Mama Leba said: “Let The Children Come To me”

The forever low wage worker
The 68yrs old man little girl flirter
That stand up dude that don’t wanna see nobody hurt her.
The okey doke revolutionary socialist to neo-liberal praise converter. The late night truk di pan Warmoes & Snijbonchi burger

The anti-media decolonization programmer. The human rights violations in our prison cells.
The international treaties neglectors
The Dutch health inspectors because we too scared to hold our own Black folks accountable on all sectors.
The offshore money makers, the trickle down economy haters.
The Aya and Monchi social commentary Tambu players. The Repsol oil and gas exploration deal in Aruba, the Abekwa, Orishas connections from Curaçao to Cuba.
The independence domino moves vs The Hague chess schemes. The homies stuck in public housing with Audi S4 dreams.
The coup d’etat IMF obedient budget cut men. The Black socialism ideology slut clan. The monthly million dollars oil refinery and Cat cracker lost revenues. The thousands of kids that could’ve gone to universities with that money you fools. The Maduro Bank 8 o’clock sponsered Telecuraçao news. The wise sociopolitical analysis of Adriaan Moen. The no bullshit thoroughbred union leadership of Wim van Lamoen.
The tropical tax haven, the human trafficking and sex enslavement.

The vote for me and afterwards shut the fuck up philosophy. The electoral fraud democracy.
The 2005 Hugo Chavez Frias Curaçao clone types. The 17000 caught in the political sovereign messiah sent by Jehova hype.

The drug economy boom in the upper class via containers. The nouveau riche newspaper dictators. The european H.I.V. medicine prices. The supermarket 6 yr old dumped frozen chicken vices. The LGBT radio bashing fashion crises.

The Baron Samedi revolts, the 2013 Dahomy welfare mother warriorettes cults. The Caribbean colonialism traps. The Tivoli 74 murdered Jamaicans in may 2010 and still nobody get VEX?

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