The Impossibilities of Fusilading Souvereignty

Anthems of Blackness
echoing from
poor households
with melodic notes
in the key of
sustainable mid-level
Golden passion for
Pan Americano trucks.
The benefactress of
Dutch colonial lust as
she walks, beloved,
bemusing the Bourgeois
gliding off colourblind
classless rainbows.
Take a shot wise, at the
self-appointed vintage
ride-or-die whiteness
Peep that
first ladies club
cosmetic charities
experimented on
corrugated zinc
fences communities
induced by elitist guilt
escapism theories.
-You see, my aunt
lost her foodstamp fetish
now she taking
Carlos Dip legal literacy classes.-
Next year receiving awards
for pilgrimage dropping poverty rates
Funeral processions on Skalo’s corporate financial avenue,
a testament of the end of
a wooden shack skyline era.

Somewhere a central bank president need socio-economic reform schooling.

and racial supremacy run-ins
with catastrophed boardroom bullies
are not recognized as such by
indentured intellectuals loyal to creoleconomic empires

‘Lolo kensnei’ need to
do the knowledge, wisdom
and understanding
Blood money
don’t reap
silver fleets.

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