Stitch Yo Lips

Political Willemstad brothel babies owned by
Money moguls
ulcered and angered by
100.3FM social change vocals
Bumping out ya speakers and tv screens.
Its 2003 pulling up in
A white beat up Mazda
Rastas, cleaning ladies throw their fists up. Middle class philosophers
Arm-chair revolutionaries take sips from the Lamunchi-Smirnoff
elders say in the 50s we had
Doktor Da Costa Gomez,
60s Godett, Brown, Nita
80s Don Martina, Maria
Now he popped up
A Black radical leader
Back when Gonzalo was
still a Chavista
And Priest Amado Romer would unleash his fury upon captains of industry at church Santa Famia.
Remember radio’s
used to censor Wiels
afraid to lose
corporate sponsorships,
Moribund media enslaved by
creole capitalism politics,
‘hode’ what a mess.


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