Skapatorio Avenue

–Dethrone the indoctrinators
poverty makers, corporate conquistadors, matadors of the marginalized. Por fabor don’t
ever open up your eyes. The truth
has never been fetishized.–

Out of the debris of colonialism, followed by the wreckage of a short lived incoherent decolonization policy of Dutch territories in the Caribbean arose a contingent of working class heroes, intellectuals, activists and politicians. All aiming to better the lives of the forgotten exploited by the unforgiven power elite. In the past, every fresh fearless voice waging a war of seditious words and actions against the Creole Dutch capitalist mythology would unfortunately bow down and kiss the ring of the exploiting hands of hierarchy to some extend or be condemned by its own people as a destabilising fool for trying to alter their labor class discomfort.

The anti-establishment icons convincing the strugglers to walk with them on a journey of outhustling the puppeteers. Those that pull the strings of the politicians, the merchant aristocrats of old and new money who seek to expand their profit margins over the backs of the working class.
Some of these heroes and heroines that succeeded to uproot or shake down the capitalist infrastructure in the 20th century were: Felix Chakutoe and his dockworker union Liga San Telmo (1922). Roman Catholic priest Amado Römer the main man of faith that founded many unions and created leadership on different levels of the disaffluent universe.

Capturing the image and dissecting the human influence to effect social change is necessary. Standing up for labor rights had Chakutoe doing 3 years in jail, Römer was boycotted by his own catholic church and the holy financial ghost elite that crippled and banned his smooth natural stroll towards becoming the first bishop of color. A passionate independence and Africana awareness stance taken by Joceline Clemencia in the mid nineties was mediatically depicted as being the spiteful Black woman trapped in the past.

Grand culturalist Elis Juliana describes these unruly vocalizers heeding what’s it like to go through the belly of the ship battles of life in a poem: “Just arrived, fresh from Africa, black folks tamed and stigmatized with hot irons in perfect conditions (some females already pregnant by hungry pirates). Created by laws of the Dutch European god with the sole purpose to carry just like any tool or agriculture tools heavy burdens of all kinds of work on the fields or at home, for a lifetime. Until its last breath as property of their masters.”

–Nobody can escape from the minefields of mental colonization unharmed. Not a single person walks Skapatori avenue without a cicatrise.
But freedom feathered wings will spread and rise above a world of neo-W.I.C. alpargata dancing oppression.–

Flamboyantly articulating the fallacies of Dutch-Creole capitalism, devoted to decry The Hague’s coloniality theory edifying the spirits of Black people Helmin Wiels prooved just like his predecessors on the come up that the liberty grind is a serious thing. Besides the frailty, pretu-ness reigned fierce.

To build an armada of independence believers you have to throw the political pedagogy for the blue-collar workers into the mix. Unshackling the intelligentsia state of mind from thinking that sipping happy hour mojitos at St.Tropez is more important than sharing knowledge, grounding with Soto habitants on a friday evening. Its about troops of high-heeled bourgeois ladies sticking out their well manicured middle fingers against the selfish hyper-consumption class, creating apprenticeships for young teenage mothers guiding them through motherhood. Its persuading mega-rich Black glitterati to invest in cooperative networks flourish working class wealth and dismantling artificial economies. That’s vintage Wiels philosophy.

Adding caged academic value to the galvanized established white populist frame that Wiels was the biggest threat to our democracy and media bombardments with anti-independence rhetoric to keep a nation inside that Dutch docile doctrine has been a played out stratagem. Black faces painted white like pantomimes propagandizing a colorless society where 21st century Dutch white supremacy in the tropics doesn’t need in depth academic analysis. The intellectual embargo to deconstruct it stands firm undeniably.

Tula, as sociologist Jandi Paula sketches the national libertador, in his 1795 revolt report was after the betrayal captured and tied onto a cross and was from head to feet broken upon the wheel, then he was scorched in the face, while his head was finally cut off and put on the gallow. A scene of horror to inculcate fear into the hearts of the enslaved Africans.

The last carnal breath of Wiels got exhaled on Martin Luther King boulevard. An intellectual execution squad’s attempt to spawn a carnage of peoples socio-economic metamorphosis sovereignty flopped. Notwithstanding the political hysteria it caused the communal truth distribution must continue. The decolonial activism will heighten.

Fear doesn’t exist, its a weakened courageous nature what many experience. That’s what social pugilist Magno been saying. “It don’t depend on your degrees or your résumé, it all depends on your chest.”

Change has always been chaperoned by bloodshed. Whether that is the cutting of umbilical cords of future revolutionary youth, words that wound the aristocrats or bloodied up streets that proclaim a society of equality from a preying, pillaging business elite.

–Hit the ‘Agan’
for a new economic order,
martyrdom forces smile upon you.
The age of contrition haunts the other you inside of you. The unpardoned for the first time ’bout to eat Funchi and Kalaluh.–

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