Bilongo For Chavez and Curaçao Savage Capitalism

When Venezuela sneezes Curaçao gets a cold or the flu, words of wisdom from the double passport holding Jossy Rosales a senior citizen who for years been driving around in his car with a cut out billboard sized Hugo Chavez seated next to him as an emblem of almost borderline saintly appreciation for the recently re-elected president whose Bolivarian socialism metamorphosed our neighboring country since 1998.

Mr. Rosales as a son of his ‘madre patria’ well versed on all the developments of the presidential election campaign would have been an excellent guest on any sort of program on the radio or tv to inform the Curaçao audience the deeper meaning behind 6 more years solidifying in total by the end of 2018 two decades of Chavismo. Instead of showing interest with exception of 1/2 Papiamentu media outlets the gross of them just voluntarily censured any type of political analysis of the october 7 election between Chavez or his neo-social liberal candidate Capriles who has a family linkage with Curaçao.

Curaçao media is known for their complete hyper-ignorant stance on regional news coverage but an important electoral race with consequences for our oil refinery and the +/- 1200 workers (4000 spin off) deserves a report, an item or something.

From a social justice scrutinizing angle the once red baret rocking Chavez on a state visit has said: “Somos hermanos” (we are brothers). But is he really our proverbial brother’s keeper?
Thanks to VTV and twitter he did reconfirm last monday during an international press conference how under his nose a coup was thrown in Curaçao while answering an Al Jazeera journalist how advanced Venezuelan democracy is and used our recent #Curaçao coup as a model of parliamentary fragility.

RT @VTVcanal8: Chávez: Aquí en nuestras narices. En #Curazao hubo un golpe de Estado

RT@VTVcanal8: Chávez: #Curazao es un país hermano. Por un voto, parece que un diputado saltó la talanquera y perdió

But back to the fact of the matter, is he a social shepherd to us?
It seems Chavez be like yeah we neighbors and all and we consider you as ‘hermanos’ but no we most definitely never not going to drop the corporate social justice jewels on you because that type of consciousness would crush Pdvsa’s million dollar profit margin. We need them oil barrels at an imperialism price contradictory to our own socialismo bolivariano beliefs but the real is when you making that easy money from a leased refinery that processes 335,000 oil barrel per day you would not like to see a popular financial rebellion you so much preach in your own country. Geopolitical hypocrisy in optima Chavismo form or should it be seen as a pressure stratagem in which Curaçao plays the geopolitical sacrificial lamb?

These observations need to be dissected but you need a fierce independent media and a rebellious government for that with a live civic society to back it up. Fake elite pressure groups move out the way.

Having said that its clearly understood having access to various tv and radio channels the psyche of the everyday Venezuelan showing love shouting:
Chavez es puro curazon, appreciating social missions like Mision Sonrisa (where peoples teeth get fixed), Un gota di amor pa mi escuela (community teams up to clean up and paint give their schools a complete make over). Community media set ups learning how to do radio and make radio reports, tv documentaries. These sound like simple things but very significant for the social advancement of the underserved.
Social programs to eradicate inequities with on top of that knowledge redistribution pyramid free tertiary university education, something the Caribbean in its whole entirety should copy without any hesitation and not beastly oppose like ruling elite does in Curaçao by not even trying to discuss it on the public waves.

Lots be the glowing Black faces as you switch to state channel VTV8 and contrary to telenovela whitewash stations like Venevision you see a reflection of what Venezuela racially looks like in real life. The mix of all colored people and not only the white european dream the commercial channels trying to sell.

Its not easy for especially indigenous and Black Venezuelans and Chavez a pardo (mixed colored) as journalist Dianne Abbot states: “He is also non-white in a country which, although racially diverse, has traditionally been run by European elites has brought more racial democracy to them”, hence the reason the Afro-descendientes did a first time ever televised Bilongo (Afro-spiritual ritual) for a president when he went through his cancer treatment phase. The indigenous on their turn came through with their spiritual prayers calling upon their ancestors to guide him through his illness. Maybe an electoral gimmick but the positivity lays in the fact that its a presidential encouragement to practice your ancestors religions without being mocked or demonized by the conquering catholic religion.

Victoria Marie Jackson in her research ‘Patterns of electoral support in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela’ reasons that: ” Afro-Venezuelans have voted for Chávez because of his racial
background, his racially-oriented policies, but also because of his
class oriented policies.
Chávez’s Mixed Racial Background
Hugo Chávez’s mixed racial/ethnic ancestry is one of the primary reasons that Afro-Venezuelans have demonstrated a disproportionate amount of electoral
support for him as president compared to other racial/ethnic groups. As a result of the president’s own experience with anti-black racism he has demonstrated empathy towards the Afro-Venezuelan community by utilizing positive racial
rhetoric and by also implementing policies against racial discrimination. We would expect that because Chávez is sensitive to these issues and therefore willing to address issues of race, the Afro-Venezuelan population would demonstrate an overwhelming support for the president.
The racial discrimination that the president has personally endured has
encouraged him to empathize with non-white populations including indigenous and Afro-Venezuelan citizens.”

Its the total sum of all these micro awareness programs planting an irreversible societal change process.
This consciousness on the whole is what counts afterwards separating wheat from Chavez’s chaff, straighten out what used to be bend and keep it moving perfecting the vision.

That’s what we in our island should value and spread amongst our own, parallel with showing up at CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and Alba summits (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas).
Connect, install commissions, link up with culture, cinematic, art, music festivals.

A natural process not forced en route of blending together a true just class and race amalgamation is what Venezuela and Curacao is aiming for.
Chavez goal truthful or untruthfully will boil down to this: to flip neoliberal, imperialism poverty inventors wigs and in the future if they ever have to suffer electoral defeat their political enemies have no other option but to accept the Latin-Caribbean socialism agenda anything else would be political suicide as majority of the struggle class voters embrace the wealth redistribution policies as their Goddess given gospel truth.