The Miseducation of Neoliberalism, Who Murdered Helmin Wiels [?]

For over 10 years Curacao had a friend in Helmin Wiels. The social worker, hood anthropologist was the most influential politician with his peoples champ charisma and folkloric creole confrontational politics revealing the power elite’s power structures that conquered the hearts of many living the low income, working class and even middle/upper class life.

The political assassination plot that could have been prevented if Wiels decided not to cross over from a semi-socialist coalition to a neoliberal political constellation after the 2012 october elections is one of the various speculative scenarios people take into consideration. Power hungry capitalist ruffians take no prisoners when their financial interests are endangered by determined minds like Wiels that vowed to fight corruption to redistribute the ill-gotten riches among his beloved struggle class.

Even though Wiels his reputation for the last 2,5 years has been clouded by his ideological missteps his untimely death has made people that cursed, prayed to see him beaten up wail and weep. His family and supporters are mourning the transitioning of a powerful Afro-Curacaoan leader that dignified the downtrodden bottom people, on a mission to equalize the socio-economic fortunes and uplift them out of Black self-hate to become critical shining citizens in an independent Curacao.

Just like exactly 2 months ago March 5 when Chavez died in Venezuela the message to the people is to continue fighting for a social transformation eradicating the played out neoliberal state of mind. Get active, read up on things, debate, reform the media to your benefits, organize stand up for your rights. Untame your heart from Dutch and Creole colonization. Get familiar with your region, build connect. Show the financial overlords who run things now. Give Wiels his dreams a chance, give love a chance by any means necessary.


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