The Sporadic Black Media Consciousness Spell

Penha building with enslaved African

Penha building with enslaved African

The elite celebrity status journalism jester at Z-86 interviews the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte: “If a political coalition leader screams ‘Independence'”. Begging to get an official statement from the Dutch government, listening carefully you could almost hear him ask Rutte: “Oh please tell the listeners Curacao will be colonized by the Netherlands forever and always.”
Z-86 continues its Dutch occupied journalism mind frame with stalking Rutte to reaffirm a Caribbean failed state portrait: “Since 10-10-10 our political situation has worsened, what do you think?”

The wreakage of neocolonial journalism awards itself with self hate, inferiority complexes fed by looking up to Dutch political figures with non-having Kingdom Charter and United Nations self determination knowledge. But its all love as it serves for yet another classic example what slavery and colonialism has birthed in the minds of ‘prominent’ media voices constantly negotiating with their spirit to keep enslaving minds in pursuit of maintaining the Creole capitalism status quo.

Emancipatory journalism would confront Rutte on the spot on the Dutch cabinet racist intentions to discuss and attempt to pass the admission and expulsion law for Dutch kingdom citizens of Aruba, Curacao and St.Maarten while commemorating 150 years abolition of Dutch slavery.
Not a single journalist, reporter, media owner has questioned prime minister Rutte on his Dutch governmental racism.

Journalistic corruption bangs hard when Dutch white supremacy is not being examined by the Dutch local and Papiamentu media just to accomodate a ‘money making’ trade mission.

We don’t need journalism educated individuals that incessantly seek validation from Dutch and Creole establishment and politics catering to the middle and upperclass keeping them on a colonial induced high destabilizing the working class struggle, alienating them from their Transatlantic voyage Blackness flipping them into harmless pigmentless servants, non-racial Dutch mental conquests.

2 thoughts on “The Sporadic Black Media Consciousness Spell

  1. asyla says:

    Rosea.!.permit me here:..respet a bai kai te den pos na ka’i sengene… What makes me thinking…did it come so far to ignore identity-not been able to reason the inter-relate contents of all past happenings into one ultimate colonial blunt/’cause coming so far to this SO CALLED urgent yearning to pass this law(not this black, yes this colored one, yeah, let it pass/ no, not this chocolate-one but this cool orange taste, yeah!)before ‘150 memo ration of ‘shon/slave ‘interaction ends…I must peak the past..and of course, this is going to ‘testing your self-worth (don’t re-act) then exterminate.Ups! I must be stupid!! Why would I think this???? Do you think the Dutch are so bad????Nah, nah.nah.

    • Jermain Ostiana says:

      Dutch politics still on that 1634 Johan van Walbeeck flow, they own us and we seem to love the attention. The Schiphol Gestapo program is being prepared but still we are grateful to be humiliated and dehumanized by law within this heavenly Dutch kingdom. Leve de koning!

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