100 Logro di Kapitalismo Krioyo: Mama Dos Santos No Bal 1 mion Dollar

3 Amigitos di bario Steenrijk

Enbes di skapa bida di nan mama nan a lagele muri di sufrimentu pa despues numa buta 1 mion dollar ku nan a “herede” for di nan mama ku nan ta stima asina tantu riba kaya pa supuestamente haña sa ken a asesina Helmin Wiels pa salba bida di Amparo, Robbie Dos Santos i George Jamalolodin.

Blackface Bondage & The Hell of dutch white hatred

ZP is Nazi

“Positional honour allowed white people to experience “a form of pleasure in one’s body which is achieved through humiliation of the [black person].” All whites could extract race-pleasure from black people regardless of whether they performed submission or not. In fact, race-pleasure was enhanced, I argue, especially when a black person refused to perform submission. The brutal reality of slavery was never merely the labour extracted from the enslaved, but rather it lay in asserting ownership over and the limitless consumption of “the energizing capacity of blackness” itself. ” ~ Egbert Alejandro MartinaGeographies of Freedom

Black people’s lives in the netherlands and the Caribbean should never be a costume of dutch white hyper plunder joy. Our pain and sufferation will enforce a mourning of the continuous hatred and hell endured.