Testifying the Greatness of Joceline Clemencia

(A translated version of the letter written by historian Jeanne Henriquez to newspaper Amigoe)

Joceline has passed away but here legacy stays strongly alive, Jeanne Henriquez, Saturday June 4, 2011

This is the heritage that Joceline has left for us to learn from: Joceline’s love for her maternal tongue, history and culture of her country was enormous.

In a consequently and consistently manner Joceline defended her soil with her acts, discussions and dialogues. Joceline was a first class independentista.

It needs to be indicated very clear that in our political history she was the first person that took the initiative trying to form a strong politically allied opposition group to combat the attacks on Curaçao’s autonomy during elections.

Sadly a majority of the political opposition groups were not yet ready for that. According to Joceline an alliance was a way to fight to become boss in our house.

History proved this.

Joceline was a woman who ensured to apply the philosophy of political independence in her daily life.
What other name could she give her company than Cultural Institute Independence.

Joceline managed to combine care, education and raising up of her kids and sustain her family
wither her political ambition.
The combination of all these tasks didn’t frighten her, it didn’t hinder her nor stop her from executing projects dedicated to information and formation of youth and adults.

She always expressed her opinion with a loud voice and never allowed people to shut her mouth. She didn’t care what consequence that might have for her. Joceline was a woman that attacked sexism in a systematic manner in the political arena of Curaçao. To Joceline a woman had all the rights to express her opinion even though its not a common thing.
Joceline didn’t worry about what people would think or say about her. She would give her unsalted opinion if you want to listen or not.

Joceline was a political feminist convinced that if we wanted to create a just world, the politics of care should reflect in our way of thinking, our acts and our attitude.

Joceline was a woman on a excellent level of language dominion. In an eloquent form she would express her thoughts and convictions. Joceline would dominate the art of imitation very good and would use this to bring humor and joy in thoughts that she would bring forth.

Joceline would use her creativity in everything that she would do and would infect others with her enthusiasm for her projects. To Joceline a stadium was the only appropriate place to teach in a massive way orthography of Papiamentu for those interested with assistance of a batallion of volunteers.

Joceline also was a Caribbean and internationalist and that’s why she solidarized herself with struggles around the world.

Historical was the action led by Joceline to demonstrate our repudiation against the invasion of Iraq.

Joceline would emphasize on the importance of knowledge about our African roots and to be aware of the history of great civilizations that Africa knew but also the African contemporary history.

She would emphasize the importance of analyzing and understanding the systems of oppression and the manifestations of political intrigue.
In that aspect Joceline visited among others the republic of South africa and spoke to Winnie Mandela, a woman fighter. Joceline fought against Afrophobia.

I’m glad we made peace with each other before su left. I’m grateful to Joceline for all the sweet moments, for all the moments of profound formation and the bitter moments from which we both learned our lessons.

Joceline Clemencia: PRESENTE!


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