1795 Bumrushing Dutch White Oppression, 2012 Dehumanizing The Liberty Spirits

Yesterday was a good day for the self hate propaganda clans, people proved by their absence and mediocre media coverage that Curacao doesn’t give a fuck about Aug 17, 1795 the liberation struggle spearheaded by Tula and his army of enslaved men and women.

1st of July, (1863) emancipation day unlike Suriname and St. Maarten is not a day of celebration or reflection in Curacao. Instead August 17 since the late 60s has been sort of unofficially picked by Afro-Curacaoan leadership to commemorate the revolt of 1795 against Dutch slavery.

As a nation creeping and crawling its way out of that colonizing clutch we still don’t know how to value thoroughbred persons that imprinted our history with their lives striving for justice. The only important dates are the ones of festivity, the fighting spirit days that brought social change and have infinite power circuits to activate upliftment get no political, media, educational love.

Commemorating without live transmission of television or radio won’t make this event of great historic and nation building force grow to glory heights. A government, using weak excuses like Dutch financial supervision and what not, incapable to subsidize the organization is straight up faking jax and the organizers waiting for a yearly handout too.

Use popular cultural marketing tools and rejuvenate the whole set up to attract the masses. Involve schools, companies, union members. Use social media to the fullest. Create cooperatives to fund the event without tax money become self reliant. Bring back the spiritual traditions and rituals to honor our ancestors, drink that swearing water, spit that swearing water and get free.

In closing Helmin Wiels leader of the independence party Pueblo Soberano and his minister of culture and education failed miserably to honor our ancestors in sublime fashion as expected from them on the 17th. Politically responsible and always preaching the Curacaoan remix of the Paolo Freire liberation education doctrine its telling how he imprisoned himself by ego trip politics and light weight censured the critical analysis of the 1795 revolution. Oppressor class tactics and that emancipatory rap should never align and form a team but disgracefully it did this week and it better not become a repetitive ruling elite pattern adopted by a Black socialist leader that supposed to know what’s up.

||| 100 petitions signed to declare Plasa Brion into Plasa di Libertat?

||| Union leaders can’t mobilize their members anymore?

||| Intelligentsia I love the works y’all do but y’all need to flip the system and get people out of their slave ship shoes.

||| No new songs about Tula, Sablika, Bazjaaan Karpataaaaa?

||| Pueblo Soberano still too greedy to fund live transmission of the 1795 commemoration event ehh?

||| Dutch instruction on financial affairs obeyed by a so called “rebellious” government is what we call betrayal politricks?

||| No media attention because car accidents and crack addicts with stolen goods in the news is what pays the bills?

||| None of these smart folks could organize a debate, a forum, a national dialogue?

||| Not a single soul ever mentioned or big up that Tula flick by Dutch white exploitative filmmakers since last year?

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