Chavez, Carago Curaçao Secretly Loves You

What you give to the poor you lend it to God. Blessed is the man that pounced the rich, the olicharchy, throwing a 21st century socialism consciousness coup on bloodsuckers of the poor embalmed in a universe by these impoverished hearts forever inspired and empowered with tools and a manual to construct a much better world for them to live in.

– Mission coup power elite
– Mission open the peoples eyes

The ritual experience of death, mourning and celebratory frenzy of immortality in the person of Hugo Chavez. Venezuela hailed him redeemer of the poor, black and indigenous and that hasn’t passed by Curaçao unnoticed. The magnitude of his influence is undeniable. Just like for many Venezuelans, down here he was considered by many a brother, a father, a friend, pastor, historian, sociologist, poet a political offspring of the late militant singer composer Ali Primera who sang: “La patria es el hombre muchacho, la patria es el hombre muchacho”. A phenomenon who with his Bolivarian revolution charisma soothed the agonizing pain of life for those within a Dutch colonized kingdom.

– Mission make the people politically assertative
– Mission create a new constitution by the people for the people.

In the past some prominent public figures have supported the ideology of Chavez. A former teacher union leader like Sidney ‘Bicho’ Justiana marching during rallies with a signature red baret. Countless were the times that Jasmin Pinedo co-owner of radio Direct and journalist Gonzalo Cuales praised the politics of Chavez. However closeted or unashamedly Chavistas analyzing and applauding him 40 miles away and not attempting to implement his policies in Curaçao has always been a disappointment to the people. University and schools are still under a camouflaged educactional apartheid regime. Media outlets are a cesspool of savage capitalism feeding the public fiction for facts crippling any hope to copy or build regulatory mechanisms as in Venezuela with its law guaranteeing media responsibility.
– Mission laptops in primary schools
– Mission community radio, tv, newspaper.

Some years ago gestures of left wing coalition parties trying to rekindle the relationship with Venezuela resulted in withdrawl of parliamentary support making a neoliberal government collapse. Last year attempts to initiate the succesful Mission Milagros that provided free eye operations was received with politically brouhaha framing it as Chavez swinging geo-political moves.

The racist Dutch multimillionaire Jacob Gelt Dekker obsessed by Chavez must have predicted an imminent invasion from Venezuelan armed forces a dozen times in the past. His death is rejoiced by the Dutch conclave on the island. For them a period of relief and uncertainty begins as the ambassador in Venezuela warned Dutch citizens to stay home and start stocking food and water for the upcoming April 14 elections.

Politically idolized secretly by all parties and shamelessy cloned by NPA leader Nelson Pierre and afterwards by Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels who in the beginning of his social alliance movement even placed a picture of Chavez next to his on their website to emphasize and pay respect to the man that influenced his inner social being.

– Mission social transformative hearts
– Mission pay love with love
– Mission community cooperatives

Solemnity of Dutch kingdom loyalty makes it difficult to link up with partners in the region without approval from the foreign policy ministery in The Hague 9000 miles away. It took prime minister Hodge a few hours to negotiate with the Dutch before he could send a telegram/email of condolences to Venezuela. As a sly geo-political strategist Chavez could have straightened this colonial relationship out easily and extend his social transformative hand to Curacao, create conditions to spark a revolt of the mind from day one. He chose not too.

– Mission teach the people to read and write
– Mission free access to universities
– Mission respect Afrovenezuelans and indigenous
– Mission politically empowered community councils

The presence of Curacao at the funeral is a positive continuation of the networking activity in the region that ex prime minister Gerrit Schotte started. Schotte a young pseudo social-neoliberal didnt hesitate and strategically showed up. Wiels who owes his prominence to Chavez aura and always preached the liberative socialism gospel and highly prioritized connecting with our neighbour Venezuela decided to not pay homage to his hero. Him staying away at the moment of truth under the guise of taking care of very important business with his Dutch colonizing counterparts in the Netherlands leaves whiffs of sell outisms. Destiny is a weird akward thing.

– Mission from deplorable to dignified housing
– Mission plant trees
– Mission urban gardening
– Mission agroculture, feed our own
– Mission subsidized supermarkets
– Mission organize politically

14 years Hugo Chavez was up in our face. We had the opportunity to learn and advance from his victories and moments of failure perfectioning a new kind of socialism on an island scale with all its challenges. Staying hardheaded as ever and obedient to Dutch/U.S. foreign policy dictatorship is insanity. Not benefitting from the harvest he singlehandedly planted in the region would be stonecold stupid as hell. May his benevolent spirited legacy loving up the marginalized and exploited live on forever damn it.


2 thoughts on “Chavez, Carago Curaçao Secretly Loves You

  1. asyltje says:

    El Guru Venezolano que ha mantenido mas almas a su funerario que Ghandi-El que logro calentar la gente de menos recurso con promesas CUMPLIDAS. El logro de todos los cyclos de anteayer cumplir estableser el paz y union dentro El Latino America i relashon HUMANO. Shake my head for louzy attitjudes like what is happening in Curacao-sin weso, gelatina.

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