Black Girl Struggle

Black girl struggle
Ride or die peki
to many she still Minerva’s baby
Daddy not on the radar
Moms in the trenches fighting to maintain
a decent non-slave wage paying day job
rent money hustle is a transatlantic out of body passage
dilapidated neighborhoods
where drug baptism genes
don’t neccessarily have to be heriditary
unlike Dutch colonial withdrawl syndrome
Beauty by definition because
she eulogizes her killing thoughts
all the damn time
she is not fucking up her future
she creating new ones by chewing the bars
of a hell hole community that imprisons it.
On the run from that melting-pot myth
Jouvert morning jump ins and cheap cognac
make it more livable until
the sun rays scourge again.

evolving from
test scores terrorism
classroom to youth detention center pipelines
its pouring
delinquency dillemas: survive or suffocated by a system
that statistically is a black girlhood power heist.

cameras and media blood hounds
can’t cripple

it stains her sight but

scepters and crowns

both are held royally.