Godd*mn Broke

12.15, 1st of the month plenty old pensioned souls happy,
some already stone cold drunk
machete in a plastic bag
Polar bottle in his left hand
Milagros took all of his money
He don’t give a cot damn
The last time he did fret
was when they shot
Papa Godett in the back.
Nuka don’t care about
that Tula flick made by
Dutch white privileged filmmakers. She visualizing them hair and nail salon paper$.
No time for outrage against foreign vampire investors
Back to Banda Bou voyages reclaiming our ancestors acres.

When you G*ddamn broke
You don’t worry bout 2 parliamentary seat stick up kids. You wanna come home praying the land lord didn’t change the door lock.
No fuck given for PAR fundraiser and neocolonialactic Balkenende’s keynote speech to his Dutch house slaves on Curacao soil.
More inspired seeing
Rasta Bals toil truthfully
at Biesheuvel intersection.
That’s word to Papa Legba and nuff respect ma for waking up at 3am to pray for your little youths.

When you down and out
Jacob gelt Dekker, Husang Ansary and Gregory Elias be multimillionaire devils with masqueraded hearts.
No time for court of justice
malpractices, kingdom consensus laws
Beef in Bonaire
Duped in Saba, Statia
Demands for a new constitutional referendum.
No Ma’m
We want improved labor conditions for everyone at Centrum.
And all the other supermarkets.
A loan, a car, a mortgage.

When you G*ddamn broke,
No tears for Miss Curacao robbed at the Cinema’s or Kick Schotte out off office campaign slander.
Dont care bout Hugo Chavez or Capriles Redonski, Sambil.
To hell with crumb throwing service clubs Rotary, Lions, Food bank and the rest of the philanthropic parasites. Too scared to fight the poverty inventors that dwell within their own social elite circle.

Slum life engineers and
Sado-sociological experiments
Old economic robot regiments got replaced by a new and improved.
So your life is smooth?
Project developers get tax holidays million dollars tax cuts while we the people get our ass crushed.

Class cleansing
Dump us in housing projects

Court stints
Identity war jinx

Dutch real estate companies are latifundistas with private armies shoot to kill if you squat land they stole that rightfully belongs to the us.

When you G*oddamn broke.

Not bickering about Queen bitch Beatrix riding in her golden slave painting coach. Need to eat first.
No time for political tribal warfare talkshows.

You aint stressing Dutch intervention,
Cft, Parliamentary coup coons or October 19 elections.

Girobank, Banco di Caribe, Maduro & Curiel bank, SFT, Orco be like a konjo bo mama financial consortium conspiracy.

And Movementu Futuro Korsou Pueblo Soberano, MAN resemble CDA, VVD PAR in their infancy
When you G*ddamn broke.


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