Black Bourgeoisie Bullies

Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Sea— Tony Monsanto

Glamour boy fresh from Kolegio Alexander Paula|| book smart pseudo grimey hipster face, mouth odor San Pablo||serenading a Matancia belle|| sun down craving for a ‘foul hoe’|| moms degrading label naming logic for women that tore the family up|| possessed daddy after a wild Otrobanda carnival cementary cut||

He got mixed feelings lovin her||
She faking heart problems like Frits the governor||moms despised her ghetto ass, curses her Fallopian tubes||but moms at night living out her moist dreams with tatted up dreadlocked hood dudes||the ones she never would see standing in a room full of eskimo’s|| Now who’s the nasty ho?||golden striped miss hypocrite sash around her waist||
12 in a wooden shack days erased||
Grew up poor||now in very high circles turned their back||act like they never heard of Swan, Fleur de Marie before|| Stomping grounds dont get a salute||Too busy with Friday happy hours at the sushi bar, saturday early morn flights to Miami get booked||Private tutors for the kids so they can speak Dutch with a VVD accent||ethnic cultural cleansed vocabulary||the life of an investment bank secretary||

Son rebelling pours Sugarcane water in a cup with a leak of rum||dwell on thoughts of twin sisters stepmom teflon bond||
New moon in Jose Maria Capricorne|| blood pact to take back land from money hungry project developers in San Juan||

The middle class, elite disdainful echoes||Calling Black struggling women Black hoes||stop being lazy, making babies keep your legs closed||
A bourgeoisie embargo
No social economic survival analysis
for the impoverished.||
Only reports on space tourism law proposals and research on the extinction of our coral reefs.||
Treat and objectify them like animals||deny them business loans, decent housing||access to knowledge networks||start up capitals||


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