Curandero Cataçombs


See them kids,
these young bloods be worry-free,
Chinese-YDK store owner get shot down during a robbery.
See them youths they gonna slide over to emotionless states.
young pearls they brides from the belly.
High of hierarchies unreachable unless skin get scandalized.

The powers that were sticking up the powers that be.
The powers that were sticking up the powers that be.

1 flight secured  to Radulphus college

1 flight secured to Maria Immaculata college

Another flight secured for Kolegio Alejandro Paula

4  of them chained to that VSBO life

3 straight AGO-ing

slavin’ at a hair salon, owning a hair salon,
making hair products that feed grown men throughout Babylon.

Oh you must know

Tambuleros tongues froze to sing
the gory tales of creole capitalism
Can’t chant the black legacy of Wichi
Spirits stifled by the drums and hoes
beating and clinging to sounds of commerce.
Look at them girls cradled
by Curacao craziness
Chalices of blood drowning the Holy Mass devout

Sedated by standards of Dutch white wizardry
adhering to abnormalize their blackability
Bio-electro magnetic energy field faith workers
healing the hurt of economical pillow talk in the 2015

Prayers to be unpreyed upon
E Gede ta proteha
Mami Awa ta nabega
Santa Iansa frees all
their souls and bones don’t decay

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