F~ck’d U

Bankster Daniel Hodge

Bankster Daniel Hodge

They 1499’d you, Alonso de Ojeda Amerigo Vespucci’d you
Johan van Walbeeck’d you.
Straight Peter Stuyvesant,
Gijs de Vries, Freek van Beetz’d you, IMF, The Hague’d you
shut down your
30yrs old art academy,
Miguel Pourier’d you
Free market
Brandname clothes
Shiny car
Middle class mansion-
played you.

Reaganism’d you,
Don Martina,
Maria Liberia-Peters’d you
Politically foetus’d you
Poisened you with junk news
Vigilante, Lilo Sulveran’d you
Black teen mom’d you
Ghettofied futures
Underpaid salaries
Waiting in the rain bus stops
Soaking wet lifestyles
Bombed you

Rick Ross, Rihanna’d you
Nacho Ignacio, ABVO
Dios ta bisti pyjama’d you

Then Royal Dutch Shell’d you
Jojo Corea & Paps Capriles’d you
Green Town’d your behind
No ownership
Amparo Dos Santos, Coshel’d you.

Daphne Bunskoek Roue Verveer’d you
Neocolonial history engineered you
Steer you away from the real you.

They Wim Ellis, Luis Secco’d you
With preferential Child molesting catholic priest policies rose petal’d you.

They Dutch kingdom’d you
Second class whiplash, enjured you
Tore your wings up
DAE, Stanley Betrian’d you
A 200vote coup, Glen Sulveran’d you

Ala fin ala fan they
Mason Lodge’d you
Cola Debrot you
Bankster boogy
Ruling Elite mobbed you
Wolf in 3 piece suit
They Daniel Hodge’d you


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