dia aden dia afo, kla pa transmiti kalke protesta anti gobiernu pero oportunidadnan pa ungi pueblo su orea ku orashon i sabiduria bibliko ta keda rechasa sin ningun klase di bergwensa.

Telecuracao tei bibu bibu ora gobiernu ta sek’i kai of ora tin reunionnan kontroversial den parlamentu e ora ei no tin kwenti “wak si por hanja sponsor”. Si di berde e idea pa ilumina politikonan tabata risibi ku brasa habri pe komunidat anto e ora ei un gran kandidat di empresarionan lo a duna nan granito pa sostone e transmishon. Sensashonalismo ta bende i spiritualidat no ta rende ta nan gritu di kampanja pesei a pasa kos di Dios via kabel. Negoshi ku Hesus ku plaka di pueblo pero e hende klase trahado ku no tin moda pa kumpra un box no por wak koi Dios ku a keda finansia ku nan mes plaka di impuesto. Wegi boezoelanga e koi.

+ Un misa santu sakrefisio pa media ku ta plega, plantando divishon den kurason?
+ Kon iglesia ke ilumina politiko si ni nan mes tempel nan por ilumina pa dekadanan largu?

+ Deltha su base ta Atventista i nan nunka a skonde ku nan ta mira iglesia katoliko komo e dragon ku 7 kabes.

+ Kon Deltha anto ke pa tin pas politiko kaminda nan mes no por uni ku iglesia katoliko?

+ Ba mira kon Schotte a duna Emily un man?

+ Schotte su ‘pikanan’ a wordu pordona mane beibel ta bisa of hipokresia religioso lo reina oposishon ku media i sigi kalumnia?

+ Dikon e artikulonan riba e misa di orashon tabata un relato di miseria? Niun hende por skibi of relata eventonan na drechi mas?

+ Papi Esprit a hanja beef ku HZ, pasobra e no a hanja ku bo tin mag di bisa ku e koi misa tabta un hipokresia?

+ Henter nos sosiedat a degenera, ta ki falta iglesia katoliko pa atmiti nan tambe a bai hopi atras? Mea culpa no ta konta pa nan anto?

+ Lidernan politiko ta marioneta tog? Dus pastor + obispu sinsero tin ku hasi orashon pe sponsornan di partido ku ta e origen di nos situashon of no?

+ Bo ta kere birgen di Fatima a yora?

1795 Bumrushing Dutch White Oppression, 2012 Dehumanizing The Liberty Spirits

Yesterday was a good day for the self hate propaganda clans, people proved by their absence and mediocre media coverage that Curacao doesn’t give a fuck about Aug 17, 1795 the liberation struggle spearheaded by Tula and his army of enslaved men and women.

1st of July, (1863) emancipation day unlike Suriname and St. Maarten is not a day of celebration or reflection in Curacao. Instead August 17 since the late 60s has been sort of unofficially picked by Afro-Curacaoan leadership to commemorate the revolt of 1795 against Dutch slavery.

As a nation creeping and crawling its way out of that colonizing clutch we still don’t know how to value thoroughbred persons that imprinted our history with their lives striving for justice. The only important dates are the ones of festivity, the fighting spirit days that brought social change and have infinite power circuits to activate upliftment get no political, media, educational love.

Commemorating without live transmission of television or radio won’t make this event of great historic and nation building force grow to glory heights. A government, using weak excuses like Dutch financial supervision and what not, incapable to subsidize the organization is straight up faking jax and the organizers waiting for a yearly handout too.

Use popular cultural marketing tools and rejuvenate the whole set up to attract the masses. Involve schools, companies, union members. Use social media to the fullest. Create cooperatives to fund the event without tax money become self reliant. Bring back the spiritual traditions and rituals to honor our ancestors, drink that swearing water, spit that swearing water and get free.

In closing Helmin Wiels leader of the independence party Pueblo Soberano and his minister of culture and education failed miserably to honor our ancestors in sublime fashion as expected from them on the 17th. Politically responsible and always preaching the Curacaoan remix of the Paolo Freire liberation education doctrine its telling how he imprisoned himself by ego trip politics and light weight censured the critical analysis of the 1795 revolution. Oppressor class tactics and that emancipatory rap should never align and form a team but disgracefully it did this week and it better not become a repetitive ruling elite pattern adopted by a Black socialist leader that supposed to know what’s up.

||| 100 petitions signed to declare Plasa Brion into Plasa di Libertat?

||| Union leaders can’t mobilize their members anymore?

||| Intelligentsia I love the works y’all do but y’all need to flip the system and get people out of their slave ship shoes.

||| No new songs about Tula, Sablika, Bazjaaan Karpataaaaa?

||| Pueblo Soberano still too greedy to fund live transmission of the 1795 commemoration event ehh?

||| Dutch instruction on financial affairs obeyed by a so called “rebellious” government is what we call betrayal politricks?

||| No media attention because car accidents and crack addicts with stolen goods in the news is what pays the bills?

||| None of these smart folks could organize a debate, a forum, a national dialogue?

||| Not a single soul ever mentioned or big up that Tula flick by Dutch white exploitative filmmakers since last year?

