Trinti Mei – May 30th 1969 A Black Revolt


dutch hell bound demons
by flames
strangulated by
the wick
of white hyper plunder
shacks upon shacks
from Thorenquest, Cher Asil
to Fuik and Wespin
cow kakabu walls
spoke disgust
for centuries

Guene gutter struggles
birthed salted wings
dont look back now
Kristof mountain exodus energy

buried beneath an avalanche of ashes
Villa park fontein, Blue Bay
the ivory tower of the political vampires
Shell, catholic clergy army and dutch government
the unholy trinity

the elite villainous
the MCB bank a US-NL financial fuckness jewish sefardim franchise

Bozal thruth spewing spiritual justice from chinese corner stores
shaking asses on Tambu conquering goat skins playlist
In all of us there’s a freedom flame burning
undisciplining the fear to fuck all of you abusers the fuck up
you white and rich
white is rich by theft
and social bloodshed

white plantation pillage
electoral anxiety and
kingdom laws ordained it
dead words form colonial killing squads
dont u ever believe these fraud judicial codes
we can eat Funchi with Funchi and tamarind on the side
while silently cry with grace and joyfully as
we seen the smoke rising from the holy houses
the 4 star hotels, the Black free labor cages
the temples of neoliberal terrorism
did u smell the capitalist settler’s fear for losing it all

mass killing of the mind
school suffocating in the heat
laptops dont come cheap in the plantocracy

renovating buildings giving people jobs is not the equivalence of securing Black well being
dutch economic fortune is a power of poison
monkey island money curse be generational
Isaiah 10-6 vibes
litlle momma cries to Madame Abakua
they better obey Las Reglas de Curaçao

Inside a firefly prayer circle
Self-mastery of the Ancestral New wave
Mandinga mind state chewing on the dutch white saints’ skeletons
ruins of rebellion wear them like honorable amulets

smiling faces, vexation and fury, dashikis and Castro and Che hats.

Jewelry store round their necks, fridge on their backs,
clothes, shoes, brand new dresses, volkwagens turned upside down
crown princess portrait torn that day when anything white was dead wrong

And it still is
and it still is
and it still is
and it still is
and it still is
and it still is
and it still is
and it still is
and it still is


Miles Jazz Cafe & malevolent dutch economic racism in Curaçao


Miles dutch racism cafe


“You have to deeply analyze the history and colonial reality. The one of dutch enslavement and domination of a Black race in order to liberate your people.” _ Helmin Wiels


The gospel of Wiels reminds Curaçao every time that the creole white and dutch white ruling elite systematically degrades Black political, economic, financial, social and cultural leadership. They do it slick in a camouflaged manner that destabilizes a structural power build up of Black futures on the island or straight up in your face under the guise of ‘dutch bluntness’. This time around it wasn’t from an elite corner but more so out of the serpentine depths of the dutch white hooligan economic class.

This week the co-owner of the Miles Jazz cafe Hans Andriessen enraged and financially frustrated by Covid regulations hurting his business in the dutch white gentrification district Pietermaai called Curaçao a monkey island.  A disgraceful act for a venue embraced by Black musicians on the island and named after Miles Davis a Jazz legend, who he himself endured heaps of violent US racism.

Its a sad but sobering racial reality check to see how dutch white entrepreneurs have the boldness and feel that comfortable to spew raw racist vernacular on facebook to express their natural hidden racial hatred and ill perceived white might against a people that put food in their mouths and money in their pockets that they could never make back in the netherlands.

Online media research in Curaçao reveals that discussions of Black souls by the dutch public is a pestering epidemic. A daily doses of dutch racism can be found at news site knipsel krant curacao, the prime example of digital Black character assassination. A space where the lives of Caribbean Blackness is dehumanized with full approval of the dutch community. The normalization of calling Curaçaoans of African descent on their island “apes and jungle monkeys” has been going on for years on the internet if not for decades, centuries when the dutch are within their own private circles.

However the until now digitized backlash this has caused doesn’t have its origins in this week’s specific hate speech. The root problem is that this racial denigration is an expression of a dutch white hyper plunder ideology. It’s anchored in the mind of the average dutch on the island and in the Netherlands. Black people are still enslavable to them, still seen as their property and Curaçao is their treasure island to become rich and wealthy on the backs of the people. And thankfully there’s a growing Black minority who understands the importance for a power struggle to take back the economic and financial ownership out of the hands of white thievery to design their own destiny.

