Bunita Enough

Black Curacao Queens

Black monarchs, white dresses,
Panama hats, Up in Punda,
the black elegance never left.
Model mamita, black bunita
But not bunita enough to grace the
International Swim Fashion Week runway.
Cheap n*gga labor, white tourism branding.

42 canon shots christening a Dutch marine ship
and Caribbean coke plots. Port monopoly flopped.
The historiography of The Hague’s hypocrisy soon
served on atonement dinner plates.

Little devils with Curacaucasian roots
ordained by the economic priesthood to
orchestrate education round table fables.
No student or teacher’s union consults
Steering the cash-strapped workforce
into their creole capitalism clutches.

You might
besiege but can’t topple blackness

You might deceive but cant decapitate it.

At the Swinging Lady’s feet
Peanut man promo: Ice cold water,
no fat, no calories, sugar free
natural high better than
that charlatan merchant
health poisoning mercenary
De Luca Cannabis energy drinks.
Stop buying from people
that consciously
kill you slow.
Mindful of the
mental incarceration
massacring a nation.
Genetically modified foods and minds.
The Lent season upliftment,….. spirits must rise.
Self-sufficient, sitting on an AVF-bucket
throwing a line catching fish
in alliance with the ascending sun.

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