Honrando 17 di ougustus 1795, un reto sobrehumano pa Korsou

No por tasina ku pa motibu di e instrukshon finansiero *neo-kolonial* di 13 di yuli di parti di reino Ulandes e gobiernu di MFK, MAN i PS ku tin e kartera di kultura no por a outorga supsidio na e organisashon plataforma di sklabitut pa e konmemorashon di e rebolishi di 1795 17 di ougustus lidera pa Tula. Un gobiernu ku a kampanja i ta purba di drei riba un vishon emansipatorio sigur mane un partido Pueblo Soberano a desapunta i mancha e momentu seremonial ku kada anja ta duna na e akto di rebeldia ku pa lei universal ta un manifestashon heroiko. Kruel tambe ta ku lidernan di opinion ku ta kontra e gobiernu ke forsa den mente di hende nan vershon meskla di odio pa nan desendensia of konekshon Afrikano ku Tula no mester wordu rekonose komo un heroe nashonal. Elekshon ta buta hopi hende saka nan unja pa ganashi politiko.

Barbulete ta bula ne pali lus te ora e ta kima su ala. 50 mil florin bon por lage nek, e koi mester tabata reserva for di 2 anja pasa reserva pa un gobiernu ku tin un kabes riba su skouru.

Mester dekreta un siman di liberashon pa e idea plama pega den mente di hende. Te gobiernu aki mes ku a adopta e lucha di 1795 pa keda viktorioso riba PAR mester tabata e aktor prinsipal determinante pa yuda gia e proseso di emansipa un pueblo aki, awo ku nan a faya e forsanan opositor ku no ta ni aster henter e asuntu di liberashon mental, spiritual ta use e momento pa kibre na werki. Ken tin ku gradisi p’esaki?

Un kondekorashon pa Helmin Wiels Beatrix mes personalmente? Lo no ta un mal idea mirando e barku di katibu ku Pueblo Soberano aki a pega den bahia di Santa Ana. Gran orguyo di PS por ta di berdat ku a nombra biblioteka nashonal na e gran baluarte eskritor Frank Martinus Arion pero e fayo ku a duna alimiento pa krea henter un anti-Tula ambiente si ta duru pa perdona.

Si bo yama PAR i otro partidonan i gruponan konekta ku nan style sosial-politiko katibunan di kas, esnan ku no ke tende mes di Tula, sklabitut i otro topikonan ku ta yuda alsa bo balor propio. Ta dikon no por a preveni e situashon? Hopi difisil pa no kalifika e koalishon di lidernan Schotte, Cooper i Helmin Wiels katibunan di kas pa motibu ku nan ta obedese mansu mansu e ordu di gobiernu Ulandes na Den Haag. Si a prepara manere debe ser nunka Ulanda por a bisa algu si a traha dam foi 10-10-10 warda awa ni maske ta tin 10 instrukshon finansiero. Esei ta konta pa un gobiernu emansipatorio ku ta papia di soberania, independensia i sigur pe organisashon tambe ku ta katibu na 50 mil pa drei un konmemorashon. Dia a kuminsa konmemora fin di anjanan 60 no ta tin miles di florin, ta hende uni den spiritu pa honra nos ansestronan tabata sufisiente. Palabra, deklamashon i kanto, kompanja ku kueru i heru pa invoka un homenahe spiritual.


•~ Di 6or pa 8or, dos ora pa konmemora e lucha di 1795, nos ta serio di berdat?

•~ Niun hende tin un generator, un koi toka disku, un mikrofono, dos speakers?

•~ Niun grupo di kultura por presenta pornada?

•~ Niun hende tin un kamera pa graba entrevista pase na Rif kon nan ta pensa di libertat?

•~ Niun hende sa mas kon ta organisa un debate riba Tula i e lucha di 1795 i su influensia na 2012?

