Flying Free

Unionizing the amor ku amor payback workers. Harry Zimmerman screamed fuera Satanas in churches trying to keep Tula out because of his color. Mixed hues up in the lucha for freedom marches taking back his honour.

Boka Sami saint, all halo’d up like a 7 rayed rainbow.
Krioyo tones.
Such a melodic voice prowess.
Super Dynamic Blackness.
Triple crowned Tumba king.
Abracadabra pregonero prince
You know what I mean.

Te- de- dei- bo- ka- chei
Te- de- dei- bo- ka- chei
Weinato- wilding out.
Improvisational clout.
Gentleman you looked so worried,
I saw the lady just tell you goodbye. Seu riddims kissed the Banda Bou sky. You stayed stuck muñeca.
Pega peikis, Zim Zam Zoem in the 70s and 80s.

Guh leh guh leh guh lah
Bazjaaaan KarpaaaataaaA
Awe nos ta kantaaa

‘Ma los un bala
Ma saka mi revolver
Ma saka mi chikoti
Lembe ku palu
Ma lanta loko’
Tambu stories
He woke up crazy
Was just a dream yo
He tried to kill colonial inferiority cancer with musical-culturalist chemo.

Un grupo di katibu mei mei
Ever since I was a youngin’ I be defending Curacao with my goddess-given talent. Harry dawaka, give me a chance. Remember, I’m with the people.

Saminero home remedies, drinking
shark oil with a slice of orange.
Makamba said: I can’t hear y’all
’73 groovy, groovy bell bottoms, platforms, afros in the Roxy winning big with Win Coffie’s posse.

Ya thought you could change the world your moms is still straight crying. Fea como tu, unhappy woman.
Rasta man fled the yard, left his herbs. Babylon be coming. But it cannot defeat the krioyo Korsou giant. So dance and gosa, chabelitu in the carosa.

Ba sinti dushi,
ba sinti duuuushiiii
Ba sinti dushi,
ba sinti duuuushiiii

Harry Zimmerman 1950-2014

[Special thanks to Pachi Damon, Gibi Doran, Patrick Martijn at MAS99]

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