All Hail Ras Moises

Ras Moises on his cosmological Nubian bike – December 2012 |c| Jermain Ostiana

Peace to Tuurtje Maduro
with delish Pinda Herebe
and Fruti Pan
at the Santa Rosa
Dominican ladies
selling morning
newspapers with
a dushi passion.||
Old men chasing their ass and||
sneks with
pampuna stoba
fried yuka egg rolls.||
Haitian men on their bikes off to work on construction sites sanctified by Mambo’s||
Culture of fear instigators||
Bottom people betrayals||
Washington-The Hague-
Curacao Wiki cables||
The neighborhood cocaine capo’s
buy round trip tickets to Madrid for you as long nothing drops out your asshole.|| Some end up in coffins some in offices with airco.

Cold winter in the tropics, firing a father with young kids just before Christmas.|| Heartless savage capitalism business.|| Makes ya think going back to Africa like Ras Moises with the black veil, feathers Black Power bike and sacred science.||

Dont need Starbucks, BK, KFC, 5 star
Resorts, gated communities||
Class apartheid shopping malls
Fireworks, or cheap chains from GL Jewelry.||

Good vibes from welfare recipients praying to a Black baby Jesus getting their little bonus|| love = love for Amador Nita graduates with diplomas.||
Crackhead mumbling on his bare feet walking through the rain.|| If Papa Pasku skips your house thou shalt not complain.|| New Years day Bonchi Kora, check Eleggua open up the paths|| refresh the spirit with Klasmulatu, Flor di Libertad baths.||

It aint about being the flyest.||
All Ruvlienne desires is a driver license pick her little son and daughter up from school in a Toyota Yaris.|| Moon lit weekends without police sirens.||
Switch from a one room appartement|| to a house with Carawara Spanjo flower trees, a fruit and veggy garden|| thats her version of ballin’…

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