•~ Niun hende a graba un kansion nobo anto pa tur e desaroyonan nobo anto?

•~ Ku 10 mil so bo ta organisa un bembem kultural edukativo di 6 te BAM…of no..?

•~ Niun hende por kuminsa un koperativa TULA pa krea nos mes fondo pa honra nos hende?

•~ 2013 nos lo hanja un luna di TULA den ougustus?

•~ Ba yegi tende un alma papia riba e pelikula….?

Elekshon Nobo 19 di Oktober e Misedukashon di Artikulo 53. Bochincha of Bendishon?

Sin eleva e konsenshi politiko, kultural e resultado di 19 di oktober lo mantene e mesun ambiente di Si i NO. Awe gobernado a firma e dekreto pa desolve Staten i kanta elekshon nobo den e penultimo luna di un anja 2012 konfliktivo.

Siman pasa dos disidente, unu di MAN i e otro di MFK pa motibunan segun nan prinsipionan a tuma e desishon pa kita e sosten pa redirigi e rumbo di gobiernu i trese trankilidat pa e pais aki.

Gabinete Schotte unanimamente a para tras dje desishon pa konvoka elekshon nobo i no duna dos hende ku huntu a hanja no mas ku 500 piku voto kambia destino di un nashon.

Un momentu un grupo ta den jubilo un pari ora despues e otro ta di fiesta hungando e movida di usa e ya infamoso artikulo 53 di Statut. Konfushon ta lanta, eks ministernan manera Pourier, Ys, Liberia-Peters purbando di remeskla mente di hende via media di oposishon kreando un opinion ku artikulo 53 lo no ta algu ku gobernado Goedgedrag lo firma sin bai Staten prome. Gritunan di violashon, atentado di demokrasia ta skeiru pero dirti atardi ora e dekreto wordu ofisialisa for di palasio di gobernado. No opstante e realidat aki emisoranan manera Z86 i Deltha a sigi desgrasia konfiansa di nan skuchado i laga nan kere ku gobernado no a firma e dekreto te ora un minister mester a yama den nan programashon di distorshon pa ofrese nan e pampel pa nan mes wak e. Dap Orlando Cuales ansha ta bisa Cooper, un ratiko, diripiente e fax for di ofisina di gobernado a drenta. Tasina ta media responsabel supuestamente integro.

Pa bo manipula un pueblo via media ta un akto masha fasil durante un situashon kaminda bo tin ku husga si aplikashon di un artikulo den Statut ta permiti si of no. Sigur ora bo lidernan politiko, edukativo, sektor priva, religioso pa mas ku 50 anja no por a produsi mas ku 2/3 ekspertonan di derechi estatal. Ni tampoko programanan pa eduka bo pueblo riba politika. Tur manka asinaki a drenta negashonan ku gobiernu ulandes tambe pero esei ta un otro kapitulo. Si no tabata pa Rufus MacWilliam, Gibi Cijntje, Helmin Wiels, Ricardo Isebia, Eldon ‘Peppie’ Sulveran e opinion publiko lo a sufri bou di man di media manipulado.

Si bo ke gana un bataya politiko bo no por tilda e grupo ku ta sinta riba e stuhl gobernamental di ta hunga falsu, diktorial anto abo mes ku ke duna e aperensia di ta limpi, lusio drechi ta usando e mesun trikinan deshonesto ku bo ta akusa e grupo ei di ta usa.

E interes ta grandi pa media den su totalidat eleva su grado di seriedat e tres lunanan aki i no komete e fayonan di tur elekshonnan dje delasternan 7 anjanan. Mester kuminsa prepara pueblo di vota konsiente, a base di informashon veridiko duna riba tur kartera di gobernashon. Debatenan riba tur topikonan sin niun eksepshon ku moderadornan imparsial. Debatenan entre hobennan, studiantenan, klase trahado, klase medio, suidadano mayor i tur otro grupo ku pa anjos ta wordu neglisia.

Tur dos banda dje panorama politiko i media riba su mes tin e tarea di figa un posishon madura pa gia e elektorado na un nivel mas haltu ku outomatikamente lo perkura pa un gobernashon un sosiedat mas trankil mas uni, union kompletu ta un fantasia pero intento pa logra mas aserkamentu di pensamentu i akshon mester wordu hasi. Si esaki no pasa nos mes ta bira un bes mas viktima i no tin Ulanda pa kulpa pero nos mes i niun otro hende.

