Didjo, The Dutch Slavery Masquerade

21 shots for the national dialogue we never ever had about one and a half century ago when the Dutch were forced to end slavery because of international pressure and resistance of ancestors that bucked back and fought to regain their liberty the limited edition that is.

21 canon shots at
150 years ago flow, Dutch enslave you through documents of the whole abolition process. Curacao and other islands should have digital copies of these documents so we ourselves could write our own history. Abolish Dutch Atlantic archive slavery.

21 canon shots at Dutch manumitted professors and their white privileged indentured servant institutions raiding money like crazy for Dutch slave trade economy research studies. No Black-Dutch academic counterparts allowed. The white politics of academic ethnic cleansing. Yes academic ethnic cleansing, scholar eugenics is a Dutch white reality.

21 canon shots at
all the various symposiums, conferences lectures organized by Dutch institutions, universities, round tables in the Dutch Parliament building. The gap of abolition remembrance between the Netherlands and Curacao is Gi-Ga-N-Tic. Scandelously illustrating how its decolonization policy has been a grand failure from jump. We don’t have visiting professors in Dutch universities lecturing, they invite UK or U.S. professors to talk about our history without us and without keeping us informed. Twerk on that.

21 canon shots at Dutch mental colonization in collaboration with Dutch universities for decades. Neglecting the historical debt to produce enough professors, researchers of color and working class roots in the Netherlands and Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten.

21 canon shots at 150 lawyers serving mostly business interests, nah that won’t cut it. The preference has been nurturted towards a Dutch-Creole capitalism. I know we love it.

21 canon shots at enslavement technologies by the psychological regime of slavery and colonialism. Adopting the racism, imitating the oppressive systems to produce a neoliberal demand and supply economy, a plantation education where a selective few will become a neurosurgeon, gynaecologist, cardiologist, anthropologist, sociologist, historian, lawyer. If you come from a struggle class family and you got an academic diploma 75 % chances are you will not fight the system to improve lifes of the working poor but bow down to it to keep your prestige and salary. Hey.

21 canon shots to the house servants too scared to say “Dutch Empire”.
Digicel food drive for orphanages, how about them tablets? Can commercial enterprises engage in philantropical fatamorgana’s? Digitize the lifes of the downtrodden. Get on up.

21 canon shots at Afro-Dutch artists financially traumatized to protest against Dutch state racism. Scared to show artistic antagonism against a new king Willem-Alexander and his ‘cool’ new ‘Latina’ queen Maxima? Could it be the Afro-Dutch art collective is enamoured by the words of creepy ass cracka scholar Piet Emmer?

21 canon shots at the media that has no affinity to desensitize us from the colonial caste system. To the contrary they just keep on feeding the public with colonial ignorance, internalized inferiority complexes, radio station owners, newspaper owners, national tv station Telecuracao consistently boycotting awareness programs on a cultural, historical, sociopolitical level.

21 canon shots for all people involved declaring Museo Tula immaterial material world heritage and the Tula plaque on the wall of the governor’s palace thanking him and his comrads for the epicissimo liberation battle of 1795. Without breaking news reports because dead people, car accidents are far more important than emancipation moments of silly Afro-Curacaoans. Right on you little self-hating racist rascals.

21 shots to 97% our artists clueless to recognize the importance to sing, recite, paint, film, sculpt liberation truths. The museums and art galleries that to this day still haven’t organized special exhibitions dedicated to the 1813-2013 abolition event. Captives of a past they can’t confront out of profitable guilt lineages that positioned them among the colonial elite. The hand that feeds them funchi and sushi with black mask mojito’s.

21 canon shots to those that are lost entangled in a oppressive opium lounge unable to see the hurt, to feel the pain of our avochi’s that suffered from the trans Atlantic slave trade. Absence of historical awareness makes your spirit numb, it deafens the cry for freedom. I see you thanking god on your Nivea knees for not being born in the ‘jungles’ of Africa.

21 shots to the educational system that created schools like primary Iris Bruyning who performed at Otrobanda at the commemorative. Where most likely 3 kids out of 50 will pass on to advanced secondary education but thats considered ‘normal’ for slavetation schools in working class hoods creating disposable workers for the future.

21 canon shots to Central Bureau of Statistics where they don’t publish specified earnings per class and ownership. Financial dumb down stats. Expose the class apartheid creates forces of resistance. Say it again. Class Apartheid girlfriend.

21 canon shots for the colonial ether drugging students scholars not to mash out with historical 17th century financial slave owner investigation. It will make people aware and see the unfiltered picture which families have benefitted from slavery, colonialism and to this day still do. Message.

The yoke of slavery and colonialism reflects through the vile assassination of Curacao’s most important politician of the 21st century and maybe in history the leader of the independence party Helmin Wiels. And the aftermath of this tragic event where people continue as if nothing much has happened worshipping on our knees the false gods of consumerism, neoliberalism the blood sucking of the poor. The funny fact is that yesterday was the kick off for the regional Interpol conference in which Curacao is the host country where your most powerful leader can be murdered in coldblood. No shit. Due to lack of severe national intelligence services or willful negligence to value his life and that is a bitter irony pill dipped in slavery and colonial poison to swollow.

21 canon shots 21 canon shots 21 canon shots 21 canon shots 21 canon shots 21 canon shots 21 canon shots

African spirituality got butchered and labeled ‘Brua’ losing an ancestral life force detaching ourselves from spirit life that was anchored in Afro-Curacaoans souls. Terrified to draw from spiritual wisdom sources. Catholic church brutalized African belief systems and collaborated with Dutch empire to condition minds into worshiping a white Jesus a socio-religious control mechanism that functions on a 90% average according to pastor Simon. Yet it was the white Protestant church that offered their apology while the Catholic bishop Secco was nowhere to be found to show remorse for the church of the dominant faith (83% among our people) and their role within the Dutch slave trade. In the name of the mother, daughter and holy spirit. Amen.

21 canon shots to the nonbelievers and apologists. Dutch newcomers will tell you that the old white creole families here treat Afrocuracaoans like the enslaved back in the days. And you got Dutch immigrants that also come with that same slave whipping attitude on the island. You don’t know.
You better ask somebody. A small % of white Dutch and creole elites create and eat off that big economic ‘bolo pretu’ who lying to you the effects of slavery and colonialism are not intact?

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