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Eric La Croes


E magia di seu ta hasi ku e chapinan ku djaleu ta drenta mane un trupa di djaka sabi i malkria. E bari ku ta ronka i lambia sin fin papiando un lenga di Lua huntu ku e koro angelikal. E ta un kos misterioso i ta mandabu den un trans. -Eric La Croes

In Memory of Amado Römer


Amado Römer: “The philospophy about independence is usually completely coupled to the financial-economic situation and that I find fully degenerative. The people here say: If something happens then we can always fall back on the Netherlands. ….There’s never been any socioplotical educatio, not during the colonial period, neither during the post-colonial period. But for me independence the sooner, the better.”

Banks and White Financial Power: A Pact To Exploit the Future of Blackness in Curaçao

Fuck Jewish Financial enslavement Curacao MCB

Facts are that commercial banks are institutions of financial whiteness. Spaces where the fate of a majority black Curacao is being decided by mostly white Curacaoans or financial whiteness educated players. Questioning the status quo is not an option for the black bank professionals. A tiny white elite of Jewish, Dutch, white creole descent dominating the economic and financial structures sitting on the racial exclusion throne.