Yves Cooper otro siman tei kuminsa su korant nobo di atardi. Un vespertino ku ke buta konfiansa bek na e negoshi di notisia. Benefisio di duda pa Sr. Cooper aunke e nomber dje korant ‘Independiente’ no ta refleha e karakter komersial ku e tin. Periodismo via aviso semper lo depende di plaka, interes pero un intento pa trese notisia balansa bek den nos komunidat ta semper di aploudi.

=•= Dikon eks wes, eks gobernado Saleh a hanja asina tantu atenshon e siman aki? Te so tin sabiduria den su balinja?

=•= Unda e vurwerk a keda ora disidente a fuga ku asiento?

=•= Skibido di Tambu lo tin skriftnan yen skibi awe

=•= Ki dia lo bin un grupo di preshon pa kontrola responsabilisa media ora nan ta riba hungada beerput?

=•= Schotte awoki lo kompronde ku pa tur asuntu ku ta impakta pueblo mester informa konsulta pueblo?

=•= Tin hende den MAN, MFK ku ta dokumenta henter e historia di e tofermentu ku asiento?

=•= Konta ku e petroli i gas, leinan lo wordu pasa durante e 3 lunanan aki?

=•= E kurashi tei pa propone pa kambia reforma media despues di elekshonnan?

=•= Wiels, Kenepa i sobra tur a hinka Dios i Beibel den nan boka, piki a piki versikulonan ku ta kai net bon den nan hanchi pa manipula

Telecuracao nos planta nashonal 52 anja, un motibu pa selebra?

Un gritu di alegria pa Telecuracao, ehm no.. Pero pabien pa su lucha di transmiti su senjalnan den kas di pueblo for di Seri Ararat pa 52 anja.

Si riba un dia lo bin un enkuesta nashonal riba kanal 8 e resultado lo no ta favorabel. Ta berdat ku tin bon programa pero realidat ta ku mayoria bja e programashon ta laga hopi di desea. E ekskus ku pa motibu di plaka no por krea programa na nivel ta koi kens. Meskos ku politiko ta faya pa bin pueblo i konsulta kiko nan deseo ta e gerensia di Telecuracao tin ku bai serka su televidente ku ta page pe trese un bon servisio. Bo por tin ekipo nobo, sistema digital pero bo programashon ta ketu bai pega den anjanan 80/90.

Ki sorti programa pueblo ke? Nan ke mira un Trai Merdia tur merdia ku boshi propaganda di prop? Nan ke mira Sra Looman tur mainta den Moru Bon Dia of nan ke pa Sra Looman bira man krea un programa ala 60 minutes, periodismo invesrigativo pa spierta konsientisa pueblo riba topikonan di interes?

Komo planta nashonal bo modelo ekonomiko no mester ta depende di sektor priva. Fayo grandi. Telecuracao mester figa un posishon i adapta su programashon na e nesesidat dje pueblo. E no por permiti su mes pa ta un kanal komersial ku ta neglisia e tarea edukativo, informativo, un planta pa uni pueblo den pensamentu i akshon emansipativo. Telecuracao mester tei pa forma e Yu Di Korsou nobo. Tur ora. Tur dia. 52 anja sigi bai.

E manego ei mester kuminsa profila mas, pueblo lo sostene nan kanal finansieramente si e vishon di kambio tei. Ser un katibu di kompanianan priva na final di dia ta bira un protekshon paga i e kontrol di media outomatikamente ta kai afo perhudikando e mesun suidadano ku ta kere ku su planta nashonal ta vigila sosiedat ku wowo hanchu habri.

Rekomendashon pa notisia di kanal 8 ta pa praktika periodismo serio. No mester di intervenshon di ministernan ku drenta pantaya di hende ku un litania sin balor ekstra. No mester di dos hende presenta notisia. Mester tin notisia di Aruba, Boneiru, Sint Maarten, no solamente ora di sensashon. Buska un koresponsal figo na Venezuela, Merka, Karibe i sigur Ulanda despues di un mitar siglo no por ta posibel ku nos ta depende di prensa Ulandes pa notisianan ku ta toka nos den reino ulandes.

||- Ki dia ta bin notisia di salud, ekonomia, Spiritual?

||- Notisia di bario, of bario tv?

||- Programa di Stanley Ignacio, Ayoransa na tv?

||- Dokumentario?

||- Debate riba tur topiko???

||- Unda Yo Yo Tin ta? Dikon no tin un Poentje Castro di Korsou?

||- Konta ku sifras pa check kada siman kwantu hende ta wak tal programa, notisia?

||- Kwentanan anual publika?