The outrage forced the other co-owner(s) of Miles Jazz cafe after several days of stalling and scheming to issue a statement that they suspended their partner. The fiery pressure of Black breath made them close their facebook account and instagram. The silence and white privileged defense of the dutch community and the Chamber of Commerce and VBC (Curaçao business association) is telling and not surprising because by nature they have to stand by their racist hooligan to prevent a domino effect and maintain an injust white wealth dominance in Curaçao. Calls for boycotting  or shutting down the cafe have been send out. The ancestral normal would most obviously be to enforce a Black owned entrepreneurial takeover and bring back life in Pietermaai the way it was before it got gentrified by dutch vulture project developers. Only 8 days are left to commemorate the May 30th 1969 racial labor revolt and this dutch Corona induced racism has all the atmospheric opportunities to spark a creative liberating flame to burn down this colonial calamity that has been a genocidal catastrophe for ages. Backing up our words and sentiments is essential and transforming them into a real life moves is the ancestral normal of taking steps on the journey for Black freedom.

King of Scharloo: Jossy Rosales

King of Scharloo Jossy Rosales

Jossy Rosales dropping a historical gem how he as a Black entrepreneur experienced the start of dutch white gentrification in the 80s 90s in Scharloo: “Who kicked me out of Scharloo? White people. Who bought all these places in Scharloo? White people. The dutch.

Who owned it first? The jews. I was the only Curacaoan with this color they call ‘sad’ who dared to buy seven houses. Monuments owned by protestants and jews.
I rebuild them with my own damn money.”

Caribbean Poverty by dutch design and the violations of their legal obligation to safeguard human rights and freedoms

kingdom charter art 43 2020

The avalanche of colonial journalism and politics during the Corona calamity buries the reality of the constitutional responsibility of the dutch government in their colonized territories. The hunger exploitation stories and political spindoctoring have been consistent to lie, hide the undeniable truth that article 43.2 holds the dutch government responsible when Aruba Curaçao St.Martin as semi-autonomous countries can’t provide human rights and freedoms for their peoples. When dutch Caribbean celebrities have to organize a fundraiser to assist the islands with basic human needs it reveals the scandalous violating behaviour of the dutch state that by design has been keeping them in poverty. Ever since 1954 when the charter was created the dutch government has systematically violated article 43.2.

Any fake gesture of the dutch government stays fake and an insult of the peoples intelligence in the Caribbean. They pour some millions down here and make people buy into the “we are one kingdom” fable.
The truth of the matter is that their grave disrespect of their legal obligations to invest in these islands is a cold racialized calculation. Better said the epicenter of dutch white plunder in The Hague will never voluntary obey it’s own laws to secure high levels of social life in the Caribbean. They will continue to sprinkle crumbs maintain our lives impoverished until we as a people realize we have to flatten their colonial curve.


Makamba Mierde – A Never ending Caribbean Poem

makamba mierde

These islands will never be yours.
not for sale
Stoi hode stoi hode stoi hode
cleanse your white colonial karma
human rights angelic facade fallacies,
oh the savagery.
Its you who created Black poverty.
dirty dutch, nasty netherlands.
Your hands are bloody, dripping.
The preacher and businessmen
tulips with thorns. devil with invisible horns.
no mercy within their skeletons
oceans of atrocities, catastrophes flooding dungeons
the hatred of the hague anchored in their vains
the guilder is greedy
Mosa Annika screaming:
they like you because you like them
they LIKE you because you ARE LIKE them.
Stop it nowwwwww.
Murdering the souls of people
zumbification of a nation looking for
white institutional plunder validity

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

putrid privilege, the all-knowing savior
group immunity devils
colorblind racist kakada
clog stomping connivers
white victimhood spinners
burial of black freedom is big business
the parliament the government
honoring traditions of golden

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

parasitical black genocidal policies
White resorts
white real estate pirates
white landgrabs
dutch white gentrification
white journalists eating truffle sandwiches in gentrified hoods
feeding lies to the collective dutch pillage tribes

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

they keep on killing.
our ownership
communal wealth culture
our love for self.

Undutchable we are no matter the
helter skelter hypocrisy
Take off them cemetery rags get out of
those caskets of colonial catastrophe.
Exodus from the middle passage barbarity
The mayhem of dutch modernity.

