Black Immaculate

Doggone sweaty neo-liberal trigger finger. Aint no half-stepping, the murder musket a creole Dutch capitalism automatic.

The shanty town residents uzi weighs a ton invading the royal palace.
The revered Diana’s & Tula’s, social revolt rulers
Sitting on thrones
Where the magic is
Embedded in thorny zumpiña crowns

The path to perdition
too good for those that wound and maim the weak.
A power tussle too far too high
They talk
Look like you
But never chill as
Cherubs eating Sarantoni rosaries

Under a guinep tree, the utopian and scheming danced ‘Mazurkas’.
An astuteness of aristocracy,
the gluttonous desire to detonate dreams of freeness.

Whitedom deification and flopped bids to embalm Black deliverance.

Every fifth 50 candles burn
Flowers, 7 color crucifix ribbons remind us the hegemony of hatred and bone marrow hypocrisy is just a catchy hook.

A Guene song is sung for the militant mothers, fathers, daughters and sons
humming along to hymns of a higher purpose.

The Black immaculate, immaculately Black.

Funchi, Tamarind plates and cigar smoke vessels aviate to the citizens of heaven.

Feeding the spirits to be reborn: Black immaculate, immaculately Black.

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