Pan di Dios

Eb Marcano 1939-2012

She was told
to be a Pan di Dios
carried her cross,
legs crossed
A boss.
Like Iansa
choking abusive
boyfriends + step dads.
Surviving the
post traumatic jet lags,
muhe di milager armies.
Pull away Pulowe
through life peep Farley’s.
Swinging from Tumba’s to Tambu’s
Front row seats at Black financial industry ownership taboo’s destruction seminars.
Toy-boy gangsters from
the cold euro front
Role playing island vacay
in rental cars.

Rum & beer Snek discussions
Doktor Da Costa Gomez the boldest,
The Hague snake moves
1955 United Nations took
‘us’ off the decolonization list.
2012 soaked up by
Dutch white power pageants
+ self hate cultures.
Why the hell y’all embrace
and nurture this?

And the choir chariots sing:

Snake suits,
corporate interests
pearl necklaced ladies
+ gentlemen.

Media mind-fuck tools
never get rusty
Distrust the skin you in
Praise the tyranny
that tamed you
Memoirs of
educational genocide
think tanks
Higher educated
brain slain students
yearly exodus.
development aid
for the Dutch.
That’s how
you kill
a young nation
Black working class kids
don’t own any books or iPads,
that’s lightweight self-sabotaged
V I O L E N C E.
Prepare their minds for
Cheap labor force
Sharecropping life
That invisible chain gang thang

Because celebrity status aristocrats + social democrats nor sheep clothed multi-millionaires never ever really gonna help you out, mi kurason.

The War on Poverty
by Lio ‘Paps’ Capriles,
deceived us,
still we worship
his ass like he
a banker Jesus.
Political Peace pipe prophets,
They letting doves fly.
The rich conspire
The poor sucked dry
$150 a grip for have nots
to see Alicia Keys
Buika, India Arie,
Jill Scott, maybe talk
about Wiels and Surah 31-18
Supreme free spirited
lil girls having dreams to become Black emancipatory heroines like Joceline,….


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