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

Until that glorious day when
Impunity of white sorcery is a thing of the wicked past
The dutch polder model of coloniality consensus
to dehumanize Caribbean reparations
Caribbean sovereignty mongers
we burn your altars of dutch white academic deities
your epistemicide universities
these social infernos need to keep on flaming
to maintain your dutch capitalism fable alive

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

despicable dutch colonizer royal worship cult
for centuries long they be digging graves
in our hearts
white guilt trips,
behind the food packs philanthropy face
hides the rites of ancient fuckery

you are eternally indebted to us
shit on your tax payer money, austerity agenda and
0% interest loans and debt relief thievery
war ships will sink, war planes bound to crash

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

Dia di Obrero 2020

laga e niger koba no siñele nada sembra desunion den su kurason

Un pastor makamba den Santa Famia predikando ku hende mester ta hustu i ku Korsou tin un futuro vago i insigur pero pueblo no mester nervia i keda kalmu paso dios tei. Su gobiernu opresor na ulanda,  su klase di empresario ulandes ku ta roba poder ekonomiko i finansiero na Korsou no ta hana un palabra di skualmentu. Di berdat e tabata un predikashi ku KdK, VBC, asosashon di bankonan, supermerkadonan i otro negoshinan ku a chupa sanger dje pueblo lo mester ta orguyoso di dje.

Siguiendo ordu di satanas pa sensura e evangelio di hustisia selestial ta un berguensa pa un saserdote (makamba). Korsou a keda di skop bek na siglo 18. Esaki te resultado di un liderasgo katoliko  frakasa di un italiano blanku ya pa 20 aña ku sistematikamente ta boikotia e realidat di un liberashon pretu karibense. Obispu Secco sirbido dje diabelnan di plaka na Korsou ta laga sierto fielnan kritiko hasta pensa ki sorti dios den shelu ta aproba un koño mama pa hala rosea pa dos dekada. Religiosonan rebelde ta defende e trahado i tur ku mester di trabao pa por biba. Absensia di esaki ta un sunchi riba frente di e profetanan di plaka.

No ta tin un kambio ku pueblo sufrido por a sinti e aña aki kompara ku e delaster 5 diskursonan dje liderasgo sindikal riba prome di mei na Otrobanda. Nada di urgensia, niun tono menasante pa defende e obrero kontra e krimen organisa pe elitenan ku ta konspira pa hasi e islanan mas pober ainda di un manera pa kompeti pe regio. Nan tin hopi gana di buska mas hende djafo pa dobel e kantidat di forsa laboral barata i komo ultimo deseo makabre ku nan tin ta pa dolarisa Korsou ku lo por bira un dje delaster klabunan den e kai morto dje baranka aki.

Palabranan bashi den un misa bashi, spiritunan sindikal bashi, ku no a ilumina pueblo riba nada, nada riba ulanda i eksigi pa kansela tur debe, niun vishon kon Korsou mester bira despues di Covid-19. E otro nivel di  luchadonan trahado ‘radikal’ di parti di Solidaridat Sindikal no tabata muchu diferente ku bo ta ripara di berdat tin un krisis. Nan por tin un analisis ku te na un sierto nivel ta parse ku nan ke i ta bringando pa instala hustisia sosial pero e akshonan den e luna aki ku a pasa e hamber pa e asina angela hustisia sosial no tabata den tur hende su kara. E ta keda vago i no ta sintiendo nan presensia den kaya, den prensa. Un gritu pa para e wega di uitzendburo i kompanianan ku ta abuza di trahado tabata hasi falta. E konfrontashon ku e klase elitario ta lanta e sinti di hustisa i esei nan a skohe pa no hasie pues nan a skohe pa laga pueblo mansu.

Wim van Lamoen eks-presidente di sindikato Straf pari aña pasa a rekorda tur hende ku trahadonan di gobiernu tin e derechi sagrado di eksigi di APC (fondo di penshun general di Korsou) na ken i kon e 4 miart ku nan ta sinta riba dje por keda inberti aki na Korsou den un manera ku e ta rende i krea un ekonomia i bienestar finansiero pa e trahadonan di gobiernu i pueblo en general. Esaki mester bira un realidat den 2020-21. Kosnan asinaki ku variashon riba manego bankario i ekonomianan ku no ta den man dje trahado mester krea un manual huntu ku pueblo pa dirti e kadenanan di kapitalismo krioyo. Esei te mandato dje sindikatonan anto sin sakrifisio esaki nunka por keda logra.

Parse ku sindikato, mandatarionan, parlamentu kompletu, religiosonan i prensa huntu ku intelektualnan, movementunan sosial i komunidat di arte ainda no por rementa e konsenshi kolonial i habraka e temor pa e hirarkia di poder di plaka lokalmente i regimen kolonial na den haag. Corona ta laga tur hende kana sunu keriendo ku nan tin paña bisti. Mientrastantu manera Chin Behilia a kanta “laga e niger koba, no siñele nada, sembra desunion den su kurason” bosnan pagatinu pa e buraku ku pueblo ta kobanda no ta destina pa bosnan tur.