José Maria Capricorne


José Maria Capricorne: “I bear a grudge against all the politicians who literally destroyed the art academy. All those with their ‘Dushi Korsou’ and all those stories. They committed a cultural crime..” 

2 thoughts on “José Maria Capricorne

  1. Philip says:

    When Djo Capricorne, “Black freedom fighter” who says politicians destroyed the art academy became its director when the initiator Eddy Ayubi, artist, promoter and teacher of art left, the institute was a thriving, lively, happy, well run and well visited enterprise with a throbbing heart. His character and “I know better” ways drove away most of the enthusiastic teachers and students. I was there! “Freedom Fighter” who left the battlefield of his country to look for fame in Holland? What reference does his oeuvre have with either being black, the freedom of his native country or even freedom in general?

  2. Jermain Ostiana says:

    Black freedom has many layers, its a complexity of fighting Dutch white supremacy. In this case specifically its in the context of Jose’s declarations in the documentary De Wonderboom. Who are the persons responsible for the cultural genocide, the destruction of the art academy? That was a moment of black liberation that needs to be documented from all historical angles. You are correct that his body of works doesn’t reflect that. But that particular space where he airs out his grievances gives us the opportunity to expose the faces of Dutch oppression, neoliberal politics and the ruling elite. It advances the resistance against the normalization of destroying an art institution at the beginning of the 21st century. That gives him a black freedom fighting pass.

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