Caribbean Poverty by dutch design and the violations of their legal obligation to safeguard human rights and freedoms

kingdom charter art 43 2020

The avalanche of colonial journalism and politics during the Corona calamity buries the reality of the constitutional responsibility of the dutch government in their colonized territories. The hunger exploitation stories and political spindoctoring have been consistent to lie, hide the undeniable truth that article 43.2 holds the dutch government responsible when Aruba Curaçao St.Martin as semi-autonomous countries can’t provide human rights and freedoms for their peoples. When dutch Caribbean celebrities have to organize a fundraiser to assist the islands with basic human needs it reveals the scandalous violating behaviour of the dutch state that by design has been keeping them in poverty. Ever since 1954 when the charter was created the dutch government has systematically violated article 43.2.

Any fake gesture of the dutch government stays fake and an insult of the peoples intelligence in the Caribbean. They pour some millions down here and make people buy into the “we are one kingdom” fable.
The truth of the matter is that their grave disrespect of their legal obligations to invest in these islands is a cold racialized calculation. Better said the epicenter of dutch white plunder in The Hague will never voluntary obey it’s own laws to secure high levels of social life in the Caribbean. They will continue to sprinkle crumbs maintain our lives impoverished until we as a people realize we have to flatten their colonial curve.


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