‘Maribaka’: Homophobia in Media and Politics

The undeniable machismo matrix in which we live always gave little to no respect to people with non-heterosexual preferences. Last week during the Parliament meeting the usual political clashes climaxed as Amigoe describes: “In the second round of the meeting MFK-parliamentarian Jacinta Constancia referred to PS-leader Helmin Wiels as ‘maribaka’. Although this word does not exist, all interpretations pointed to a corruption of an existing Papiamentu term of abuse for people with a homosexual nature. The first two syllables (ma-ri) correspond with the first two syllables of the term of abuse in Papiamentu. The last syllable of the term of abuse is ‘ku’.
The pronunciation in Dutch is ‘koe’ (cow) and the word koe means ‘baka’ in Papiamentu.”

Jacinta Scoop-Constancia questioned Wiels his manhood. The next day the PS leader hit back during his saturday evening party meeting insinuating that she might be a ‘he’.

Mario Kleinmoedig spokeperson for the LGBT community demanded in front of a CBA camera that Parliament needs to come up with a protocol to forbid using language that discriminates, insults, offends sexual diverse minorities.

On multiple occassions we have normalized during elections, referendums or just heated political ‘debates’ in the media and Parliament the labeling of our opponents as dirty, strange, same sex loving beings. We had journalists who were part of the LGBT community but tolerated the homophobic instigation to knock down their political enemies. Other journalists who worship catholicism and use their media power to agitate against people who prefer people of their own sex while going to a church where a closeted pastor preaches.

Word is now that they got Maribaka t-shirts, people everywhere use it but won’t consider to sit down and think that even though it sounds like a ‘fun’ word to use you are dissing members of our nation that have the same rights just like you and should not be discriminated.

And its tough because Black patriarchy, machismo will beat you down everyday with the word ‘mariku’ (faggot) where ever you go from low social status to high societies parties, there’s no way in escaping it and the awareness to stop using it or tolerating it will automatically lead others to question one’s own sexuality.

Kleinmoedig after long opinion spitting absence returned with valid points that only a scarce few in the media were willing to highlight. One of the important things he said was that if you are sexually diverse and strong-minded you wouldn’t have problems dealing with this ‘maribaka’ hype and all its social torment consequences but if you young and just coming up with a lot of insecurities it will bust these persons up.

Political leaders and media personalities and owners need to reach that level of maturity where the LGBT community gets respected and given space to voice their concerns anytime without having to worry about religious motivated censorship.

If we cry about Dutch white racism then we should not let undercover LGBT-bashing slide away without questioning it and challenging it.

2 thoughts on “‘Maribaka’: Homophobia in Media and Politics

  1. Glenda Ottenheim says:

    The nature of our people here in Latin America often shows 2 faces. Generally it seems to be tough to practice homofobia just to make sure: Look at me, I’m straight like hell” as If being straight the peak and top is of modern civilization. However, how poor is this attitude. this only confirms the luck and even “poverty” of self extreme, tolerance and personal civilization.This straight lady, member of a decent parliament just showed how not to behave. How poor she is in daily life, how not to perform in parliament, where she must be a role model for the whole population of this beautiful island, where every performance, every single word she addresses Should be an example for the community. And she valide. poor she. And this is also the Same with the responding member of parliament. Over and over again it proces to be better, eiser, and civilization to ignore this kind of attitude instead of getting info this cheap dialogue, argueing and training to beat this straight lady with offenses. This is the point where discrimination is exposéd to the world, Misbehaviour is spread all over, and Don’t forget how offensive our representatives of parliament are. Actually, this kind of behaviour Should be punished

    • Jermain Ostiana says:

      All this tough talking started a long time ago. Looks like the last 9 years it took a speed that politicians have become more verbally homophobic while LGBT leadership were asleep.
      The president of Parliament must ‘forbid’ any usage of LGBT discriminatory language/slang or code words. PAIS under guidance of Alex Rosaria and Mike Franco are the ones to watch now if they step up and respect the ‘constitution’ of Curacao, the same on that got them sworn in.
      All it takes is a simple amandment, fixed in a blink of an eye…

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